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Area code:250 area code
Usage:Wireless Numbers
Carrier:Telus Mobility
Current time:8:55pm
All Cities Served:Golden, BC
All Zip Codes Served:
Map of Golden, BC

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
250-272-2120 Jul 2017 Canada
250-272-0559 Apr 2017 Canada
250-272-4206 Nov 2016 Colorado
250-272-0539 Jun 2016 Canada
250-272-7478 Dec 2016 United States
250-272-0452 Dec 2016 India
250-272-1111 Aug 2016 Canada
250-272-2013 Apr 2016 Canada
250-272-4728 Apr 2016 Indiana
250-272-2216 Oct 2015 Canada
250-272-0353 Nov 2015 Cyprus
250-272-0878 Jan 2015 Canada
250-272-1313 Dec 2015 India
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
250-272-7175 Dec 2015 Canada
250-272-0105 Apr 2015 Illinois
250-272-2446 Jul 2013 United States
250-272-8888 Jan 2012 Philippines
250-272-1434 Feb 2012 Canada
250-272-8103 Aug 2012 Canada
250-272-0449 Apr 2012 Canada
250-272-0648 Apr 2012 Canada
250-272-0006 Sep 2011 Canada
250-272-0611 Sep 2010
250-272-0824 Sep 2010
250-272-7070 Dec 2010 Canada

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Golden, BC

Golden is a town in southeastern British Columbia, Canada, located 262 kilometres (163 miles) west of Calgary, Alberta and 713 kilometres (443 miles) east of Vancouver.

Much of the town's history is tied into the Canadian Pacific Railway and the logging industry. Today, the town's economy still relies heavily on those two influences, but the development of Kicking Horse Resort, along with other outdoor adventure companies, has allowed the town to diversify into tourism. Mount 7, which is just southeast of town, is popular with paragliding, hang gliding, and mountain biking enthusiasts. Golden is also home to one of the campuses of the College of the Rockies.

Golden, BC description from Wikipedia