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Area Code Database understands how difficult it can be for find user friendly information on the internet, especially when it comes to area codes. Although, does not claim to be the source of this data, we do claim to be one of the most user friendly distributors of this data. After working hard to gather the data and put it in a logical format, we realized it would be a great service to provide this information to others. has formatted this data and made it easily available. Due to the work involved in formatting this data, we do charge a small service fee. We offer:

All United States Area Codes
A total of 365 area codes

Cities within those area codes
On average, the top 9 cities within each area code. Over 40,000 total cities.

Time zones for each area code
Figure out if it is too late or early to call

New! All active prefixes (aka. exchanges or NXXs)
Validate whether a number is valid, see the assigned company, and the rate center

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