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Area code:406 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Triangle Telephone Cooperative Assn., Inc.
Current time:8:55am
All Cities Served:Hingham, MT
All Counties Served:Hill County
All Zip Codes Served:59528
Map of Hingham, MT

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Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
406-397-2517 Jan 2018 Colombia
406-397-5390 Jan 2018 Jamaica
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406-397-4193 Jul 2015 Illinois
406-397-0241 Aug 2014 Missouri

Business and Government (406) 397-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
406-397-3119 Dan's Auto Body 410 2 Ave Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3127 Wilbur Ellis Company Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3128 Hub International Mountain States Ltd 501 1 Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3146 Hi-Line Insurance Agency 509 3 Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3148 Hi-Line Insurance Agency Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3168 American Pulses Limited 606 4 Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3185 Farnik Grain Bin Sales 210 4 Ave Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3189 Jones David E Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3192 Wilbur Ellis Company 709 4 Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3194 Wilbur Ellis Company Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3213 Hi-Line Insurance Agency Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3217 Fire Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3238 Jones David E 20 6 Ave Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3243 Helmbrecht Appraising Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3244 Helmbrecht Appraising 502 1 Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3261 Hingham Swimming Pool 502 1 Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3266 Hi-Way Bar & Service 15940 U Hwy 2 W Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3288 County Water District Hill Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3344 Blue Sky Heating & Air Conditioning 205 4 Ave Hingham, MT 59528
406-397-3387 County Water District Hill 104 2 Hingham, MT 59528

Residential (406) 397-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
406-397-2000 Eldon M. Lipp
406-397-3102 Allen Chinadle
406-397-3103 Arthur Brekke
406-397-3104 Sage Creek Transcription Little
406-397-3109 Frank Jochim
406-397-3110 Reuben Scheuerman
406-397-3111 Roger Haas
406-397-3113 Bonni Jones
406-397-3116 Kenneth Thune
406-397-3121 C. Sterner
406-397-3125 Ray & Lynn Petrick
406-397-3127 Robert Wayne Mckinley
406-397-3129 Barry Shelden
406-397-3133 Carey Warren
406-397-3135 Mark Warren
406-397-3139 Mary White
406-397-3142 William Rathbun
406-397-3144 N. R Sudan
406-397-3145 Ken & Jan Halverson
406-397-3149 Mathew Sudan
406-397-3151 Michael - Farm Farnik
406-397-3152 Pat Chinadle
406-397-3154 Craig Sterry
406-397-3158 Margaret Petrick
406-397-3161 Steve Ranch White
406-397-3165 Rod Spicher
406-397-3169 Lowell & Denise Strissel
406-397-3171 Robert & Jackie Spicher
Telephone Name
406-397-3173 Ronald & Debra Sampson
406-397-3178 Frank Spinler
406-397-3180 Lowell J. Twedt
406-397-3181 Eugene & Eudora Peterson
406-397-3191 David George
406-397-3197 Ole - Farm Shop Warren
406-397-3199 Gary Brekke
406-397-3203 Gary Horinek
406-397-3204 Edward Horinek
406-397-3205 Bill Spicher
406-397-3207 Nick Alex
406-397-3213 Raymond C. Lipp
406-397-3214 William Rathbun
406-397-3215 Gary & Deb Sudan
406-397-3218 James White
406-397-3219 Steve & Lanay White
406-397-3226 Ruth Horinek
406-397-3227 Craig Farm Patrick
406-397-3229 Ronald Spicher
406-397-3232 Greg & Rose Spinler
406-397-3235 Terry Petrick
406-397-3236 Bill Mulvaney
406-397-3237 M. Kocar
406-397-3241 Chester Lemanski
406-397-3242 Wayland Walls
406-397-3245 C. J Helmbrecht
406-397-3246 Ron Petrick
406-397-3248 Ted Brown
Telephone Name
406-397-3251 Kenneth L. Farms Wilson
406-397-3258 Herb & Lois White
406-397-3259 Doug Effinger
406-397-3276 Elbert W. Dolph
406-397-3277 Travis & Maria Borlaug
406-397-3278 Farms Dolph
406-397-3283 H. May
406-397-3289 Ole Warren
406-397-3293 Ron Groseclose
406-397-3302 Joyce Spicher
406-397-3303 Mike & Joan Lipp
406-397-3304 K. M Horinek
406-397-3305 Bert Farm Ergenbright
406-397-3307 Dennis & Elizabeth Kannberg
406-397-3320 Larry Horinek
406-397-3327 Chris & Cheryl Lavery
406-397-3332 Mark & Teri Horinek
406-397-3333 Ronald Horinek
406-397-3339 Jerome & Sharon Pester
406-397-3340 Edward J. & Donna Schweitzer
406-397-3345 Arthur Odden
406-397-3353 Inga Odden
406-397-3369 Virginia A. Wells
406-397-3381 Zane Adams
406-397-3384 Juanita Engebretson
406-397-3386 Dave & Katie Sattoriva
406-397-4233 J. R & Mavis Alex

The numbers listed above are from Hingham, MT and Gildford, MT.

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Hingham, MT

Hingham is a town in Hill County, Montana, United States. The population was 157 at the 2000 census.

Hingham is a small agricultural community on the Hi-line of northern Montana. The town was founded on February 11, 1910 and developed as a grain storage and shipping center along the Great Northern Railway. In 1909 M.A. Johnson and P.A. Peterson came to the area to homestead, they purchased a relinquishment for the townsite. A year later they had the 22-block town plotted with a central square as its dominant feature, hence the nickname "The Town on the Square". Hingham was incorporated in 1917 and has since been governed by a mayor and town council. Through local efforts Hingham has developed the square into one of the best parks on the Hi-line with lush grass, mature trees and a picnic shelter. A landmark of the town is the water tower built in 1958 it towers 100 feet tall and can be seen for miles. In its early years Hingham had several hotels, saloons, restaurants, two banks, lumber yards, butcher shop, blacksmith shop, barber shop, trading company, grocery store, opera house, three churches and more. Most of which surrounded the square. Hingham had a state of the art hospital in its early years know as the Hingham Sanitarium. Built in 1913 by Dr. A.A. Husser it later burned down in 1919 dealing a severe blow to the community. Plans were made to replace the hospital with a more substantial structure but never materialized. Hingham Union Cemetery is the second largest cemetery in Hill County with over 355 graves. During the flu epidemic, the local undertaker left town in the middle of the night taking the cemetery records with him and leaving the cemetery in disarray. Citizens later remember digging graves and hitting the wood of coffins buried in supposedly vacant plots. There are a number of graves that are unknown and unmarked. Hingham cemetery is unique in that it once had an area known as potters field where people that committed suicide or couldn't afford to buy a plot were placed. Hingham's cemetery was the unofficial catholic cemetery of the hi-line in its early years. Students in Hingham met in several buildings around town until a school was built in 1914. The building was known to sway in the bad wind storms. In 1930 a new school building was constructed with a gymnasium added in 1936 several additions were made in later years including a indoor swimming pool. The school mascot was the Hingham Rangers with red, black and white as their colors. Due to shrinking enrollment the schools have consolidated to maintain a school in the area. Hingham and Rudyard consolidated schools in 1981 creating Blue Sky schools with Eagles as their mascot and blue and white as their colors. Another consolidation occurred in 2005 creating North Star Schools which is a merger of Rudyard and Hingham(Blue Sky), Gildford and Kremlin(KG)schools. Their mascot is the Knights with blue and black as their colors. Hingham hosted an school reunion on July 9th, 2010. On July 10th, 2010 Hingham celebrated its Centennial with a fun run/walk, food and craft vendors, military displays, local history displays, live entertainment, kids' and adult games, barbecue, dance and fireworks.

Hingham, MT description from Wikipedia