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Phone Numbers with the (361) 298- Prefix

Area code:361 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Southwestern Bell
Current time:11:02pm
All Cities Served:Yoakum, TX
All Counties Served:Lavaca County
All Zip Codes Served:77995
Map of Yoakum, TX

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
361-298-1156 Jan 2018 New York
361-298-0241 Jan 2018 New York
361-298-0554 Sep 2017 Massachusetts
361-298-3829 Sep 2017 Mexico
361-298-0367 Sep 2017 Florida
361-298-0132 Oct 2017 New York
361-298-0803 Nov 2017 Alabama
361-298-0725 Nov 2017 Texas
361-298-3722 Mar 2017 Florida
361-298-4244 Mar 2017 Massachusetts
361-298-0517 Jun 2017 Missouri
361-298-4885 Jan 2017 New Hampshire
361-298-4884 Jan 2017 New Hampshire
361-298-4588 Jan 2017 Mississippi
361-298-5976 Apr 2017 Philippines
361-298-0226 Oct 2016 Canada
361-298-4067 Nov 2016 Texas
361-298-4421 Nov 2016 Georgia
361-298-0698 May 2016 Texas
361-298-0979 May 2016 Texas
361-298-0017 May 2016 Washington
361-298-3359 Jul 2016 India
361-298-5311 Jul 2016 Philippines
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
361-298-0229 Feb 2016 Texas
361-298-0432 Aug 2016 Philippines
361-298-0682 Aug 2016 Texas
361-298-2424 Apr 2016 United States
361-298-0151 Sep 2015 Texas
361-298-0325 Oct 2015 Jamaica
361-298-0343 May 2015 United States
361-298-0422 Mar 2015 Ohio
361-298-0688 Mar 2015 Texas
361-298-3573 Mar 2015 United States
361-298-5335 Jul 2015 United States
361-298-0315 Aug 2015 California
361-298-0485 Oct 2014 Michigan
361-298-0435 Jun 2014 Pennsylvania
361-298-0383 Jul 2014 Missouri
361-298-4049 Aug 2014 United States
361-298-0545 Sep 2013 California
361-298-0573 Jun 2013 Texas
361-298-4062 Jul 2013 Canada
361-298-4424 Jul 2013 Texas
361-298-0638 Dec 2013 Pennsylvania
361-298-5596 Oct 2012 Texas
361-298-0371 Sep 2010

Business and Government (361) 298-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
361-298-5067 There's Room At The Cross 511 Plaza St Yoakum, TX 77995

Residential (361) 298-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
361-298-5000 Angeline Dorsey
361-298-5001 Lena Torres
361-298-5003 Evelyn Snead
361-298-5005 Elena Gonzales
361-298-5007 Erma Eldridge
361-298-5009 Myrtle Armstrong
361-298-5010 Clayton Ford
361-298-5011 Francisco Mercado
361-298-5016 Michelle Walker
361-298-5017 Shirley Hagemeyer
361-298-5018 C. Harris
361-298-5019 Maryalice Garza
361-298-5020 Mary Helen Cantu
361-298-5021 Kathy Buttles
361-298-5022 Debbie Pisciotta
361-298-5023 Mary Ann Castillo
361-298-5024 Annette Dilworth
361-298-5025 Lori Sarvis
361-298-5027 Ana Lilia Hernandez
361-298-5028 Rose Marie Pineda
361-298-5029 Leon Jones
361-298-5030 Abel Rosales
361-298-5031 Laura Barron
361-298-5032 Norma Perez-Naite
361-298-5033 Richard Ramirez
Telephone Name
361-298-5034 Tyrone Dilworth
361-298-5035 Adrian Bedio Rosales
361-298-5036 Amber Wright
361-298-5037 Carolyn Leist
361-298-5038 Lisa Johnson
361-298-5040 Alberta Brown
361-298-5041 Lavernia Harrison
361-298-5042 Daniel Sheffield
361-298-5043 Lorline Lacina
361-298-5044 Bruce Johnson
361-298-5045 Christy Martinez
361-298-5048 Patrick D. Klaus
361-298-5049 Cheryl Mathis
361-298-5051 Kelly Keeble
361-298-5052 Sylvia Banda
361-298-5053 Jesse Longoria
361-298-5055 Roman Salazar
361-298-5056 A. Ray Henry
361-298-5058 Martha Jarisch
361-298-5059 Shirley Strait
361-298-5061 Tracey Sage
361-298-5063 Rebecca Anderson
361-298-5069 Julie Hadley
361-298-5070 Harold Sr Jones
361-298-5071 Linda Sue Herrera
Telephone Name
361-298-5072 Stewart Kalisek
361-298-5076 Arthur Villareal
361-298-5077 Marquita Armola
361-298-5078 Ellazar Douglas
361-298-5080 Glynis Anzualda
361-298-5081 Lisa Flower
361-298-5084 Latoni Maloy
361-298-5085 Daneene Voigt
361-298-5086 Patrick Fonton
361-298-5087 Tammy Stelm
361-298-5088 Russell Monk
361-298-5089 P. Hartsfield
361-298-5090 Hadley Madeline
361-298-5091 Astella Hights
361-298-5094 Charles Johnson
361-298-5095 Randy Meyer
361-298-5096 John P. Brown
361-298-5100 Joe Mireles
361-298-5104 Dora Allen
361-298-5106 Luis De Los Santos
361-298-5108 Frances Gardner
361-298-5110 Viola Wilson
361-298-5121 Crystal Barbantin
361-298-5123 Joyce Eldridge

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Other prefixes serving the same cities:

Yoakum, TX

Yoakum is a city in DeWitt and Lavaca Counties in the U.S. state of Texas. The population was 5,731 at the 2000 census.

Yoakum is on the Lavaca-DeWitt county line. It was built on a league of land granted to John J. and Mary May from (Ireland) by the government of Coahuila,Mex., and given to establishish Yoakum, Tx. in 1833-4 and was used as a gathering ground for cattle to be driven up the Chisholm Trail.qv Yoakum did not grow until the construction of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway in 1887 Donated by the May family also the land for the stockyards and the town, and Brushy Creek Catholic Church was donated by the May family, plus other donations. At this time a townsite was laid out and named after Benjamin F. Yoakum,qv vice president and general manager of the line. J. P. Jamieson built a store in 1887, and a post office opened that year. Railroad shops were located in Yoakum in 1found in Houston and Galveton,Tx. serca 1833-4, and hundreds of people from surrounding towns found employment at its large roundhouse. The town was incorporated on May 13, 1889, with L. W. Thomas as mayor. By 1896 Yoakum had a cotton mill, three cotton gins, a compress, several churches, a bank, an ice factory, specialty and general stores, two weekly newspapers and one daily, a school system with 700 pupils, and a population of 3,000. By 1914 the number of residents had reached 7,500. In 1919 Carl Welhausen took over a small tanning company, the first of several in the city. The firm, known as Tex-Tan, a manufacturer of saddles, bridles, harnesses, belts, billfolds, and novelties, later became part of the Tandy Corporation.qv By 1940 other local industries included a creamery and a mattress factory. The first commercial tomatoes in the Yoakum area were grown in 1926. By the 1940s fifteen packing sheds in Yoakum shipped tomatoes north, and the town was sometimes called the tomato capital of south central Texas. In 1970 Yoakum had 170 businesses, including a leather-goods shop, a meat-packing plant, a food-processing plant, a metal workshop, a cannery, a newspaper, and two banks. Yoakum community services in 1989 included a nursing home, a hospital, a library, a municipal park, and a municipal airport. The Bluebonnet Youth Ranch, a home for neglected children, was founded by Charles Kvinta in 1968. The former home of J. K. Elkins and Mr. and Mrs. William Browning became the Yoakum Heritage Museum in 1982. The town had twenty-one churches of ten denominations. Among them is St. Joseph's Catholic Church, which celebrated its centennial in 1969. The First Baptist and First Methodist churches were built in 1889. Yoakum is a division point for the railway and also the site of a Texas highway department office. Since 1960 the town has sponsored an annual wildflower trail in the spring, which includes a guided tour and wildflower art exhibits. The JUNE Tom-Tom Festival, which first publicized the tomato business, began in 1928, was suspended for five years in World War II,qv and resumed in 1946. The annual event now celebrates the local leather industry and is called the Leather Tom-Tom Festival. A local Youth Rodeo is held each July. The population of Yoakum, listed as 4,733 in 1940, grew steadily throughout the next four decades. In 1984 it reached 6,148, with 3,283 in Lavaca County and 2,325 in DeWitt County. In 1990 the population was 5,611. In 2000 the population was 5,731.

Yoakum, TX description from Wikipedia