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Phone Numbers with the (765) 587- Prefix

Area code:765 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Mcleodusa Telecommunications Services, Inc.- In
Current time:6:11am
All Cities Served:Muncie, IN
All Counties Served:Delaware County
All Zip Codes Served:47302, 47303, 47305
Map of Muncie, IN

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
765-587-4662 Mar 2018 United States
765-587-6400 Feb 2018 Indiana
765-587-5455 Apr 2018 Philippines
765-587-3148 Sep 2017 New York
765-587-3873 Nov 2017 United States
765-587-2188 May 2017 Philippines
765-587-4455 May 2017 Philippines
765-587-4590 May 2016 Florida
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
765-587-8137 Jul 2016 India
765-587-4454 Dec 2016
765-587-4747 Apr 2016 India
765-587-4159 May 2015 Indiana
765-587-1317 Dec 2014 Germany
765-587-3626 Apr 2014 India
765-587-0123 Jan 2013 Michigan

Business and Government (765) 587-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
765-587-0028 Mattson Allen C Law Office 108 E Washington St Muncie, IN 47305
765-587-0141 Right Track Frame & Unibody Repair 7110 E Centennial Ave Muncie, IN 47303
765-587-0145 Christian Ministries Of Delaware County 608 E Main St Muncie, IN 47305
765-587-0150 Carey's Superior Barber Shop 908 E Willard St Muncie, IN 47302
765-587-0160 Sports Plex 700 N Country Club Rd Muncie, IN 47303
765-587-0166 King Buffet 1515 W McGalliard Rd Muncie, IN 47304
765-587-0243 Kimberly Taylor, Attorney 2809 W Godman Ave Muncie, IN 47304
765-587-0282 McLeodusa Muncie, IN 47302
765-587-0294 Comfort Inn & Suites 3400 N Marleon Dr Muncie, IN 47304
765-587-1444 Overhead Door 3507 W Fox Ridge Ln Muncie, IN 47304
765-587-1700 Census Bureau Us 3700 S Chandler Dr Muncie, IN 47302

Residential (765) 587-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
765-587-0006 Ling Chang 3504 N Virginia Ave Muncie, IN 47304
765-587-0062 Dawna Bird Muncie, IN 47302
765-587-0105 Roger Gaw 720 S Brittain Ave Muncie, IN 47303
765-587-0107 Anna Seals 5401 W Petty Rd Muncie, IN 47304
765-587-0108 Steven Thompson 5505 N Wheeling Ave Muncie, IN 47304
765-587-0137 John Brunette 1501 Christopher Ct Muncie, IN 47304
765-587-0147 Gwen Stoner 2637 N Elgin St Muncie, IN 47303
765-587-0152 Paul Capka 3901 N Chadam Ln Muncie, IN 47304
765-587-0154 Melanie A. Cabak 5800 N Kingshyre Ln Muncie, IN 47304
765-587-0208 Dawna Bird Muncie, IN 47302
765-587-0212 Nate Bresler 8209 N Tahoe Dr Muncie, IN 47303
765-587-0234 Alison Jackson 1910 S Burlington Dr Muncie, IN 47302
765-587-0610 Pat Brunette 1501 Christopher Ct Muncie, IN 47304

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Muncie, IN

Muncie (pronounced /ˈmʌnsi/) is a city in Center Township, Delaware County in east central Indiana, best known as the home of Ball State University and the birthplace of the Ball Corporation. It is the principal city of the Muncie, Indiana, Metropolitan Statistical Area, which has a population of 118,769. The population within city limits, as of the 2000 Census, was 67,430.

The area was first settled in the 1770s by the Delaware Indians, who had been transported from their tribal lands near the east coast to Ohio and eastern Indiana. They founded several towns along the White River including Munsee Town (according to historical map of "The Indians" by Clark Ray), near the site of present-day Muncie. The tribes were forced to cede their land to the federal government and move farther west in 1818, and in 1820 the area was opened to white settlers. Muncie was one of the considerations for state capital when it was moved from Corydon. It was considered by many to be a suitable location due to its location on the White River. The city of Muncie was incorporated in 1865. Contrary to popular legend, the city is not named after a mythological Chief Munsee, rather it was named after Munsee Town, the white settlers' name for the Indian village on the site, "munsee" meaning a member of the Delaware tribe.

Muncie, IN description from Wikipedia