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Phone Numbers with the (580) 986- Prefix

Area code:580 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Cherokee Telephone Co.
Current time:11:54am
All Cities Served:Atwood, OK
All Counties Served:Hughes County
All Zip Codes Served:74827
Map of Atwood, OK

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
580-986-2328 Dec 2016 Virginia
580-986-2427 Oct 2015 India
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
580-986-8218 Jul 2013 California
580-986-2145 Nov 2012 China

Business and Government (580) 986-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
580-986-2172 Boren Tom Concrete Const Co Atwood, OK 74827
580-986-2194 Hayes Auto & Tractor Service Atwood, OK 74827
580-986-2198 Atwood Quick Pic Atwood, OK 74827
580-986-2210 Amsan's Janitorial Inc Atwood, OK 74827
580-986-2222 Volunteer Fire Dept Atwood Atwood, OK 74827
580-986-2231 Atwood Baptist Church Atwood, OK 74827
580-986-2235 Nazarene Church Atwood, OK 74827
580-986-2245 Post Office Atwood Atwood, OK 74827
580-986-2262 Volunteer Fire Dept Atwood Atwood, OK 74827
580-986-2279 Old School House Ranch Atwood Atwood, OK 74827
580-986-2310 Amsan's Janitorial Inc Atwood, OK 74827
580-986-2311 Cherokee Telephone Company Atwood, OK 74827
580-986-2335 Nazarene Church Parsonage Atwood Atwood, OK 74827
580-986-2363 Atwood Church Of Nazarene Atwood, OK 74827
580-986-2500 Maxwell Motors Atwood, OK 74827

Residential (580) 986-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
580-986-2100 Don & Susan Epperley
580-986-2104 Faye Bisbee
580-986-2118 Fred Hayes
580-986-2124 Bill & Jo Cates
580-986-2127 Gary Deshields
580-986-2133 Dexter Clenney
580-986-2138 Roy L. Parks
580-986-2139 M. E (Jelly) Wilkerson
580-986-2141 Joel R. Mathis
580-986-2147 Russell Deshields
580-986-2151 Robert E. Phillips
580-986-2153 David McCarns
580-986-2154 Tressie Griffin
580-986-2163 Bob Sherry
580-986-2164 Ladean Reid
580-986-2167 Bob Perkins
580-986-2169 Edmond Perkins
580-986-2173 David Cranfield
580-986-2176 Joyce A. Sells
580-986-2178 N. N Wilkerson
580-986-2185 Joann Vandeveer
580-986-2187 Kenneth Vandeveer
580-986-2189 Dwayne Davis
580-986-2201 Robert K. Chapman
580-986-2211 Glenn D. Lively
580-986-2212 Elwin Thompson
Telephone Name
580-986-2214 Jim Cates
580-986-2215 Jackie L. Babb, Jr
580-986-2229 Jack & Mary Gordon
580-986-2230 Thomas Spillman
580-986-2233 M. H Lively
580-986-2236 Gerald L. Beeney
580-986-2237 Lane Ritter
580-986-2239 Bud Thompson
580-986-2240 Jean Camp
580-986-2246 Edmond Perkins, Jr
580-986-2248 Glen Boyd
580-986-2249 Tom Russell
580-986-2259 Coy Wilbanks
580-986-2266 Jerry R. Glover
580-986-2267 Bob Smith
580-986-2268 Debbie & Mitch Logan
580-986-2271 Darryl Anderson
580-986-2278 Ron Chandler
580-986-2279 Joe E. Centrell
580-986-2280 Ladean & Wayne Reid
580-986-2281 Jim & Regina Lively
580-986-2282 Charlene & Otis Echols
580-986-2287 Donna Cable
580-986-2291 James E. Belcher
580-986-2293 Sam Mathis
580-986-2302 Brenda R. Edwards
Telephone Name
580-986-2306 Dennis R. Phillips
580-986-2308 Freda & Leon Odum
580-986-2309 Scott Brogdon
580-986-2333 Jo & Johnny L. Crow
580-986-2341 David & Patricia McMahon
580-986-2344 Kathy & Michael R. Owen
580-986-2349 Virginia K. McGovern
580-986-2354 Rebecca & Robert Carlton
580-986-2359 Phillip J. Cascavilla
580-986-2360 Jay Rowsey
580-986-2367 Rhonda J. Spray
580-986-2368 John & Tammy Stafford
580-986-2369 John & Tammy Stafford
580-986-2371 Ladonna Wilbanks
580-986-2376 Mike & Robyn Wilkerson
580-986-2382 Noma & Robert King
580-986-2399 Danny C. Rippee
580-986-2404 Dale & Rowena Roberts
580-986-2405 Kenneth Vandeveer
580-986-2411 Melody Stewart
580-986-2416 Helen & Matt Hamilton
580-986-2417 Robert Kincaid
580-986-2422 Janey Beavers
580-986-4221 E. C Moore
580-986-4367 Loundon Lewis

The numbers listed above are from Atwood, OK and Holdenville, OK.

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Atwood, OK

Atwood is a town in Hughes County, Oklahoma, United States. The population was 113 at the 2000 census.

Named for Chester C. Atwood, an early settler of what would later became Hughes County, Oklahoma, an educated farmer, extensive area landowner, and elected Commissioner of Hughes County.

Chester Atwood was born in July 1862 in Central Texas, to natives of Tennessee who migrated to Texas before the American Civil War. In 1881, Atwood, left Texas for the Mushulatubbee District of the Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. Settling in western Tobucksy County, some 28 miles (45 km) west of a pioneer general store owned by J.J. McAlester, Atwood in 1882 married a young woman named Patsy Ann, of the Choctaw Nation, giving him settlement rights by marriage. By 1885 he was farming 25 acres (100,000 m2) of what later would become eastern Hughes County, and was enumerated in the Choctaw Nation census of that year.

Atwood, OK description from Wikipedia