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Phone Numbers with the (765) 399- Prefix

Area code:765 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Teleport Communications America, LLC - IN
Current time:2:22pm
All Cities Served:Eaton, IN
All Counties Served:Delaware County
All Zip Codes Served:47338
Map of Eaton, IN

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
765-399-5014 Oct 2017 India
765-399-5031 Jun 2017 New Jersey
765-399-0000 Jun 2017 Florida
765-399-0441 Feb 2016 Alabama
765-399-5001 Apr 2016 Pakistan
765-399-7023 Nov 2015 India
765-399-0034 Jun 2015 Indiana
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
765-399-0035 Jul 2015 Indiana
765-399-0008 Jan 2014 Indiana
765-399-0593 Aug 2014 Kentucky
765-399-0314 Jan 2013 Oklahoma
765-399-0031 Oct 2012 Indiana
765-399-7005 May 2011 Missouri

Business and Government (765) 399-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
765-399-0045 Albany Florist Concierge Albany, IN 47320
765-399-0048 Boswell Florist Concierge Boswell, IN 47921
765-399-0056 Eminence Florist Concierge Eminence, IN 46125

Residential (765) 399-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
765-399-1010 Tricia Storie
765-399-1013 Russell Cross
765-399-1017 Laura Blevins
765-399-1019 Kristy Swoveland
765-399-1028 Alicia Pauley
765-399-1029 Larry Smith
765-399-1032 Tom Wentz
765-399-1035 Karen Edwards
765-399-1099 Amy Wood
765-399-1111 Craig Bailey
765-399-1788 Jessica Robinson
765-399-7003 Rebecca Moles
765-399-7006 Rick Fox
765-399-7007 Carrie Robinson
765-399-7008 Maragret Ditzenberger
765-399-7010 Gary Smith
765-399-7012 Greg Roberds
765-399-7014 Patrica Waudby
765-399-7015 Dawna Bird
765-399-7017 Stephen Clifford
765-399-7018 Thomas Nelson
765-399-7020 Danny Reagan
765-399-7022 Donita Drake
Telephone Name
765-399-7027 Sarah Beckham
765-399-7028 Larry Smith
765-399-7030 Ruth McCollum
765-399-7032 Shawn Huntington
765-399-7043 Christina Howard
765-399-7047 D. Gaskins
765-399-7049 K. Swoveland
765-399-7051 Tehillah Moses, Jr
765-399-7058 Ashley Felver
765-399-7064 Michelle Batten
765-399-7065 J. Coy0.00
765-399-7069 Curtis Atkinson
765-399-7071 B. Jackson
765-399-7074 Dawn Crawley
765-399-7078 Thelma Gear
765-399-7079 Roger Howell
765-399-7085 S. Strunk
765-399-7090 Michelle Mullinix
765-399-7092 Josh Matthews
765-399-7096 T. Withers
765-399-7100 Jeanie Warner
765-399-7105 Kristin Mitchell
765-399-7109 Mark Slatter
Telephone Name
765-399-7110 Thomas McCarty
765-399-7111 Gary Watson
765-399-7112 Jason Turner
765-399-7114 Anthony Miller
765-399-7115 Cindy Montague
765-399-7117 James Woolum
765-399-7118 Thelma Gear
765-399-7120 Rolynda Huntington
765-399-7124 Kristi Christopher
765-399-7125 Elaine Wilson
765-399-7126 Brandi Fink
765-399-7127 Amanda Grayley
765-399-7128 Barbara Bowden
765-399-7130 James Witt
765-399-7131 Anthony Penix
765-399-7132 Tex Brenner
765-399-7133 L. Needler
765-399-7134 William Oliver
765-399-7136 Vickie Moles
765-399-7137 Thelma Gear
765-399-7141 Russell Cross

The numbers listed above are from Eaton, IN, Muncie, IN, Eminence, IN, Boswell, IN and Albany, IN.

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Eaton, IN

Eaton is a town in Union Township, Delaware County, Indiana, along the Mississinewa River. The population was 1,603 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Muncie, IN Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The first discovery of natural gas in Indiana occurred in the town of Eaton in 1876. A company was drilling for coal and, when they had reaching a depth of six hundred feet, there was a great noise and bad-smelling fumes began to come from the hole. After a partial investigation, many concluded that they had breached the ceiling of Hell, and the hole was quickly filled in. In 1884, when natural gas was discovered in nearby Ohio, the townsfolk recalled the incident and returned to the location. There they opened the state of Indiana's first natural gas well. The gas was so abundant and strong that, when the well was lit, the flames could be seen from Muncie. The discovery set off the Indiana Gas Boom, leading to two decades of rapid regional growth.

Eaton, IN description from Wikipedia