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Phone Numbers with the (226) 202- Prefix

Area code:226 area code
Usage:Wireless Numbers
Carrier:Fido Solutions Inc.
Current time:4:39am
All Cities Served:Leamington, ON
All Zip Codes Served:
Map of Leamington, ON

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
226-202-1012 May 2017 Guatemala
226-202-2118 Mar 2017 Canada
226-202-0160 Aug 2017 India
226-202-5588 Apr 2017 Jamaica
226-202-5589 Apr 2017 Jamaica
226-202-0106 Sep 2016 India
226-202-0032 Oct 2016 Jamaica
226-202-6021 Nov 2016 Canada
226-202-0183 Nov 2016 Ukraine
226-202-0087 Mar 2016
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
226-202-0000 Mar 2016 Dominican Republic
226-202-7005 Jun 2016 Canada
226-202-3326 Jun 2016 Canada
226-202-6478 Jun 2016 Nigeria
226-202-1321 Jan 2016 Michigan
226-202-1859 Jun 2015 Netherlands
226-202-1250 Jul 2015 Malaysia
226-202-2119 Dec 2015 Guatemala
226-202-3366 Apr 2015 Texas
226-202-3066 Apr 2015 Texas

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Leamington, ON

Leamington is a Southern Ontario municipality in Essex County, and has a population of 31,113. It is located near Point Pelee. It has a large H. J. Heinz Company factory and is known as the "Tomato Capital of Canada", with 4 kmĀ² of this crop in the vicinity. It also lays claim to being the "Sun Parlour" of Canada due to its southern location.

Leamington was incorporated as a village in 1876. It was a crossroads hamlet with about 300 residents and was known for its lumber products rather than its tomatoes. There were several docks, and fish were plentiful in Lake Erie, so much so that sturgeon could be speared from the shore and fish was the cheapest food available. Leamington once had many tobacco farms but now they are virtually nonexistent. In 1908 the H. J. Heinz company came to Leamington, bringing many jobs to the area and contributing to Leamington's growth.

Leamington, ON description from Wikipedia