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Phone Numbers with the (406) 398- Prefix

Area code:406 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Triangle Telephone Cooperative Assn., Inc.
Current time:12:54pm
All Cities Served:Havre, MT
All Counties Served:Hill County
All Zip Codes Served:59501
Map of Havre, MT

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
406-398-3348 Sep 2017 Washington
406-398-5574 Oct 2017 California
406-398-5502 Nov 2017 California
406-398-5339 Nov 2017 California
406-398-5546 Nov 2016
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
406-398-5393 Feb 2016
406-398-5352 Feb 2016 Minnesota
406-398-8243 Oct 2015 Ohio
406-398-5346 Feb 2014 Canada
406-398-7412 Dec 2014 Mexico

Business and Government (406) 398-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
406-398-5310 Tsr Inc 29942 St Joe Rd Havre, MT 59501
406-398-5313 Public Schools 2105 Woodpile Rd Havre, MT 59501
406-398-5356 Dist 87 Hill School Box Elder, MT 59521
406-398-5357 Dist 87 Hill School Box Elder, MT 59521
406-398-5360 Dist 87 Hill School Box Elder, MT 59521
406-398-5361 Dist 87 Hill School Box Elder, MT 59521
406-398-5512 Us & Naturalization Service 29942 Joe Rd St Havre, MT 59501

Residential (406) 398-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
406-398-5302 Marcus Pattison
406-398-5311 D. G Tonjum
406-398-5312 Sam Ranch Shrauger
406-398-5314 Kyle & Laraine Pattison
406-398-5321 Stanley T. Johnson
406-398-5323 Gerald O. Peterson
406-398-5325 Dean Stone
406-398-5327 E. Paugh
406-398-5329 Ranch Inc - Dusek Joey Dusek
406-398-5330 Rod & Ila Mcclenahan
406-398-5333 Marcel & Larry Farm Thiel
406-398-5334 Leo & Verna Pattison
406-398-5335 Terry Johnson
406-398-5336 Jacob Dusek
406-398-5337 Monty & Katie Valdez
406-398-5341 Danny Mcintosh
406-398-5342 Colony Hilldale
Telephone Name
406-398-5343 Donald Mcintosh
406-398-5345 Dave A. Mork
406-398-5349 End Colony Inc East
406-398-5350 Colony Hartland
406-398-5351 Colony Hartland
406-398-5353 Richard E. & Jolene Hanson
406-398-5355 End Colony East
406-398-5370 Barry Crowder
406-398-5373 End Colony East
406-398-5374 End Colony East
406-398-5375 Mickey D. Rowell
406-398-5381 Kathy Bessette
406-398-5390 Colony Hilldale
406-398-5392 Colony Hilldale
406-398-5525 Randy & Jolyn Bessette
406-398-5529 Jon & Claire G. Stoner
406-398-5534 & Son Shop Stoner
Telephone Name
406-398-5535 Daryl B. & Rosalie Sather
406-398-5541 Bryan & Christa Beatty
406-398-5542 Joseph H. Heavey
406-398-5553 Leroy Keller
406-398-5554 Lynnette Mcclenahan
406-398-5563 Conn & Debra Hellebust
406-398-5566 Russel Verploegen
406-398-5572 Mary D. Pleskac
406-398-5580 Alec Mcintosh
406-398-5582 Don Verploegen
406-398-5583 Don Chad Shop Verploegen
406-398-5584 William Farm Velk
406-398-5585 William E. Mangold
406-398-5591 Julia D. & Mary Jo Pleskac
406-398-5592 Charles Peterson
406-398-5593 Frank & Lorraine Verploegen
406-398-5594 Frank & Lorraine Verploegen

The numbers listed above are from Havre, MT and Box Elder, MT.

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Havre, MT

Havre (pronounced /ˈhævər/, "havv-er") is a city in, and the county seat of, Hill County, Montana, United States. It is said to be named after the city of Le Havre in France. The population was 9,621 at the 2000 census.

Located in north central Montana, Havre was incorporated in 1893. It was founded primarily to serve as a major railroad service center for the Great Northern Railway (built by James J. Hill) with its location midway between Seattle and Minneapolis-St. Paul. A statue of Hill stands near the Havre Amtrak station to commemorate the key contributions his railroad has made to Havre's and Montana's history.

Havre, MT description from Wikipedia