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Area code:207 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Ctc Communications Corp. - ME
Current time:4:26am
All Cities Served:Eliot, ME
All Counties Served:York County
All Zip Codes Served:03903
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Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
207-686-3188 Mar 2018 Arizona
207-686-3131 Apr 2018 India
207-686-4333 Nov 2017 Massachusetts
207-686-3166 Nov 2017 Utah
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
207-686-3802 May 2016 California
207-686-2299 Sep 2014 Philippines
207-686-3126 Oct 2012 California

Business and Government (207) 686-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
207-686-2026 Shipyard Brew Pub Eliot Commons Rte 236 Eliot, ME 03903
207-686-2028 Shipyard Brew Pub 28 Levesque Dr Eliot, ME 03903
207-686-2029 Shipyard Brew Pub 28 Levesque Dr Eliot, ME 03903
207-686-2771 Ezzy Insurance 128 Main St Van Buren, ME 04785
207-686-3012 Home Care Specialists Inc 384 Harold L Dow Hwy Eliot, ME 03903
207-686-3034 Hauling 366 Harold L Dow Hwy Eliot, ME 03903
207-686-3039 S Maine Bread 384 Harold L Dow Hwy Eliot, ME 03903
207-686-3041 S Maine Bread 384 Harold L Dow Hwy Eliot, ME 03903
207-686-3042 S Maine Bread 384 Harold L Dow Hwy Eliot, ME 03903
207-686-3080 The Road House Tavern 987 Harold L Dow Hwy Eliot, ME 03903

Residential (207) 686-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
207-686-3000 Irene Jackson
207-686-3001 Tim Belanger
207-686-3002 Michael Mccarthy
207-686-3003 George L. Kirkwood
207-686-3004 Kenneth Barnes, Jr
207-686-3006 Leon Benton
207-686-3007 Amy Beck
207-686-3008 Kim McCarron
207-686-3010 Michael Healey
207-686-3011 Neal Swelley
207-686-3013 Kimberley Humphus
207-686-3014 Angela Colley
207-686-3015 Eric Oberg
207-686-3016 Linda Theriault
207-686-3017 Holly Downing
207-686-3018 Thomas Keith
207-686-3020 Kevin Cougler
207-686-3021 Eleanor Blaisdell
207-686-3022 Catherine Toland
207-686-3023 Richard Elwell
207-686-3024 Gerald Rodger
207-686-3025 Timothy Glover
Telephone Name
207-686-3027 Rose Caswell
207-686-3029 Francis Stuart
207-686-3030 Tobey Gardner
207-686-3031 Chuck Bradbury
207-686-3032 R. Brenna
207-686-3033 Valerie Puddington
207-686-3035 R. Bunker
207-686-3036 William H. Bowden
207-686-3038 Phillip Price
207-686-3040 Todd Leach
207-686-3043 Jim Atwood
207-686-3044 Donald Boulanger
207-686-3045 B. Palmer
207-686-3046 Deidra Keen
207-686-3047 Dorothy Cunningham
207-686-3048 Jennifer Hames
207-686-3051 Charlie Tsampas
207-686-3053 Amy Beck
207-686-3054 Debi Huddleston
207-686-3055 Lorraine Doughty
207-686-3056 Unity Andrews
207-686-3057 Michelle Stephens
Telephone Name
207-686-3058 James Hasty
207-686-3059 Donna Zakian
207-686-3060 Kelly Buchanan
207-686-3062 Harvey Adelbert
207-686-3063 Reynaldo Martinez
207-686-3064 Matthew McCarron
207-686-3065 Susan Dailey
207-686-3066 Nancy Powers
207-686-3067 Kristen Cota
207-686-3069 Ridgeway T. Howell
207-686-3071 William- Billy Searles
207-686-3072 Dan Woodworth
207-686-3074 Adam & Christina Iovanna
207-686-3075 C. Pietrzykowski
207-686-3076 John McDaniel
207-686-3077 Michelle Morin
207-686-3079 Keith Lakes
207-686-3082 Kimberly Martin
207-686-3083 Linda Kinkade
207-686-3085 Christopher Moon
207-686-3086 Wayne Landers
207-686-3309 Micheal Healey

The numbers listed above are from Eliot, ME, South Berwick, ME and Van Buren, ME.

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Eliot, ME

Eliot is a town in York County, Maine, United States. The population was 5,954 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Portland–South Portland–Biddeford, Maine metropolitan statistical area.

Eliot is home to Littlebrook Airpark and the Raitt Homestead Farm Museum.

Originally part of the Piscataqua Plantation (renamed Kittery in 1647) called Sturgeon Creek in the 1630-40s, it became the North, or Second, Parish of Kittery in 1713 following the incorporation of Berwick. On March 1, 1810, Eliot became a town. The town was either named after Robert Eliot, who was a member of the Provincial Council of New Hampshire, or for Reverend John Eliot of Boston, a friend of General Andrew P. Fernald, the town agent largely responsible for its separation.

Eliot, ME description from Wikipedia