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Phone Numbers with the (218) 595- Prefix

Area code:218 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Onvoy, Inc.
Current time:6:46am
All Cities Served:Two Harbors, MN
All Counties Served:Lake County
All Zip Codes Served:55616
Map of Two Harbors, MN

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
218-595-0088 Aug 2017 India
218-595-4572 Sep 2016 Florida
218-595-7100 Jul 2016 Netherlands
218-595-4080 Nov 2015 California
218-595-5590 May 2015 California
218-595-4972 Mar 2015 Texas
218-595-4592 Mar 2015 Florida
218-595-2015 Mar 2015 California
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
218-595-4772 Mar 2015 United States
218-595-6016 Jul 2015
218-595-2220 Jan 2015
218-595-2308 Feb 2015 Oklahoma
218-595-4752 Feb 2015 Iowa
218-595-4872 Apr 2015 Indiana
218-595-7242 Aug 2014 Alaska
218-595-0599 Dec 2011 Texas

Residential (218) 595-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
218-595-4000 Michelle Peterson
218-595-4002 Rod Gilbertson
218-595-4003 Tammy & Robert Hackett
218-595-4004 Jeff Abelsen
218-595-4005 Katie Lushine
218-595-4006 Paul Madison
218-595-4007 Jerry Teeters
218-595-4008 Lori Steinbach
218-595-4009 Mingus Myhre
218-595-4010 Gunnar Jondal
218-595-4011 T. Kaplan
218-595-4012 Floyd Udenberg
218-595-4013 A. Nelson
218-595-4014 Dan And Jen Lageson
218-595-4015 C. Lighthouse
218-595-4016 Dan Carlson
218-595-4017 Barbara Feller
218-595-4019 Rudy Coman
218-595-4020 Mary Lund
218-595-4021 Corey Shaw
218-595-4022 C. Tucker
218-595-4023 Perry & Dasia Kuehl
218-595-4024 George And Bonnie Gearou
218-595-4025 Tammy Zapolski
218-595-4026 Sherri Nicolaison
218-595-4027 Theresa McDonald
218-595-4028 Srinivasan Palaniappan
218-595-4029 David & Linda Cevene
218-595-4030 B. Brown
218-595-4031 Sonja Jonasson
218-595-4032 Jesse Olsen
218-595-4033 Kathy Ruberg
Telephone Name
218-595-4034 Michael Cavallin
218-595-4035 Jill Story
218-595-4036 Marie Drisoll
218-595-4037 Ray Merritt
218-595-4038 Kim Walli
218-595-4039 David Soderstrom
218-595-4040 Stephen Phillips
218-595-4041 Michael & Jodi Irving
218-595-4042 Brian Staggs
218-595-4043 B. Nesdahl
218-595-4045 Vicki Bonniville
218-595-4046 Rodney Townsend
218-595-4047 Tim Hedin
218-595-4048 Christopher Johnson
218-595-4049 Thomas Rask
218-595-4050 Tamatha Tracey
218-595-4051 Brandon Ward
218-595-4052 Devan Wilder
218-595-4055 Aaron Rustad
218-595-4058 Oscar Vandenbergh
218-595-4059 Scott Blaisdell
218-595-4060 J. Olsen
218-595-4061 Barb Brown
218-595-4062 Kelley Machmillan
218-595-4063 A. Anderson
218-595-4064 Jamie Block
218-595-4065 R. & C. Lutz
218-595-4066 T. Halvorson
218-595-4067 Lennon Hanson
218-595-4070 Kevin Mustonen
218-595-4077 Michele Harrington
218-595-4094 Belinda Saylor
Telephone Name
218-595-4095 John & Penny Harju
218-595-4119 Patrick Driscoll
218-595-4123 Ray Mindestrom
218-595-4128 Nancy Parks
218-595-4142 Jack & Nanda Kangas
218-595-4144 Mary Mackey
218-595-4150 Phil Ness
218-595-4154 Danielle Navarro
218-595-4161 B. Karda
218-595-4171 Naomi Wrigth
218-595-4175 A. Beery
218-595-4180 Daniel Atkins
218-595-4181 E. Kaufer
218-595-4191 Brad Ward
218-595-4193 Joshua Veness
218-595-4202 David Pearson
218-595-4207 Wendy Nickolauson
218-595-4210 J. Haga
218-595-4213 Jessie Stolberg
218-595-4222 Charlotte McFerren
218-595-4223 Mike Riley
218-595-4226 Ronald & Sharyn Koopman
218-595-4231 W. Eakman
218-595-4240 Marilyn Willis
218-595-4252 C. Koenig
218-595-4254 David Kruczynski
218-595-4257 Dorothy Veness
218-595-4259 L. Jenkins
218-595-4266 Wallace Kuehl
218-595-4279 W. Danielsen
218-595-4295 M. Ulanowski

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Other prefixes serving the same cities:

Two Harbors, MN

Two Harbors is a city in and the county seat of Lake County, Minnesota, United States, along the shore of Lake Superior. The population was 3,613 at the 2000 census. Minnesota Highway 61 serves as a main arterial route in the city.

Gooseberry Falls State Park is located 13 miles (21 km) to the northeast.

In the early years Two Harbors was called Agate Bay. In 1888, when it became incorporated as a village, its common name also changed to Two Harbors. The first residence ever constructed was by Thomas Sexton, he created a fourteen by sixteen foot shack. The early settlers lived in primitive conditions, which was common for both the area and time. Their homes were made of logs and had dirt floors. Diets often consisted of homegrown vegetables and animals that could be caught in the area (at that time there were many dense forests, so deer meat was not an abundant food source). The most common transportation was by boat. It took only "one short day" to get from Duluth to Two Harbors. A mail route was established between Superior and Grand Marais, and some years later a wagon road was extended to reach Two Harbors. The early 1900s was the first time the town would see twice a week transportation by stage coach between Two Harbors and Duluth, but even then most travel remained by boat. Thirty five logging camps were set up within the vicinity, one of these located on Fourth Avenue. A fuller overview of the towns history may be available by a visit to the Lake County Historical Depot Museum.

Two Harbors, MN description from Wikipedia