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Area code:226 area code
Usage:Wireless Numbers
Carrier:Fido Solutions Inc.
Current time:7:01am
All Cities Served:Orangeville, ON
All Zip Codes Served:
Map of Orangeville, ON

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
226-200-1918 Jan 2017 Florida
226-200-0510 Feb 2017 India
226-200-1099 Apr 2017 India
226-200-1000 Oct 2016 Canada
226-200-0168 May 2016 Canada
226-200-0474 May 2016 Canada
226-200-1072 Jun 2016 Canada
226-200-0000 Jun 2016 Nigeria
226-200-1515 Jun 2016 Canada
226-200-1414 Jun 2016 Nigeria
226-200-0022 Jun 2016 Nigeria
226-200-4964 Jan 2016 New York
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
226-200-2976 Feb 2016 Canada
226-200-9754 Dec 2016 Canada
226-200-0081 Dec 2016 Canada
226-200-1015 Aug 2016 Canada
226-200-0005 Sep 2015 India
226-200-0707 Oct 2015 Canada
226-200-4531 Jun 2015 Jamaica
226-200-0772 Jul 2015 Canada
226-200-0001 Jul 2015 South Africa
226-200-2020 Jul 2015 South Africa
226-200-5555 Jul 2015 South Africa

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Orangeville, ON

Orangeville (2006 population 26,925; UA population 29,110) is a town in south-central Ontario, Canada, and the seat of Dufferin County.

Before European settlers, Orangeville was thought to be a native hunting ground. No permanent settlements have been identified in the area, although minor burial sites have been discovered.

The first patent of land was issued to Ezekiel Robinson, a land surveyor, on August 7, 1820. This was followed by land issued to Alan Robinet in 1822. In 1863, Orangeville was named after Orange Lawrence, a businessman born in Connecticut in 1796 who owned several mills in the village. As a young man, he moved to Canada and settled in Halton County. During Mackenzie's rebellion in 1837, he was a captain in the militia. Lawrence purchased the land that became Orangeville from Robert Hughson. In 1873, the Act of Incorporation was passed and Orangeville was given town status on January 1, 1874.

Orangeville, ON description from Wikipedia