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Phone Numbers with the (226) 280- Prefix

Area code:226 area code
Usage:Wireless Numbers
Carrier:Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
Current time:8:12am
All Cities Served:Windsor, ON
All Zip Codes Served:
Map of Windsor, ON

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
226-280-4843 Jan 2017 Canada
226-280-3111 Jan 2017 Canada
226-280-4497 Feb 2017 Serbia
226-280-7157 Aug 2017 Australia
226-280-2381 Aug 2017 Canada
226-280-2282 Apr 2017 India
226-280-4050 Oct 2016 India
226-280-4931 Oct 2016 India
226-280-3796 Oct 2016 Canada
226-280-3305 Nov 2016 Canada
226-280-3587 Nov 2016 United Arab Emirates
226-280-4371 Nov 2016 India
226-280-0410 May 2016 Canada
226-280-4615 Mar 2016 Canada
226-280-3575 Jan 2016 India
226-280-8122 Jan 2016 Florida
226-280-4840 Jan 2016 Canada
226-280-3934 Jan 2016 Canada
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
226-280-4558 Feb 2016 Canada
226-280-0144 Feb 2016 Canada
226-280-2015 Dec 2016
226-280-4984 Aug 2016 Bangladesh
226-280-0419 Aug 2016 Canada
226-280-7762 Apr 2016 Canada
226-280-3316 Apr 2016 Canada
226-280-7655 Oct 2015 Canada
226-280-7812 Nov 2015 Canada
226-280-0262 Mar 2015 Canada
226-280-2447 Jul 2015 Philippines
226-280-2222 Apr 2015 Canada
226-280-8817 Sep 2010
226-280-8293 Sep 2010
226-280-1444 Sep 2010
226-280-1233 Sep 2010
226-280-1993 Sep 2010

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Windsor, ON

Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada and is located in Southwestern Ontario at the western end of the heavily populated Quebec City – Windsor Corridor. It is within Essex County, Ontario, although administratively separated from the county government. Windsor is across the Detroit River and south of Detroit, Michigan in the United States. Windsor is known as The City of Roses and residents are known as Windsorites.

Prior to European exploration and settlement, the Windsor area was inhabited by the First Nations and Native American people. Windsor was settled by the French Canadians in 1749 as an agricultural settlement. It was the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in Canada west of Montreal. The area was first named Petite Côte ("Little Coast" - as opposed to the longer coastline on the Detroit side of the river). Later it was called La Côte de Misère ("Poverty Coast") because of the sandy soils near LaSalle.

Windsor, ON description from Wikipedia