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Phone Numbers with the (226) 227- Prefix

Area code:226 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Fibernetics Corporation
Current time:4:44am
All Cities Served:Brantford, ON
All Zip Codes Served:
Map of Brantford, ON

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
226-227-5874 May 2017 Serbia
226-227-9854 Mar 2017 Canada
226-227-2828 Jan 2017 Canada
226-227-8569 Jan 2017 Canada
226-227-2929 Jan 2017 Canada
226-227-3568 Apr 2017 India
226-227-3475 May 2016 India
226-227-1212 Mar 2016 Canada
226-227-1062 Mar 2016 Philippines
226-227-9572 Jan 2016 Canada
226-227-3527 Jan 2016 United Kingdom
226-227-8384 Jan 2016 Mexico
226-227-1015 Feb 2016 Florida
226-227-1014 Feb 2016 Mississippi
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
226-227-1093 Feb 2016 Canada
226-227-3200 Dec 2016 India
226-227-2523 Aug 2016 Canada
226-227-1502 Dec 2015 Canada
226-227-4826 Aug 2015 India
226-227-6434 Aug 2015 Canada
226-227-9979 Sep 2010
226-227-9989 Sep 2010
226-227-9977 Sep 2010
226-227-9667 Sep 2010
226-227-1504 Sep 2010
226-227-9649 Sep 2010
226-227-9976 Sep 2010

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Brantford, ON

Brantford is a city located on the Grand River in Southern Ontario, Canada. This single-tier municipality is geographically surrounded by the County of Brant and they are part of the same census division, but Brantford is municipally distinct from it. The city had a population of 90,192 in the Canada 2006 Census.

Brantford is connected to Woodstock in the west and Hamilton in the east by Highway 403 and to Cambridge to the north and Simcoe to the south by Highway 24.

Brantford is sometimes known by the nickname The Telephone City as former city resident Alexander Graham Bell conducted the first distant telephone call from the community to Paris, Ontario in 1876. It is also the birthplace of hockey player Wayne Gretzky, comedian Phil Hartman, as well as Group of Seven member Lawren Harris.

Brantford, ON description from Wikipedia