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Phone Numbers with the (209) 820- Prefix

Area code:209 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Pac - West Telecomm, Inc.
Current time:7:40am
All Cities Served:Tracy, CA
All Counties Served:San Joaquin County
All Zip Codes Served:95377, 95304, 95376
Map of Tracy, CA

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
209-820-3322 Feb 2018 India
209-820-6788 Apr 2018 Washington
209-820-8330 Apr 2018 India
209-820-0088 Dec 2017 India
209-820-1870 Aug 2017 New York
209-820-0785 Mar 2016 California
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
209-820-0030 Jul 2016 California
209-820-0078 Jul 2016 India
209-820-0778 Feb 2016 California
209-820-0786 Feb 2015 California
209-820-0209 Sep 2010

Business and Government (209) 820-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
209-820-0000 Pac-West Telecomm Inc. Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-1400 Pacific State Bank 2850 N Tracy Blvd Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-1500 Community Medical Centers 730 Central Ave Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-1550 Tracy Wic 73 E 10th St Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2000 Bank Of Stockton 1175 N Tracy Blvd Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-3550 Tracy Hyundai 3460 Naglee Rd Tracy, CA 95304
209-820-3700 Surtec 1880 N Macarthur Dr Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-3975 Dos Palos Flower Delivery Dos Palos, CA 93620
209-820-5900 Council of the Spanish Speaking 95 W 11th St Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-6212 A Able-1 Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-6400 Community Banks Of Tracy 1839 W 11th St Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-7800 Tracy Mazda 2680 Auto Plaza Way Tracy, CA 95304
209-820-8555 Assured Mortgage Services 821 Central Ave Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-8700 Tracy Mazda 2680 Auto Plaza Way Tracy, CA 95304
209-820-8800 California Masterplant 492 W Durham Ferry Rd Tracy, CA 95304

Residential (209) 820-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
209-820-0799 Rachel Harding 1029 E 8th Ave Denver, CO 80218
209-820-2700 Amarjit Singh Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2702 Jacob Flores Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2703 Lee Pettengill Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2705 Cynthia Munroe Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2707 Annie Tatarian Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2709 Marleen Martinez 53 W 9th St Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2711 Glen Sewell Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2712 Aex Karimi Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2713 Kim Liburdi Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2714 Timothy Burger Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2715 Joshua Ortega Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2716 Steve Edwards Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2717 Scott Hurban Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2718 Tracy Mall Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2721 Barbara Tabaldi Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2723 Joel Ortega 590 Chestnut Ave Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2725 Carol Haughin Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2729 Carter Patsy Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2734 Tanh T. Nguyen 1445 Yorkshire Loop Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2735 Joanne Amaral Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2738 Jorge Mata Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2741 Ernest Boehm Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2742 Brandi Cole 103 E 7th St Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2743 Janell Medina Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2744 Kenneth Karmolinski Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2745 Maria Velazquez Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2746 Linda Randle Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2747 Victor Espinosa Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2749 Doug Silva Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2750 Edward Garcia Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2751 RaShawna Banks Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2753 Sharon Snell Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2754 Yvette Brady Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2757 Kay Proctor Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-2759 Scot Greiner Tracy, CA 95376
209-820-4017 Mr Dharmesh Bhukhan 740 Saffron Dr Tracy, CA 95377
209-820-4044 Dara Hari Krishna 495 W Callado Ct Mountain House, CA 95391

The numbers listed above are from Tracy, CA, Mountain House, CA, Dos Palos, CA and Denver, CO.

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Other prefixes serving the same cities:

Tracy, CA

Tracy is a city in San Joaquin County, California, United States and an exurb of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The origins of Tracy are related to the mid-19th century construction of Central Pacific Railroad lines running from Sacramento through Stockton and to the San Francisco Bay Area. A number of small communities sprang up along these lines, including the one named for railroad director Lathrop J. Tracy. Incorporated in 1910, Tracy grew rapidly and prospered as an agricultural area even when railroad operations began to decline in the 1950s. Beginning in the 1980s, Tracy experienced a growth spurt as people migrated to the city looking for a more affordable alternative to Bay Area home prices and also for a less hectic lifestyle. A steady period of growth ensued, as many companies found Tracy an ideal location for their distribution facilities. The city today is home to several of these distribution facilities and is setting its sights on newer industries, including expansion of hi-tech companies from their existing Silicon Valley bases.

Tracy, CA description from Wikipedia