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Phone Numbers with the (361) 294- Prefix

Area code:361 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Riviera Telephone Co., Inc.
Current time:9:01pm
All Cities Served:Riviera, TX
All Counties Served:Kleberg County
All Zip Codes Served:78379
Map of Riviera, TX

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
361-294-5201 Feb 2018 Philippines
361-294-5700 Jul 2016 United States
361-294-5719 Jul 2016 Texas
361-294-5237 Jul 2016 India
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
361-294-5642 Feb 2016 India
361-294-2200 Apr 2016 Texas
361-294-5257 Sep 2014 India
361-294-5378 Sep 2013 Florida

Business and Government (361) 294-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
361-294-5202 County Of Kenedy
361-294-5206 County Of Kenedy
361-294-5213 Lapaloma Gate House
361-294-5216 Sisters Of Incarnate Word
361-294-5220 County Of Kenedy
361-294-5224 Kenedy County Judge
361-294-5227 Kenedy Memorial Foundation
361-294-5228 Kenedy Memorial Foundation
361-294-5236 Transcontinental Gas Pipeline
361-294-5241 County District Judge Kenedy
361-294-5267 Father Francis Kelly Nemeck
361-294-5272 Kenedy Memorial Foundation
361-294-5273 Dept Of Transportation Texas
361-294-5277 Exxon Co
361-294-5281 Frank P Horlock Ofc
361-294-5292 County Attorney Kenedy
361-294-5298 County Justice Of The Peace Prect No 2 Kenedy
361-294-5301 La Mansion De Sarita
361-294-5317 Rio Paisano Ranch Guest House
361-294-5326 Sarita Elementary Bus Barn
Telephone Name
361-294-5331 Lapaloma
361-294-5334 Lomas Chicas Outfitters Inc Fax
361-294-5338 States Government United
361-294-5339 Lomas Chicas Outfitters Inc Fax
361-294-5343 Elementary School Cafeteria Sarita
361-294-5350 Our Lady Of Guadalupe Church
361-294-5352 Clement Martin W Ii
361-294-5354 Dept Of Transportation Texas
361-294-5358 Juan Cuevas
361-294-5362 Ron Richerson Construction
361-294-5369 Lebh Shomea House Of Prayer
361-294-5373 Mitsubishi Power Systems
361-294-5379 Elementary School Sarita
361-294-5381 Elementary School Sarita
361-294-5386 San Pedro Kenedy Ranch (Line 2)
361-294-5388 San Pedro Kenedy Ranch Co Shop
361-294-5400 El Coyote Ranch
361-294-5401 The Great Kiskadee House
361-294-5406 Our Lady Of Guadalupe Church Fax Line
361-294-5420 County Maintenance Kenedy
Telephone Name
361-294-5440 El Salto
361-294-5470 Rio Paisano Ranch Main House
361-294-5603 County 911 Kenedy
361-294-5635 County 911 Kenedy
361-294-5649 D H Blattner & Sons Inc
361-294-5693 Kenedy County Food Pantry
361-294-5708 Robert & Lica East Cattle Co Ltd
361-294-5710 County Tax Accessor Fax Line Kennedy
361-294-5716 Post Office Sarita
361-294-5718 Elementary School Sarita
361-294-5722 Mike Fain
361-294-5751 Kenedy Ranch Museum Of South Texas
361-294-5752 Loshermanos Ranch
361-294-5772 Lebh Shomea House Of Prayer
361-294-5785 County Of Kenedy
361-294-5786 County Of Kenedy
361-294-5787 County Of Kenedy
361-294-5791 Lebh Shomea House Of Prayer (Fax)

Residential (361) 294-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
361-294-5222 Caleb Roach
361-294-5223 Lupita Cuellar
361-294-5234 Leticia Munoz
361-294-5243 Estela & Juan Guevara
361-294-5258 Ernest & Kathleen Enyart
361-294-5262 Lynwood G. Weiss
361-294-5264 Craig Weiland
361-294-5266 Hermenegildo Sanchez
361-294-5268 Beth S. Hood
361-294-5269 Ragael M. Cuellar, Jr
361-294-5271 Jorge Tavares
361-294-5276 Maria Longoria
361-294-5284 Randy Rogers
361-294-5289 Richard Moffitt
361-294-5290 Manuela Castillo
361-294-5291 David Combs
361-294-5293 Ernesto Serna
361-294-5296 Leonard May
Telephone Name
361-294-5297 Leonard May
361-294-5306 Don Stewart
361-294-5310 Eduardo Garcia
361-294-5315 Felix Serna
361-294-5345 Tom East
361-294-5346 Eliza Perez
361-294-5347 Angela Mata
361-294-5360 Edward Bordovsky
361-294-5361 Valenlina Ramos
361-294-5368 Rafael Cuellar, III
361-294-5371 Sherri Mireles
361-294-5372 Bud Turcotte
361-294-5380 Felix Herrera
361-294-5383 Jose B. Salazar
361-294-5390 Soila Acevedo
361-294-5395 Rosie Perez
361-294-5397 John W. Turcotte
361-294-5455 Felix-Fax Line Serna
Telephone Name
361-294-5501 Vern Fahnholz
361-294-5627 Ron Kimball
361-294-5630 Audet & Raul Falcon
361-294-5640 Charles Menzer
361-294-5699 Jesse & Laura Salinas
361-294-5709 V. Vela
361-294-5723 Joe Salazar
361-294-5729 Robert Alergria
361-294-5734 Pete Lerma, Jr
361-294-5755 Amy Ybarra
361-294-5759 Lionel G. Longoria
361-294-5760 Herlinda Garcia
361-294-5763 Homero & Letty Vera
361-294-5770 Mary & Ruben Bueno
361-294-5771 Michael Norrel
361-294-5784 Matthew Strauss
361-294-5795 Susie Gonzalez
361-294-8329 J. J & Mary Cantu

The numbers listed above are from Sarita, TX, Riviera, TX and Corpus Christi, TX.

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Riviera, TX

Riviera is an unincorporated community in Kleberg County, Texas, United States. Riviera is located about 11 miles (18 km) south of Kingsville on U.S. Highway 77 and about 22 miles (35 km) northeast of Falfurrias on Texas State Highway 285.

Riviera was founded in 1906 by Theodore Fredrick Koch, a land promoter. He purchased land from the King Ranch to sell to landseekers. He built a townsite along the St. Louis, Brownsville, and Mexico Railway and named it Riviera after the French Riviera. Koch ran a train from Chicago to Riviera twice a month to bring more people to the area. Riviera witnessed growth in its first few years, but a drought hit the area in 1915 and then a terrible hurricane hit the area in 1916. When Highway 77 was constructed, it helped the economy get back on its feet. Now its economy depends on farming. Its also the last stop for about 60 miles (97 km) to Raymondville, going south, so its gas stations and restaurants are used by many travelers heading south.

Riviera, TX description from Wikipedia