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Area Code API Documentation


The area code API is designed for developers with experience programming. If you are looking for a copy and paste solution, try our area code widgets. The API provides output in either JSON or XML format. An API key is not required, but we require that you provide certain parameters that will allow us to track API usage. API rate limits are currently unpublished. The following data is provided by the API.

  • Area code timezone
  • Current time in the timezone
  • Area code state


- or -

GET Parameters

npaint3 digit area code to be looked up
tracking_emailstringA valid email address that can be used to contact the administrator in case of any issues.
tracking_urlstringThe URL in which the API results are displayed to users. If the API is being used for non-public presentation, specify your company's website address instead. It must be a full URL including the protocol (for instance, "http://")

Terms of Use

The API is provided as-is. takes no liability for the use of this data. You may not cache, store, or sub-license the data, and reserves the right to discontinue the API at any time.

We require that every web page that displays the data from the API display the following link back to The tracking_url parameter should be set to the page in which the API results are being displayed and the link below is displayed.

<a href="">Area code</a> data by <a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="All Area Codes" align=absmiddle></a>

Sample JSON Response

	status: "success",
	error_message: "",
	area_codes: [
			area_code: "601",
			state: "MS",
			timezone: "Central",
			current_time: "11:38am"

PHP Example

function getAreaCodeInfo($npa) {
	$q = http_build_query(array(
		"npa" => $npa, 
		"tracking_email" => $_SERVER[SERVER_ADMIN], 
		"tracking_url" => "http://$_SERVER[HTTP_HOST]$_SERVER[REQUEST_URI]"
	$contents = file_get_contents("$q");
	$json = json_decode($contents, true);
	return $json;

$data = getAreaCodeInfo(601);
print "Area code 601 is located in " . $data[area_codes][0]["state"] . ".\n\n";
print "Timezone: " . $data[area_codes][0]["timezone"] . "\n\n";
print "Current time: " . $data[area_codes][0]["current_time"];

Example Output

Area code 601 is located in MS.

Timezone: Central

Current time: 2:38am

More Information

For API suggestions or partnership inquiries, please contact us. However, technical support for the API is not provided.

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