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Phone Numbers with the (209) 441- Prefix

Area code:209 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Pac - West Telecomm, Inc.
Current time:7:11am
All Cities Served:La Grange, CA
All Counties Served:Tuolumne County
All Zip Codes Served:95311, 95369, 95329
Map of La Grange, CA

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
209-441-3899 Feb 2018 Philippines
209-441-6427 Oct 2017 Canada
209-441-8767 Mar 2017 Oklahoma
209-441-7667 Jun 2017 California
209-441-8077 Dec 2017 Bangladesh
209-441-6878 Dec 2017 New York
209-441-6593 Dec 2017 Pennsylvania
209-441-8024 Dec 2017 South Carolina
209-441-8539 Dec 2017 Rhode Island
209-441-8537 Dec 2017 New York
209-441-8508 Dec 2017 Bangladesh
209-441-6570 Dec 2017 California
209-441-8594 Dec 2017 Idaho
209-441-6574 Aug 2017 Massachusetts
209-441-6453 Sep 2016 Michigan
209-441-7829 Mar 2016 Colorado
209-441-8394 Jul 2016 Texas
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
209-441-6671 Jul 2016 Colorado
209-441-5502 Jul 2016 Illinois
209-441-6935 Jan 2016 California
209-441-8773 Aug 2016 Trinidad and Tobago
209-441-2098 Apr 2016 Washington
209-441-9001 Apr 2016 California
209-441-9002 Apr 2016 Colorado
209-441-5077 Sep 2015 New York
209-441-5400 May 2015 Costa Rica
209-441-5074 Feb 2015 Florida
209-441-3100 Feb 2015 California
209-441-5554 Feb 2015 California
209-441-6011 Aug 2014 United States
209-441-9021 Aug 2013 United States
209-441-2052 Feb 2012 California
209-441-2412 Mar 2011 Ohio
209-441-4690 Sep 2010

Business and Government (209) 441-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
209-441-1539 Dos Palos Flowers By Florist Concierge Dos Palos, CA 93620

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La Grange, CA

The name is French and means "the barn" or "the farm". The community and a French settlement nearby were also called "French Bar". The community was founded in 1852 around the same time French miners struck gold on a bar in the Tuolumne River. By 1854, there were over 100 buildings in La Grange.

La Grange became the county seat of Stanislaus County in 1856. Aside from its French population, the community included a significant Chinatown in its early years. At its height, the community had thousands of residents, but it was a largely lawless town. It was in decline by the time that Knights Ferry became the county seat, as the gold mines were in deline. By 1880, mining had ceased. The La Grange area also included many gold dredgers that operated until the early 1950s.

La Grange, CA description from Wikipedia