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Phone Numbers with the (207) 436- Prefix

Area code:207 area code
Usage:Wireless Numbers
Carrier:Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobile
Current time:10:40pm
All Cities Served:Madawaska, ME
All Counties Served:Aroostook County
All Zip Codes Served:04756
Map of Madawaska, ME

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
207-436-9975 May 2018 California
207-436-4992 Mar 2018 India
207-436-0412 Mar 2018 India
207-436-5805 May 2017 Maine
207-436-9536 May 2017 Massachusetts
207-436-6104 May 2017 California
207-436-1038 Mar 2017 Philippines
207-436-2608 Mar 2017 India
207-436-9942 Dec 2017 Illinois
207-436-0406 Nov 2016 Canada
207-436-9686 Nov 2016 India
207-436-2884 May 2016 Florida
207-436-5054 Jun 2016 Maine
207-436-0876 Jul 2016 United States
207-436-0830 Jul 2016 District of Columbia
207-436-0335 Aug 2016 Maine
207-436-3017 Aug 2016 Canada
207-436-0283 Oct 2015 North Carolina
207-436-5126 Oct 2015 India
207-436-9590 Oct 2015 Rhode Island
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
207-436-0783 May 2015 Philippines
207-436-9935 May 2015 Louisiana
207-436-4366 Jun 2015 United States
207-436-0399 Aug 2015 Philippines
207-436-7306 Jul 2014 Maine
207-436-0873 Jul 2014 Philippines
207-436-0879 Jan 2014 Maryland
207-436-3005 Jan 2014 California
207-436-5891 Aug 2014 Philippines
207-436-0875 Sep 2013 Florida
207-436-0874 Sep 2013 Florida
207-436-5282 Oct 2013 Philippines
207-436-0655 Oct 2013 New Hampshire
207-436-5097 Jun 2013 New Hampshire
207-436-0646 Jun 2013 Japan
207-436-9377 Aug 2013 Canada
207-436-8000 Aug 2013 California
207-436-5530 Sep 2012 Massachusetts
207-436-5071 Sep 2012 Massachusetts
207-436-0728 Oct 2012 Canada

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Madawaska, ME

Madawaska is a town in Aroostook County, Maine, United States. The population was 4,534 at the 2000 census. Madawaska is opposite Edmundston in Madawaska County in New Brunswick, Canada, to which it is connected by the Edmundston-Madawaska Bridge. Today many of its residents speak French; 83.4% of the population speak French at home. Madawaska is the northernmost town in New England.

Madawaska was at the center of the bloodless Aroostook War.

Madawaska is a rural town whose economy centers on the paper industry. Canadian corporation Fraser Papers has a large facility located in Madawaska which processes the pulp produced by Fraser's main plant in Edmundston. The pulp is shipped across the border through a mile-long high pressure pipeline running between both facilities, and is made into paper in Madawaska. The Madawaska mill specializes in fine-grade papers. The town's economy is highly dependent upon cross-border trade, to the extent that Madawaska and its larger sister city of Edmundston are considered[by whom?] under many aspects as a single economic entity.[citation needed]

Madawaska, ME description from Wikipedia