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Phone Numbers with the (360) 230- Prefix

Area code:360 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Teleport Communications America, LLC - WA
Current time:10:44pm
All Cities Served:Anacortes, WA
All Counties Served:Skagit County
All Zip Codes Served:98222, 98221
Map of Anacortes, WA

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
360-230-1127 Jan 2017 United States
360-230-9049 Dec 2017 Washington
360-230-6470 Nov 2015 Jamaica
360-230-3292 Jun 2015 Ohio
360-230-3287 Jun 2015 North Carolina
360-230-3905 Dec 2015 United States
360-230-3253 May 2014 Florida
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
360-230-5746 Nov 2012 Bangladesh
360-230-8101 Jul 2012 Bangladesh
360-230-1583 Apr 2012 Washington
360-230-1637 Jun 2011 Washington
360-230-4658 Jul 2011 United States
360-230-1698 Jul 2011 Washington
360-230-1582 Sep 2010

Business and Government (360) 230-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
360-230-1380 Gen-X Signs & Banners 530 W State St Sedro Woolley, WA 98284
360-230-1556 South Prairie Flowers By Florist Concierge South Prairie, WA 98385

Residential (360) 230-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
360-230-1305 Donald McKeon
360-230-1306 Larry Satterlee
360-230-1308 Thurman Riggan
360-230-1309 Russ Rosenkranz
360-230-1310 Laurence Custer
360-230-1311 Jocelyn Helland
360-230-1312 Ben Lapointe
360-230-1313 Sue Bloom
360-230-1314 Prentice Jenny
360-230-1315 Alice Brevick
360-230-1316 Kathy Bradford
360-230-1318 Ryan Tesarik
360-230-1319 Charles Anderson
360-230-1321 Timmothy Savoie
360-230-1323 Paul Fisher
360-230-1324 Richard Schulberg
360-230-1325 Suella Hershaw
360-230-1326 Michelle Smillie
360-230-1327 Garnett Brooks
360-230-1332 Jerald Meehan
360-230-1333 Dale Scott
360-230-1334 William Hershaw
360-230-1335 Angelia Jordan
360-230-1336 Dan Hershaw
360-230-1337 Daniel Sandstrom
360-230-1338 Cheryl & James English
Telephone Name
360-230-1339 Ryan Sims
360-230-1340 Ryan Sims
360-230-1341 Brandon Bradshaw
360-230-1342 Larry Bridgman
360-230-1343 Tracy Frazier
360-230-1346 F. Hunter
360-230-1347 Linda Walker
360-230-1348 Susan Kelsey
360-230-1350 William Duncan
360-230-1351 C. Winslow
360-230-1352 Brent Harvey
360-230-1354 Bonnie Belles
360-230-1356 Becky Sumner
360-230-1357 Charlie Guildner
360-230-1358 Gay Hoerler
360-230-1359 Joseph Lukens
360-230-1360 James Batterberry
360-230-1361 Howard Haley
360-230-1362 Erica Enegren
360-230-1363 Charity Troutman
360-230-1364 Jane A. Bullis
360-230-1365 Norman Campbell
360-230-1367 Steve Costello
360-230-1368 Paul Budrow
360-230-1369 Roxy Triplett
360-230-1370 Leslie Tysseling
Telephone Name
360-230-1371 Les Fraser
360-230-1372 Lena Anders
360-230-1373 Victor Soloman
360-230-1374 Megan Boyd
360-230-1375 Barbara Ringuette
360-230-1377 Kevin Brock
360-230-1378 Willene Gomez
360-230-1379 David Albert
360-230-1381 Wade Draper
360-230-1382 Janis Tritten
360-230-1383 Mark Erickson
360-230-1384 Michael Prater
360-230-1386 Ken Combs
360-230-1387 Jay Johnson
360-230-1388 Ron Wolff
360-230-1389 Andy Billingsley
360-230-1390 Timothy Krill
360-230-1391 Scott Herr
360-230-1392 Crystal Beseau
360-230-1393 Tawny Kennaugh
360-230-1394 Cynthia Cleveland
360-230-1395 Matthew Whitwer
360-230-1396 Elizabeth Hough
360-230-1398 Rich McCabe
360-230-1399 Daniel Valdez

The numbers listed above are from Sedro Woolley, WA, Mount Vernon, WA, Burlington, WA, Bow, WA, Decatur, WA, Anacortes, WA and South Prairie, WA.

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Other prefixes serving the same cities:

Anacortes, WA

Anacortes (pronounced /ˌænəˈkɔrtəs/) is a city in Skagit County, Washington, United States. The name "Anacortes" is a consolidation of the name Anna Curtis, who was the wife of early Fidalgo Island settler Amos Bowman. Anacortes' population was 14,557 at the time of the 2000 census. It is one of two principal cities of and included in the Mount Vernon-Anacortes Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Anacortes is known for the Washington State Ferries dock and terminal serving Lopez Island, Shaw Island, Orcas Island, and San Juan Island, as well as Victoria, British Columbia (via Sidney, British Columbia) on Vancouver Island. There is also a Skagit County-operated ferry dock that serves Guemes Island, a residential island located across a strait north of Anacortes.

Anacortes, WA description from Wikipedia