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Phone Numbers with the (765) 331- Prefix

Area code:765 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Ameritech Indiana
Current time:2:11pm
All Cities Served:Hartford City, IN
All Counties Served:Blackford County
All Zip Codes Served:47348
Map of Hartford City, IN

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
765-331-0978 Apr 2016 Nevada
765-331-1981 Aug 2015 North Carolina
765-331-0977 Mar 2014 Kentucky
765-331-0017 Dec 2014 Illinois
765-331-2074 Nov 2013 Ohio
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
765-331-0467 Dec 2013 United States
765-331-9308 Sep 2011 Illinois
765-331-9015 Mar 2011 West Virginia
765-331-2073 Jul 2011 Illinois
765-331-0008 Apr 2011 Illinois

Business and Government (765) 331-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
765-331-0000 Five Star Commercial Roofing 1119 S State Hartford City, IN 47348
765-331-0051 Bank Computer Srvcs 3206 N Walnut St Hartford City, IN 47348
765-331-0071 Snoops Detective Agency 206 E 200 S Hartford City, IN 47348
765-331-0180 Skyridge 1315 N Maple St Hartford City, IN 47348
765-331-0260 Diversified Accounting & Financial Services Inc 110 W Main St Hartford City, IN 47348
765-331-0272 Frog Alley Sales & Service 2812 W 500 N Hartford City, IN 47348
765-331-0905 Denny's Dollar 1712 N Walnut St Hartford City, IN 47348
765-331-2222 Calvary Christian 2101 N Walnut St Hartford City, IN 47348

Residential (765) 331-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
765-331-0001 Star Commercial Roofing Five
765-331-0002 Star Commercial Roofing Five
765-331-0003 Star Commercial Roofing Five
765-331-0004 Star Commercial Roofing Five
765-331-0005 Star Commercial Roofing Five
765-331-0006 Star Commercial Roofing Five
765-331-0007 Star Commercial Roofing Five
765-331-0019 T. Robb
765-331-0025 Gordon Pavey
765-331-0026 Jill Enochs
765-331-0028 Sandra Martin
765-331-0029 Galen L. Munson
765-331-0030 Shirley Bartlett
765-331-0031 Dayna Slaven
765-331-0036 J. Smith
765-331-0037 Raymond W. Roach, Jr
765-331-0038 Dwight L. McIntire
765-331-0045 Zella Hornbaker
765-331-0047 Pansy Ickes
765-331-0049 Toya L. Hicks
765-331-0050 Ashley Apple
765-331-0052 Helen Hagan
765-331-0053 Juanita Etchison
765-331-0056 Dannie G. Bailey
765-331-0059 Penny L. Decker
765-331-0061 Kevin Conley
765-331-0063 Thomas Simison
765-331-0064 Shane Ringo
765-331-0065 William Bye
765-331-0067 Betty Hayes
765-331-0069 C. L Wright
765-331-0080 Robin Charles
Telephone Name
765-331-0102 Darlene Gardner
765-331-0104 Donald Norton
765-331-0106 Jeff Batt
765-331-0113 Kellee A. Merkel
765-331-0118 Francis A. Vanderbur
765-331-0124 D. Overla
765-331-0129 Melvin Rogers
765-331-0131 S. Cameron
765-331-0132 Randy Phifer
765-331-0133 Brandi Pierson
765-331-0138 Billy J. Owens
765-331-0140 Robert Medows
765-331-0144 Scott Harford
765-331-0148 R. Lane
765-331-0166 Sharon Smith
765-331-0186 Jodi E. Adams
765-331-0187 Norman Farnum
765-331-0197 Paul Raymond
765-331-0201 Eric Glancy
765-331-0203 Amy Ewer
765-331-0204 Rosario Allen
765-331-0208 Christopher M. Wingo
765-331-0210 Se Dehaven
765-331-0211 Elizabeth Baird
765-331-0212 Michael Glassburn
765-331-0213 Jean Hann
765-331-0219 Casper Alstoft
765-331-0221 Sandy Pagel
765-331-0222 Marci M. Freeman
765-331-0223 Mattie Stacy
765-331-0224 Jeannie McDaniels
765-331-0226 Jason R. Knipp
Telephone Name
765-331-0235 Christina Ray
765-331-0246 Robert L. Aspy
765-331-0249 Cindy Anderson
765-331-0253 G. P Campbell
765-331-0256 Charlotte Dawson
765-331-0269 Steve Terhune
765-331-0273 Larry Harter
765-331-0281 Donald Hartley
765-331-0284 Troy Fawns
765-331-0285 Thomas Heiser
765-331-0294 Nick Wells
765-331-0295 Daniel Krieg
765-331-0297 Brent Chapman
765-331-0311 Orval W. Hawk
765-331-0314 Maurice Sluder, Sr
765-331-0318 Ann Saunier
765-331-0321 Helen Elliott
765-331-0331 John Lake
765-331-0332 Erica L. Kellogg
765-331-0344 Ronald L. Bailey
765-331-0348 Kelly Peterson
765-331-0349 L. Christensen
765-331-0350 Daniel R. Smith
765-331-0411 William Vaughn
765-331-0433 Kelly Price
765-331-0441 J. L Dudley
765-331-0924 Randall Brown
765-331-0926 Darci D. Martin
765-331-0928 Timi Helms
765-331-0941 James M. Weiseman
765-331-0964 Joyce Hopkins
765-331-0996 Megan Twibell

The numbers listed above are from Hartford City, IN, Montpelier, IN and Eaton, IN.

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Hartford City, IN

Hartford City is a city in the U.S. state of Indiana, and the county seat of Blackford County. The city's population was 6,928 at the 2000 census. Located in the northeast central portion of the state, the small farming community experienced a 15-year “boom” beginning in the late 1880s. The Indiana Gas Boom was caused by the discovery of natural gas in the area, and it caused the community to transition from an agricultural economy to one that also included manufacturing. After the boom, the town lost some of its manufacturers and workforce. However, some manufacturers remained in the city, and some of the local workers began commuting to nearby cities to work in the new automobile industry.

Hartford City, IN description from Wikipedia