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Area code:204 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Mts Inc.
Current time:6:45am
All Cities Served:Brandon, MB
All Zip Codes Served:
Map of Brandon, MB

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Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
204-571-1070 Mar 2018 India
204-571-1033 Apr 2018 India
204-571-4535 Sep 2017 Canada
204-571-7342 Nov 2017 India
204-571-9553 Nov 2017 India
204-571-0377 Jul 2017 India
204-571-0148 Dec 2017 India
204-571-1312 Dec 2017 Canada
204-571-2929 Nov 2016 India
204-571-5640 May 2016 Canada
204-571-9514 May 2016 Mexico
204-571-1508 Jul 2016 Florida
204-571-7322 Feb 2016 North Carolina
204-571-9152 Dec 2016 India
204-571-4531 Aug 2016 Canada
204-571-1771 Aug 2016 New York
204-571-2500 Sep 2015 Canada
204-571-3689 Sep 2015 California
204-571-9245 Nov 2015 Canada
204-571-1722 Jul 2015 Canada
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
204-571-6266 Jan 2015 Canada
204-571-9437 Dec 2015 India
204-571-4080 Oct 2014 Canada
204-571-9957 Dec 2014 Jamaica
204-571-1820 Aug 2014 United Kingdom
204-571-1735 Apr 2014 New Hampshire
204-571-4800 Oct 2013 Florida
204-571-4055 Nov 2013 Canada
204-571-2666 Apr 2013 Canada
204-571-2080 Nov 2012 Canada
204-571-8597 May 2012 Canada
204-571-0774 Jan 2012 Canada
204-571-6748 Dec 2012 Canada
204-571-7400 May 2011 United States
204-571-0852 May 2011 Canada
204-571-6700 May 2011 Virginia
204-571-0769 Feb 2011 Canada
204-571-7434 Dec 2011 India
204-571-3300 Sep 2010

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Brandon, MB

Brandon is a city in southwestern Manitoba, Canada. The surrounding area is often referred to as "Westman".

The city started as a major junction on the Canadian Pacific Railway, and the Assiniboine River and was then incorporated in 1882. Brandon, the second largest city and service centre in Manitoba after Winnipeg, is a major hub for the surrounding agricultural area. The population of its trading area is between 70,000 and 150,000 people, while the city has a population of over 46,000. Brandon's industry reflects its agricultural history; its major industries are related to agriculture and include fertilizer and hog processing plants, as well as retail and government services for the surrounding area of Westman. Brandon is also home to Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College as well as the Brandon Wheat Kings.

Brandon, MB description from Wikipedia