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Area code:289 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Telus Integrated Communications
Current time:11:08pm
All Cities Served:Dundas, ON
All Zip Codes Served:
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Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
289-238-9108 Oct 2017 Philippines
289-238-8697 Oct 2017 India
289-238-9992 Mar 2017 Canada
289-238-9885 Jun 2017 India
289-238-8422 Jul 2017 India
289-238-9716 Oct 2016 Massachusetts
289-238-8042 Nov 2016 Philippines
289-238-2712 May 2016 South Africa
289-238-2698 May 2016 Philippines
289-238-4003 Mar 2016 Canada
289-238-7356 Jun 2016 New Mexico
289-238-8951 Jul 2016 Canada
289-238-8145 Jul 2016 South Africa
289-238-9742 Apr 2016 Canada
289-238-9079 Oct 2015 Australia
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
289-238-8269 Oct 2015 India
289-238-8221 Jan 2015 India
289-238-6639 Feb 2015 Canada
289-238-8591 Dec 2015 Canada
289-238-8428 Apr 2015 Canada
289-238-9740 Sep 2014 Canada
289-238-8564 Jun 2014 India
289-238-9926 Dec 2014 Canada
289-238-8211 Oct 2013 Canada
289-238-8225 Dec 2013 United States
289-238-8291 Jan 2011 Canada
289-238-9777 Feb 2011 Canada
289-238-8594 Dec 2010 Canada
289-238-4876 Dec 2010 Canada

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Dundas, ON

Dundas, Ontario, Canada held a town charter between 1847 and 2001. Its nickname is the Valley Town. It is now part of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The population has been stable for decades at about twenty thousand, largely because it has not annexed rural land from the protected Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

Notable events are the Buskerfest in early June, and the Dundas Cactus Festival in August.

The town of Dundas was incorporated in 1847 as part of Wentworth County. It was named by John Graves Simcoe, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, for his friend Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville, a Scottish lawyer and politician who never visited North America. Prior to be called "Dundas" the town was called Coote’s Paradise, and renamed after 1814 to Dundas.

Dundas, ON description from Wikipedia