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Phone Numbers with the (763) 249- Prefix

Area code:763 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Qwest Corporation
Current time:1:10pm
All Cities Served:Wayzata, MN
All Counties Served:Hennepin County
All Zip Codes Served:55391
Map of Wayzata, MN

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
763-249-5861 Jan 2018 India
763-249-4662 Oct 2017 India
763-249-5141 May 2017 India
763-249-5358 May 2017 Texas
763-249-5068 Jun 2017 India
763-249-1405 Feb 2017 Minnesota
763-249-5265 Apr 2017 Philippines
763-249-9424 Sep 2016 India
763-249-5285 Oct 2016 Philippines
763-249-5694 Nov 2016 India
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
763-249-5605 May 2016
763-249-6746 May 2016 India
763-249-5013 Aug 2016
763-249-6770 Apr 2016 India
763-249-0840 Feb 2015 Minnesota
763-249-3834 Mar 2014 United States
763-249-1921 Jul 2011 United States
763-249-1553 Dec 2011 Minnesota
763-249-5808 Sep 2010

Business and Government (763) 249-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
763-249-0393 Contemporary Images Inc 839 Meander Ct Medina, MN 55340
763-249-1102 Gardien Services 161 Cheshire Ln N Minneapolis, MN 55441
763-249-1899 Industrial Equipment & Parts 13705 26th Ave N Plymouth, MN 55441
763-249-1994 Quality Home Services Plymouth, MN 55447
763-249-2206 Triple/S Dynamics 3255 Fernbrook Ln N Plymouth, MN 55447
763-249-2249 Biz To Biz Network Inc Wayzata, MN 55391
763-249-4899 Crescent Datacomm 2360 Nevada Ave N Golden Valley, MN 55427
763-249-7465 Athletica 15300 25th Ave N Plymouth, MN 55447
763-249-8130 Productivity Quality Inc 15150 25th Ave N Plymouth, MN 55447
763-249-8840 Lee Financial 15805 Holdridge Rd E Wayzata, MN 55391
763-249-8880 Capital Resource Group 16717 Grays Bay Blvd Minnetonka, MN 55305
763-249-9049 Hendricks Financial Services 1001 Twelve Oaks Center Dr Wayzata, MN 55391

Residential (763) 249-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
763-249-0134 Mark & Kim Storey
763-249-0136 Wallace Marx
763-249-0138 Richard H. Bertrand
763-249-0169 Yuliya Dmitrieva
763-249-0206 Luis M. Rayas
763-249-0242 Michele Fiskum
763-249-0252 David Ruben
763-249-0292 Harlan Hanson
763-249-0447 C. A Hicks
763-249-0525 V. Jackson
763-249-0563 Jerry & Beth Reynolds
763-249-0569 Sara Zaudtke
763-249-0570 Adi Yeshaya
763-249-0717 Anil & Mamta Mehra
763-249-0737 Orville & Dixie Pederson
763-249-0742 Mark Strobel
763-249-0774 Bryan & Terry Klotz
763-249-0789 Brian McGrane
763-249-0845 John Robinson
763-249-0903 Daniel Flanigan
763-249-1042 Warwick & Patricia Alcock
763-249-1080 Chad & Carleen Jensen
763-249-1090 Dimitry Smelyansky
763-249-1096 Gary Ruckdaschel
Telephone Name
763-249-1097 Gary & Nancy Ruckdaschel
763-249-1103 Services Usa Gardien
763-249-1122 Bruce Greenberg
763-249-1275 Thomas & Rochelle Wehmhoff
763-249-1307 Pam Lindahl
763-249-1347 Trent & Jennifer Ashwill
763-249-1356 James Hallenberg
763-249-1385 C. & P. Trainor
763-249-1400 Wally Marx
763-249-1444 John Obrien
763-249-1463 Chris Maxson
763-249-1470 Matthew & Lynn Abe
763-249-1549 Karen Prunty
763-249-1580 Michael Cameron
763-249-1614 David Walk
763-249-1632 Tim Webert
763-249-1639 Bettyann Engelmann
763-249-1700 Richard Goodermont
763-249-1719 Ann Lund
763-249-1874 Charles Golden
763-249-1986 V. Markert
763-249-1993 Dave & Catherine Anderson
763-249-5266 Ann Joe
763-249-6212 Lisa R. Anderson
Telephone Name
763-249-7201 David Werts
763-249-7204 A. Pompeo
763-249-7206 T. Haagsma
763-249-7281 E. S Woodey
763-249-7318 D. & G. McDonald
763-249-7821 Rick & Michelle Johnson
763-249-7842 R. W Cruzen
763-249-7889 Richard & Susan Chaffee
763-249-8045 Andrew Beninati
763-249-8050 William Rost
763-249-9020 Gerald & Beth Oberlander
763-249-9029 Bryant Scheffe
763-249-9044 Mark Rogers
763-249-9059 Kenneth Strandberg
763-249-9102 Lori Paulson
763-249-9116 J. M Johnson
763-249-9343 Jim Kieley
763-249-9414 Rich Hines
763-249-9425 Denise Lindblom
763-249-9556 Glenn & Deborah Pritchard
763-249-9586 R. A Barbari
763-249-9595 Richard & Cathy Butler
763-249-9687 J. Piroyan
763-249-9696 Jack R. Hallberg

The numbers listed above are from Plymouth, MN, Medina, MN, Wayzata, MN, Minnetonka, MN, Golden Valley, MN and Minneapolis, MN.

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Wayzata, MN

Wayzata (pronounced /waɪˈzɛtə/ wye-ZET-ə) is a city in Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States and a western suburb of Minneapolis and known as one of the top three wealthiest communities within Minnesota and higher ranking areas to live within the Central United States. Wayzata came into existence in the center of Chief Shakopee's Indian village. The population was 4,113 at the 2000 census.

The first people to settle on the land around Lake Minnetonka were the Mdewakanton Dakota, a major division of the Sioux nation. They treasured the "Big Water" as an endowed hunting and fishing ground and protected this land from the rival Chippewa tribe, who were known as Ojibway. While these natives had been living off the land for many years prior, in 1803 the land was claimed by France, who sold it to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase. The nearest Euro-American settlement then was Fort Snelling, and it wasn't until the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux was signed in 1851 that the lands west of the Mississippi River were opened for land claims to be filed. Although today the Sioux are no longer living on the land, their legacy lives on in the name of the city. The name Wayzata is derived from the American Indian word Waziyata, which had almost a mystical connotation to the Sioux tribes who originally inhabited the area. Waziya was their god of the North, a giant who blew the cold winds from his mouth. With the suffix ta added, the name meant "North Shore."

Wayzata, MN description from Wikipedia