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Area code:289 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Iristel Inc.
Current time:5:01am
All Zip Codes Served:
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Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
289-276-1039 Sep 2016 Canada
289-276-4288 Sep 2016 Canada
289-276-1038 Sep 2016 Canada
289-276-0841 May 2016 Canada
289-276-0086 May 2016 Philippines
289-276-0886 May 2016 Canada
289-276-0509 Mar 2016 Canada
289-276-2844 Mar 2016 Canada
289-276-2874 Jun 2016 Canada
289-276-3073 Jun 2016 Texas
289-276-0025 Jun 2016 Canada
289-276-2005 Jun 2016 Canada
289-276-7647 Jun 2016 Canada
289-276-4793 Jul 2016 Canada
289-276-7644 Apr 2016 Canada
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
289-276-3566 May 2015 Canada
289-276-4092 May 2015 Canada
289-276-6536 May 2015 Canada
289-276-8436 Mar 2015 Canada
289-276-4614 Jun 2015 Canada
289-276-1726 Jul 2015 Canada
289-276-7072 Jul 2015 Canada
289-276-0357 Feb 2015 India
289-276-2729 Dec 2015 Canada
289-276-5182 Dec 2015 Canada
289-276-1243 Aug 2015 Canada
289-276-5169 Sep 2010
289-276-0288 Sep 2010
289-276-0021 Sep 2010
289-276-0099 Sep 2010

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(289) 223-

Bowmanville, ON

Clarington is a municipality in Ontario, Canada in the Regional Municipality of Durham. It took its present name in 1994 after having been known as the Town of Newcastle from 1974-93. The name change was made to alleviate long-standing confusion between the municipality as a whole and the included village of the same name. Bowmanville is the largest community in the municipality and is the home of the municipal offices.

The name "Clarington" is a portmanteau of the names of the two historical townships, Clarke and Darlington, that made up the geographic area.

Bowmanville, ON description from Wikipedia