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phone records was designed to offer our web site visitors an on-line resource to find all area code information within the North American Numbering Plan.

Using our site, you can see area codes by state, area code list by number, international dialing codes, area code look up by number, area code locator by city, and also Canadian area codes information.

Our newest service is a reverse phone lookup that allows you to search for the name of the owner of over 80 million phone numbers. If we can't find the name of the owner via our white pages listings, we provide an easy to use price comparison among the various companies that can provide the information for a fee.

We want you to use our site as your on-line resource to find the information about area codes that you are seeking. The site is updated and maintained on a regular basis. Our costs to operate the web site are paid for by our sponsors' advertising. We have researched our advertisers to ensure that they offer quality products and services relating to our site content. So, please do visit their sites :)

We want to hear your comments, questions, and suggestions that can improve If you do have any suggestions that will allow us to improve our web site, please email us.

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