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Area code:204 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Mts Inc.
Current time:1:27pm
All Cities Served:Selkirk, MB
All Zip Codes Served:
Map of Selkirk, MB

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Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
204-738-2233 May 2018 India
204-738-4815 Apr 2018 India
204-738-4702 May 2017 Hawaii
204-738-2057 Mar 2017 India
204-738-2721 Aug 2017 India
204-738-2879 Jun 2016 Canada
204-738-4608 Jun 2016 India
204-738-2471 Jan 2016 India
204-738-2487 Jan 2016 India
204-738-2044 Jan 2016 India
204-738-4440 Jan 2016 India
204-738-2703 Feb 2016 United States
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
204-738-4369 Feb 2016 Canada
204-738-4799 Apr 2016 United Kingdom
204-738-2850 Nov 2015 India
204-738-3113 Dec 2015 India
204-738-1919 Dec 2015 Michigan
204-738-2763 Aug 2015 Mexico
204-738-2297 Nov 2014 United States
204-738-2134 Jun 2014 India
204-738-2560 Jul 2014 Canada
204-738-2026 May 2013 Utah
204-738-4240 May 2011 Canada
204-738-4873 Apr 2011 Canada

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Selkirk, MB

Selkirk is a city in the western Canadian province of Manitoba, located about 22 km northeast of the provincial capital Winnipeg on the Red River, near (50°08′37″N 96°53′02″W / 50.14361°N 96.88389°W / 50.14361; -96.88389) . As of the 2006 census, Selkirk had a population of 9,515.

The mainstays of the local economy are tourism, a local steel mill, and a major mental health facility. A vertical lift bridge over the Red River connects Selkirk with the smaller town of East Selkirk. The city is connected to Winnipeg via Highway 9 and is served by the Canadian Pacific Railway. Like all places in Manitoba, Selkirk has telephone Area code 204, and the city has the postal code prefix R1A. The city mostly borders the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews, except to the east, where it borders the Rural Municipality of St. Clements across the Red River.

Selkirk, MB description from Wikipedia