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Phone Numbers with the (401) 851- Prefix

Area code:401 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Verizon New England Inc.
Current time:9:25am
All Cities Served:Newport, RI
All Counties Served:Newport County
All Zip Codes Served:02840
Map of Newport, RI

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
401-851-2041 Oct 2017 India
401-851-1637 Jun 2017 Philippines
401-851-3824 Feb 2017 Philippines
401-851-7966 Oct 2016 Virginia
401-851-3103 Nov 2016 Rhode Island
401-851-2000 Dec 2015 New Zealand
401-851-5581 Jan 2014 Florida
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
401-851-8492 Nov 2013 New York
401-851-5795 Dec 2013 Maryland
401-851-3429 Oct 2012 India
401-851-5017 Feb 2012 North Carolina
401-851-2200 Apr 2012 New Jersey
401-851-2121 Dec 2011 Rhode Island

Business and Government (401) 851-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
401-851-1200 Surprenant Patricia Licsw Acsw
401-851-1202 P S
401-851-1212 Aquidneck Mooring Company
401-851-1216 12 Meter Charters
401-851-1234 Hyatt Hotel & Spa
401-851-1240 Shamrock Farm
401-851-1600 College Of Rhode Island Community
401-851-1610 College Of Rhode Island Community
401-851-1620 College Of Rhode Island Community
401-851-1625 College Of Rhode Island Community
401-851-1640 College Of Rhode Island Community
401-851-1641 College Of Rhode Island Community
401-851-1667 College Of Rhode Island Community
401-851-1668 College Of Rhode Island Community
401-851-1673 College Of Rhode Island Community
401-851-1681 College Of Rhode Island Community
401-851-1696 College Of Rhode Island Community
401-851-1698 College Of Rhode Island Community
401-851-1726 College Of Rhode Island Community
Telephone Name
401-851-2002 Seaton Marine Llc
401-851-2010 Large Trinity
401-851-2022 Seacrest Doc Security
401-851-2050 Alicia Phd Psycholgst Justus
401-851-2100 State Of Ri Newport Dhs
401-851-2501 Edwards Angell
401-851-2503 Angell Edwards
401-851-2505 Edwards Angell
401-851-3100 Newport County Trust Company See Bank Of Newport
401-851-3225 Newport Spa-Hyatt Regency Hotel-Newport
401-851-3325 Windward Restaurant
401-851-4100 Ibm
401-851-6920 Pru Lesco Incorporated
401-851-6958 Riverhead Building Supply
401-851-6961 Check'N Go
401-851-6965 Seacrest Medical Review
401-851-6981 The John Clarke Retirement Center
401-851-6995 Mooring Restaurant
401-851-7907 Tyler Boe
Telephone Name
401-851-7916 Masterpiece International L T D
401-851-7975 American Beauty
401-851-7981 Towerstream Corporation
401-851-7988 Siam Square
401-851-8400 Genesis Health Care
401-851-8900 Verizon
401-851-8901 Island Pursuit
401-851-8917 Custer Battles
401-851-8918 Custer Battles
401-851-8949 National Museum Of American Illustration
401-851-8989 T-Mobile
401-851-8990 Custer Battles
401-851-8991 Custer Battles
401-851-8992 Custer Battles
401-851-8993 Custer Battles
401-851-8994 Custer Battles
401-851-8995 Custer Battles
401-851-8996 Custer Battles
401-851-8997 Custer Battles

Residential (401) 851-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
401-851-1211 Herbert J. & Francoise M. Sandberg
401-851-2001 Barry S. Saperia
401-851-2005 Stephen & Danielle Dickie
401-851-2021 Renato Almeida
401-851-2026 C. Cingari
401-851-2038 Tim & Andrea Wein
401-851-2080 Gail Thacher
401-851-2081 Alison Martin
401-851-2095 Carol Craft
401-851-6906 M. A Smith
401-851-6910 Richard B. Slater
401-851-6916 Lola Swift
401-851-6917 Minot Davis
401-851-6919 Charles Liversedge
401-851-6930 Deborah Deborah Figueira
401-851-6936 Bill Pickett
401-851-6937 K. Fenwick
401-851-6938 Eileen Hamill
401-851-6939 Bernard Coombs
401-851-6942 E. Butler
401-851-6943 Cameron Matheson
Telephone Name
401-851-6944 J. Mello
401-851-6947 V. Mitchell
401-851-6949 Tomye Tierney
401-851-6956 Margherite Filomena
401-851-6957 Eric Vaas
401-851-6967 Liselotte Mueller
401-851-6973 Jill Osborne
401-851-6983 Tammy Hamel
401-851-6987 Jerry Taylor
401-851-6988 L. Baker
401-851-6990 Duane Sousa
401-851-6991 Jon Cohen
401-851-6994 Elizabeth Creelman
401-851-6998 T. R Manuel
401-851-7901 Paul & Mary Slusarev
401-851-7902 Manuel Simas
401-851-7905 Maria Acevedo
401-851-7909 D. Carpenter
401-851-7922 E. C Murphy
401-851-7935 Stephanie Laroque
401-851-7942 N. & P. Ainsleigh
Telephone Name
401-851-7948 Doyniry Perez
401-851-7955 S. Machado
401-851-7956 Scott Garvey
401-851-7957 Rachelle Dimedia
401-851-7961 Charles A. West
401-851-7963 Jennifer Silva
401-851-7970 S&E Dolan
401-851-7971 Alphonse J. Lapierre
401-851-7974 Harold B. Sands
401-851-7978 W. Robinson
401-851-7979 Scott & Lindy Brickner
401-851-7989 Greg Ostheimer
401-851-7999 Kenneth Myers
401-851-8929 Charles Martin
401-851-8940 Melissa Kyle
401-851-8954 Daniel Smolenski
401-851-8962 Patricia Putney
401-851-8971 Robert Mason
401-851-8978 Annette Norton
401-851-8979 Deanna Monell

The numbers listed above are from Newport, RI, Middletown, RI, Portsmouth, RI and Providence, RI.

User Submitted Phone Reports

Telephone Notes
401-851-7984 towerstream corp

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Newport, RI

Newport is a city on Aquidneck Island in Newport County, Rhode Island, United States, about 30 miles (48 km) south of Providence. Known as a New England summer resort and for the famous Newport Mansions, it is the home of Salve Regina University and Naval Station Newport which houses the United States Naval War College, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, and a major United States Navy training center. A major 18th century port city, Newport now contains among the highest number of surviving colonial buildings of any city in the United States. The city is the county seat of Newport County (a county that no longer has any governmental functions). Newport was known for being the city of some of the "Summer White Houses" during the administrations of Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy. The population was 26,475 at the 2000 census.

Newport, RI description from Wikipedia