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Area code:205 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers Clec, LLC - AL
Current time:6:25pm
All Cities Served:Cordova, AL
All Counties Served:Walker County
All Zip Codes Served:35550
Map of Cordova, AL

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Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
205-740-3022 Feb 2018 Alabama
205-740-0840 Sep 2017 Michigan
205-740-0844 Nov 2017 Nevada
205-740-0822 Nov 2017 Nevada
205-740-0572 Mar 2017 Louisiana
205-740-0952 Jan 2017 North Carolina
205-740-0958 Feb 2017 Ohio
205-740-0802 Oct 2016 Alabama
205-740-2356 Nov 2016 Dominican Republic
205-740-0784 Mar 2016 Pennsylvania
205-740-0951 Jul 2016 California
205-740-7804 Feb 2016 Louisiana
205-740-0929 Aug 2016 Illinois
205-740-0283 Apr 2016 Illinois
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
205-740-0854 Sep 2015 Texas
205-740-0726 Oct 2015 Washington
205-740-8733 May 2015 Florida
205-740-0721 May 2015 Texas
205-740-0724 Mar 2015 Washington
205-740-0816 Jun 2015 New Jersey
205-740-0881 Jun 2015 Iowa
205-740-0748 Jun 2015 California
205-740-0696 Jul 2015 Iowa
205-740-0709 Feb 2015 United States
205-740-0035 Dec 2015 Florida
205-740-0842 Aug 2015 Alabama
205-740-0937 Aug 2015 Pennsylvania
205-740-0809 Aug 2015 California

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Cordova, AL

Cordova is a city in Walker County, Alabama, United States. At the 2000 census the population was 2,423.

A long-track EF3 tornado struck Cordova on April 24, 2010. The rotation started in Parrish and later crossed into Empire, a town northeast of Sumiton on Highway 78. It expired after reaching Interstate 65 near Highway 160 southwest of Hayden.

Cordova was originally a settlement on the Warrior River Called "Dent" or "Dent's Place." The city was dubbed "Cordova" by Captain Benjamin M. Long in 1859. He named the city after a city in Mexico in which he was stationed during the Mexican War. Long himself opened a mercantile shop in the city and helped lure other industries into the city by providing the land necessary for their operations. The company that had the biggest impact on the City was Nashua Manufacturing Company out of Nashua,NH, who brought in the Indian Head Textile Mills. The mill brought with it many jobs, and as was customary of the day its own village. The company built over 100 houses in the city, many of which are still standing, and occupied today. The company even built the Indian Head school on the site of present day "Cordova Health and Rehabilitation Center." The mill helped to bring two major railways to the city, which at the time helped connect the city to much of the surrounding area. The mill eventually became its own "town" and even had its own separate police force. The same way the mill shaped the city around the turn of the 20th century it also shaped it upon its closing in the middle of the century. Population declined and industry slowed, while neighboring Jasper took a strong hold on the county seat as the largest city in the county.

Cordova, AL description from Wikipedia