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Phone Numbers with the (717) 568- Prefix

Area code:717 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Service Electric Telephone Company, LLC
Current time:4:20am
All Cities Served:Lititz, PA
All Counties Served:Lancaster County
All Zip Codes Served:17543
Map of Lititz, PA

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Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
717-568-2474 Sep 2017 India
717-568-8289 Sep 2017 India
717-568-8475 Sep 2017 India
717-568-8381 Sep 2017 New York
717-568-1186 Sep 2017 Maryland
717-568-0400 Sep 2017 California
717-568-2318 Nov 2017 India
717-568-0722 May 2017 Florida
717-568-0679 May 2017 Pennsylvania
717-568-0714 May 2017 Maryland
717-568-2589 Mar 2017 Texas
717-568-0745 Jun 2017 Illinois
717-568-8037 Jun 2017 Philippines
717-568-0725 Jul 2017 California
717-568-8337 Feb 2017
717-568-8346 Feb 2017 India
717-568-0655 Nov 2016 Michigan
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
717-568-8207 Jul 2016
717-568-0676 Jul 2016 Pennsylvania
717-568-8070 Feb 2016 Malaysia
717-568-8349 Sep 2015
717-568-8436 Oct 2015 Texas
717-568-8143 Oct 2015 India
717-568-7619 Jul 2015 Pennsylvania
717-568-8021 Jan 2015 India
717-568-8390 Dec 2015 Pennsylvania
717-568-8504 Apr 2015 Texas
717-568-8880 Jul 2014 United States
717-568-8308 Jan 2014 Philippines
717-568-0411 Oct 2012 Oklahoma
717-568-9637 Aug 2012 New Jersey
717-568-6085 Apr 2012 Pennsylvania
717-568-9909 Oct 2011 United States
717-568-1984 Jul 2011 Texas

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Lititz, PA

Lititz (pronounced /lɨˈtɪts/})[citation needed] is a borough in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 6 miles (approximately 10 km) north of the city of Lancaster.

Lititz was founded by members of the Moravian Church in 1756, and was named after a castle (mentioned form of name is German; Czech name of this castle is Litice) in Bohemia near the village of Kunvald where the ancient Bohemian Brethren's Church had been founded in 1457. The roots of the Moravian Brethren's Church date back to the ancient Bohemian Brethren's Church. For a century, only Moravians were permitted to live in Lititz. Until the middle of the 19th century, only members of the congregation could own houses; others were required to lease. The lease-system was abolished in 1855, just five years before the beginning of the Civil War. More information can be found in the book A Brief History of Lititz Pennsylvania by Mary Augusta Huevener, published in 1947.

Lititz, PA description from Wikipedia