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Area code:207 area code
Usage:Wireless Numbers
Carrier:Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobile
Current time:12:20am
All Cities Served:Bethel, ME
All Counties Served:Oxford County
All Zip Codes Served:04237, 04219, 04217
Map of Bethel, ME

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
207-381-7102 Sep 2017 Egypt
207-381-6289 Sep 2017 Canada
207-381-7675 Mar 2017 Philippines
207-381-2311 Mar 2017 Massachusetts
207-381-5959 Mar 2017 India
207-381-7563 Jun 2017 India
207-381-7029 Jun 2017 India
207-381-7591 Jan 2017 Maine
207-381-7431 Jan 2017 Maine
207-381-6284 Nov 2016 Bangladesh
207-381-1435 May 2016 Maine
207-381-7339 May 2016 Maine
207-381-7362 Mar 2016 Philippines
207-381-7043 Mar 2016 India
207-381-7960 Mar 2016 Maine
207-381-0678 Jun 2016
207-381-7963 Jul 2016 New Hampshire
207-381-0333 Jul 2016 California
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
207-381-0589 Apr 2016 United States
207-381-7957 Oct 2015 India
207-381-7757 Nov 2015 Philippines
207-381-1658 Nov 2015 India
207-381-3421 Nov 2015 United States
207-381-2066 Jun 2015 Massachusetts
207-381-6058 Dec 2015 Mexico
207-381-7864 Sep 2014 Maine
207-381-7682 Oct 2014 New Hampshire
207-381-0481 Oct 2014 Minnesota
207-381-8459 May 2014 Philippines
207-381-7277 Jun 2013 United States
207-381-7232 Jun 2013 Tennessee
207-381-2659 Dec 2013 Ohio
207-381-0100 Apr 2013 Philippines
207-381-7998 May 2011 Maine
207-381-5181 Feb 2011 Maine
207-381-7230 Sep 2010

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Bethel, ME

Bethel is a town in Oxford County, Maine, United States. The population was 2,411 at the 2000 census. It includes the villages of West Bethel and South Bethel. The town is home to Gould Academy, a private preparatory school, and is near the Sunday River ski resort.

An Abenaki Indian village was once located on the north side of the Androscoggin River, but had been abandoned before its subsequent English settlement. In 1769, the township was granted as Sudbury-Canada by the Massachusetts General Court to Josiah Richardson of Sudbury, Massachusetts and others (or their heirs) for services at the Battle of Quebec in 1690. It was first settled in 1774 when Nathaniel Segar of Newton, Massachusetts started clearing the land.

Bethel, ME description from Wikipedia