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Map of Nakusp, BC

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250-265-1150 Mar 2017 California
250-265-1871 Jan 2017 Canada
250-265-4142 Sep 2016 India
250-265-7104 Sep 2016 Canada
250-265-8935 Nov 2016 California
250-265-4100 May 2016 Canada
250-265-4805 May 2016 California
250-265-2589 Jul 2016 Canada
250-265-7226 Jan 2016 Dominican Republic
250-265-1488 Jan 2016 Canada
250-265-8194 Feb 2016 Canada
250-265-4680 Aug 2016 India
250-265-2185 Aug 2016 Canada
250-265-3805 Apr 2016 Virginia
250-265-8395 Oct 2015 California
250-265-7361 Oct 2015 Canada
250-265-4240 Oct 2015 India
250-265-1101 Nov 2015 Illinois
250-265-3049 Nov 2015 India
250-265-2153 Mar 2015 Canada
250-265-4766 Jun 2015 India
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
250-265-3029 Dec 2015 India
250-265-1711 Dec 2015 Texas
250-265-3345 Sep 2014 Jamaica
250-265-0062 Nov 2014 Florida
250-265-9914 May 2014 North Carolina
250-265-2120 May 2014 Oregon
250-265-3140 Dec 2014 India
250-265-8453 Dec 2014 Canada
250-265-4663 Dec 2014 Canada
250-265-0050 Dec 2014 Canada
250-265-1076 Dec 2014 India
250-265-4936 Nov 2012 Canada
250-265-7308 Nov 2012 California
250-265-4112 Feb 2012 Canada
250-265-3116 Jan 2011 Canada
250-265-4759 Jan 2011 Belgium
250-265-7193 Feb 2011 Canada
250-265-9000 Aug 2011 California
250-265-1787 Aug 2011 Canada
250-265-9087 Sep 2010

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250-265-3306 anderson's automotive services,
250-265-3417 nakusp
250-265-3509 nelson british columbia

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(250) 916-

Nakusp, BC

The Village of Nakusp (pronounced /nəˈkʌsp/) is a small community located on the shores of Upper Arrow Lake, a portion of the Columbia River, in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia. The town has a population of around 1,800, and it is known primarily for its nearby hot springs, which are a popular destination for tourists, as well as its picturesque mountain lakeside setting.

Nakusp has a recreational centre that consists of an ice rink, squash courts, curling rink and an auditorium as well as outdoor tennis courts and a soccer field. Arrow Lakes Hospital serves the village and surrounding communities. There is an elementary school, a high school, and a campus of Selkirk College. The schools are part of School District 10 Arrow Lakes which has its board office in Nakusp. The area also provides many opportunities for recreation, including the Summit Lake Ski Hill, a short drive out of town towards New Denver.

Nakusp, BC description from Wikipedia