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Phone Numbers with the (775) 487- Prefix

Area code:775 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Citizens Telecomm Co Of Nv DBA Frontier Comm Of Nv
Current time:6:50am
All Cities Served:Round Mountain, NV
All Counties Served:Nye County
All Zip Codes Served:89045
Map of Round Mountain, NV

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
775-487-3592 Sep 2014
775-487-0997 Nov 2014 Nevada
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
775-487-7763 Jun 2014 United States

Business and Government (775) 487-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
775-487-0400 Avon Products Inc Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-0404 IBM Corp Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-0407 State of Nevada Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-0410 Crisis Call Tonopah, NV 89049
775-487-0413 Western Union Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-0415 A T & T Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-0416 1st Interstate Bank Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-0420 Cancer-United Cancer Research Society Truck Pick Up Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-0430 Cancer Information Service Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-2303 Manhattan Bar Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-2304 Western Mine Development Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-2319 Yates Arthur Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-2326 Town Library Manhattan School House Gold Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-2361 New Concept Mining Inc Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-2378 Emergency Calls Tonopah - Goldfield - Manhattan & Silver Peak Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-2379 Miner's Saloon 422 W Main Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-2453 Whidman Contractors 806 N Main Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-2454 Manhattan Mining Co- R S M The Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-2465 A U Mines Inc Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-9900 Gunter Jay T Manhattan, NV 89022
775-487-9910 Dixie Exploration Corporation 305 Erie Manhattan, NV 89022

Residential (775) 487-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
775-487-2208 Charles White
775-487-2300 Jerry Mayo
775-487-2306 Cathy Brown
775-487-2308 John W. Maddry
775-487-2314 Gary Robb
775-487-2315 James Pauley
775-487-2316 Tony Grimes
775-487-2317 Ed & Deanna Miller
775-487-2318 Milton May
775-487-2321 John & Mary Eason
775-487-2324 Brenda & Robert Bettencourt
775-487-2325 Alan O. & Marjorie Ehling
775-487-2329 James & Joanna Cody
775-487-2330 George Moorhead
775-487-2333 Mark Coleman
775-487-2336 Susan A. Shaw
775-487-2340 Euphemia Parker
775-487-2344 Joe & Carolyn Vonharten
775-487-2345 William Belli
775-487-2347 Timothy J. & Melissa Pauley
Telephone Name
775-487-2350 Christopher & Ruby Von Dippie
775-487-2351 Laurence Storm
775-487-2355 Frank Umholtz
775-487-2360 Robert Bottom
775-487-2370 Gifford H. Parlet
775-487-2372 Stanley Russell
775-487-2377 Ted Shaffer
775-487-2383 Richard O. Heidorn
775-487-2393 James Pauley
775-487-2412 Jennifer Johnson
775-487-2413 D. J Moore
775-487-2415 Allen McCloud
775-487-2416 Robert & Heidi Bottom
775-487-2423 Jack Simmons
775-487-2428 Alex Buffington
775-487-2431 Alan Ehling
775-487-2432 Dick Crawford
775-487-2434 Paul & Joanne Bretz
775-487-2438 Dennis & Barbara Floto
775-487-2441 Robert Beville
Telephone Name
775-487-2444 Leroy & Gwen Olson
775-487-2446 Thomas Wilson
775-487-2447 David & Lynette Hampton
775-487-2448 Hugh Bass
775-487-2451 Howard Wright
775-487-2456 Allen Mccloud
775-487-2473 Craig Welton
775-487-2475 Lesa Lord
775-487-2480 Nita Burbridge
775-487-2486 Claude Christensen
775-487-2488 Bradley Berthold
775-487-2495 Sara Keehfuss
775-487-2497 Vera Reese
775-487-2498 Vera Reese
775-487-2499 Douglas Hill
775-487-9944 Lynette Hampton
775-487-9977 Anne Dain
775-487-9998 Stephine Light

The numbers listed above are from Manhattan, NV, Tonopah, NV, Fallon, NV, Round Mountain, NV, Silverpeak, NV and Manahattan, NV.

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Other prefixes serving the same cities:

Round Mountain, NV

Round Mountain is a small town in Nye County, Nevada. The population of Round Mountain, Nevada as of 2005 is 744.

Round Mountain is best known for the Round Mountain Gold Mine, a large open pit heap-leach gold mine owned by Kinross Gold Corporation (50% owner and operator) and Barrick Gold Corporation (50% owned). The first gold production from the Round Mountain District was in 1906, and by 2006 the mine had produced over 10 million ounces of gold, worth about US$9.5 billion at 2009 prices. Ore reserves and resources total about 1.8 million ounces of gold as of the end of 2007. The gold occurs on the rim of an ancient collapsed caldera and is mainly fine-grained, with visible (and sometimes spectacular) gold occurring in structural intersections.

Round Mountain, NV description from Wikipedia