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Phone Numbers with the (361) 439- Prefix

Area code:361 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Central Tel. Co. Of Texas DBA Centurylink
Current time:7:22am
All Cities Served:Beeville, TX
All Counties Served:Bee County
All Zip Codes Served:78102
Map of Beeville, TX

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
361-439-7622 Dec 2017 Texas
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
361-439-7756 Jul 2014 United States

Business and Government (361) 439-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
361-439-4152 Berclair Country Store 16059 US Hwy 59 S Berclair, TX 78107
361-439-7011 To Dy 7279 Fm 883 Berclair, TX 78107
361-439-7020 Barn Precinct 2 County 7291 S US Highway 59 Berclair, TX 78107
361-439-7222 States Government United 15864 US Highway 59 S Berclair, TX 78107
361-439-7232 Berthold Farms Beeville, TX 78102
361-439-7244 Heincke Wesley 7246 F M 883 Berclair, TX 78107
361-439-7246 Lazy F Ranch 7244 F M 883 Berclair, TX 78107
361-439-7272 Atasca Resources Inc Berclair, TX 78107
361-439-7290 Berclair Kwik Sav Grocery 7291 S US Highway 59 Berclair, TX 78107
361-439-7511 Tristar Aggregates 1 6921 Hwy 59 E Beeville, TX 78102
361-439-7566 Atasca Resources Inc Berclair, TX 78107
361-439-7600 Terrell Hall Restaurant 66 Moore St Berclair, TX 78107

Residential (361) 439-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
361-439-0840 Robert Wilkinson
361-439-4108 Able M. Carbajal
361-439-4110 Jennifer & Chris Hale
361-439-4116 W. L Green
361-439-4121 Elva Rodriquez
361-439-4127 Rodney & Dawn Butler
361-439-4131 D. Galindo
361-439-4139 Rosemary Hoing
361-439-4140 Christian Flores
361-439-4142 A. Rodriguez
361-439-4149 Richard Lucas
361-439-4151 Vickie Rodriguez
361-439-4160 Ann Carbajal
361-439-4162 Fernado Guvean
361-439-4163 Scott Wagert
361-439-4168 Joe B. Martinez
361-439-4169 Roger Wulf
361-439-4178 Maria G. Orosco
361-439-4179 Delia Rios
361-439-4180 Jason McGriff
361-439-4187 Enrique Vazquez
361-439-4190 Charles A. Schultz
361-439-4194 Dale Rasco
361-439-4195 Michael Fojtik
361-439-7044 Lloyd Fromme
Telephone Name
361-439-7079 Felipe Guerra
361-439-7111 John P. Madden
361-439-7132 James Trafton
361-439-7134 Reese Rowling
361-439-7135 Elain Hicks
361-439-7155 Claudia Brothers
361-439-7177 Rose Moya
361-439-7204 A. D III Cobb
361-439-7209 Daniel Gustafson
361-439-7210 A. T Wolfe
361-439-7218 Larry Wolfe
361-439-7224 Ellene Valenta
361-439-7227 J. V Branch
361-439-7230 John J. Lovely
361-439-7250 Richard M. Lucas
361-439-7253 Oscar Hein
361-439-7255 Bill Rodgers, Jr
361-439-7259 Brenda L. Moron
361-439-7262 Ricky Castilla
361-439-7275 Raul Hernandez
361-439-7276 Joy B. Wilkinson
361-439-7280 Ashley Trevino
361-439-7289 B. Gentry
361-439-7293 Ernest J. Boemer
361-439-7400 Troy Berthold
Telephone Name
361-439-7504 Serena Edwards
361-439-7509 Jerry Rodriquez
361-439-7513 Rick & Wana Lynn Kocurek
361-439-7515 K. E Hayman
361-439-7516 Antonio Carababajal
361-439-7525 Johnny Valenta
361-439-7532 Troy L. Berthold
361-439-7534 Rebecca Guerra
361-439-7541 Irene Camacho
361-439-7544 John & Jean Risinger
361-439-7545 T. Worth Davis
361-439-7549 Stephen Kimes
361-439-7550 R. E Handy
361-439-7551 Edward & Josie Flores
361-439-7553 Josie Rodriguez
361-439-7555 Regina Carabajal
361-439-7567 Billy & Bonnie Forbus
361-439-7579 Carlos Gonzales
361-439-7585 Rufino & Rachel Martinez
361-439-7591 Rose Martinez
361-439-7599 Patricia & Brandon Huber
361-439-7650 Johnny Wilkey
361-439-7667 Justin Tall
361-439-7668 Joe & Victoria Perez

The numbers listed above are from Berclair, TX, Beeville, TX and Goliad, TX.

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Other prefixes serving the same cities:

Beeville, TX

Beeville is a city in Bee County, Texas, United States. The population was 13,129 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Bee County. It is the home of a community college, Coastal Bend College.

Many of the stately homes, commercial buildings, and schools in and around Beeville, including the Bee County Courthouse, were designed by the architect William Charles Stephenson, who came to Beeville in 1908 from Buffalo, New York.

The site was first settled by the Burke, Carroll, and Heffernan families in the 1830s; it was first named "Maryville" for Mary Heffernan, then renamed "Beeville" after Barnard E. Bee, Sr., who served as Secretary of State and Secretary of War for the Republic of Texas. It was then called "Beeville-on-the-Poesta", with a nearby community "Beeville-on-the-Medio" seven miles (11 km) to the west. In 1859, Beeville's first post office opened.

Beeville, TX description from Wikipedia