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Area code:319 area code
Usage:Wireless Numbers
Carrier:Iowa Wireless Services, Lp
Current time:5:19pm
All Cities Served:Fort Madison, IA
All Counties Served:Lee County
All Zip Codes Served:52627
Map of Fort Madison, IA

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Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
319-561-1345 Jan 2018 India
319-561-0495 Feb 2018 Bangladesh
319-561-0151 Feb 2018 India
319-561-1600 Feb 2018 India
319-561-0912 Sep 2017 India
319-561-0807 Jul 2017 New York
319-561-1136 Jan 2017 India
319-561-0161 Jan 2017 New Jersey
319-561-0476 Feb 2017 India
319-561-1588 Dec 2017 India
319-561-0272 Dec 2017 India
319-561-0607 Aug 2017 Illinois
319-561-0561 Oct 2016 South Dakota
319-561-0288 Nov 2016 India
319-561-0261 Nov 2016 Washington
319-561-2095 Nov 2016 India
319-561-0012 Mar 2016 North Carolina
319-561-9588 Mar 2016 Iowa
319-561-0604 Mar 2016 Florida
319-561-0401 Jun 2016 Philippines
319-561-1098 Jul 2016 Bangladesh
319-561-0019 Feb 2016 India
319-561-0877 Feb 2016 California
319-561-5806 Aug 2016 Arizona
319-561-0330 Aug 2016 India
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
319-561-0311 Aug 2016 Illinois
319-561-0242 Apr 2016 Utah
319-561-0566 Oct 2015 Illinois
319-561-0061 May 2015
319-561-4151 Aug 2015 California
319-561-2123 Aug 2015 India
319-561-1121 Nov 2014 District of Columbia
319-561-0241 May 2014 United States
319-561-0169 Feb 2014 Indiana
319-561-2276 Sep 2013 Philippines
319-561-0013 Oct 2013 Iowa
319-561-0240 Jul 2013 Philippines
319-561-0385 Jul 2013 Philippines
319-561-1204 Apr 2013 Illinois
319-561-1312 Nov 2012 Nevada
319-561-1165 Jul 2012 Iowa
319-561-2242 Dec 2012 Iowa
319-561-0293 Aug 2012 Illinois
319-561-0524 Nov 2011 United States
319-561-1966 May 2011 Iowa
319-561-0114 May 2011 Iowa
319-561-1988 Jul 2011 Ecuador
319-561-2023 Jan 2011 United States
319-561-0858 Feb 2011 Missouri

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Fort Madison, IA

Fort Madison, situated on the Mississippi River, is a city in and one of the county seats of Lee County, Iowa, United States. The other county seat is Keokuk. The population was 10,715 at the 2000 census. Fort Madison and Keokuk are principal cities of the Fort Madison–Keokuk Micropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Lee County, Iowa, and Clark County, Missouri.

Fort Madison was the location of the first U.S. military fort in the upper Mississippi region; a replica of the fort stands along the river. Sheaffer Pens were developed and made in Fort Madison for many years. The city is the location of the Iowa State Penitentiary—the state's maximum security prison for men. Fort Madison is the Mississippi river crossing and station stop for Amtrak's Southwest Chief. Fort Madison has the last remaining double swing-span bridge on the Mississippi River, the Fort Madison Toll Bridge. It has a top level for cars and a bottom level for trains; it is also the world's largest. The Fort Madison Downtown Commercial Historic District is a collection of well-preserved historic storefronts from the late 19th century.

Fort Madison, IA description from Wikipedia