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Area code:775 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Humboldt Telephone Company
Current time:11:32pm
All Cities Served:Golconda, NV
All Counties Served:Humboldt County
All Zip Codes Served:89414
Map of Golconda, NV

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
775-529-0495 Sep 2017 Pakistan
775-529-3434 Oct 2014 New Jersey
775-529-4321 Dec 2014 United States
775-529-9377 Aug 2014 Canada
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
775-529-4556 May 2013 Oklahoma
775-529-5014 Feb 2011 United States
775-529-9363 Sep 2010

Business and Government (775) 529-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
775-529-0203 Midas Saloon & Dinner House 100 Main St Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0349 Jakes Creek Ranch Jakes Creek Rnch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0415 Braatz Ricarda Upper Clover Bunkhouse Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0439 Mellon Lavern & Don 100 Main Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0501 Christison Jim-Julian Creek Ranch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0512 Pinson Ranch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0513 Pinson Ranch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0517 Squaw Valley Ranch LLC Squaw Valley Rnch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0519 Squaw Valley Ranch LLC Upper Clover Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0530 Red House Ranch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0531 Hot Springs Ranch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0533 Hot Springs Ranch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0534 Hot Springs Ranch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0580 States Government United Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0581 States Government United Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0582 States Government United Midas, NV 89414
775-529-5001 Barrick Gold Of North America Midas, NV 89414
775-529-5026 Pinson Mine - Midas Midas, NV 89414
775-529-5034 Pinson Smd Office Midas, NV 89414
775-529-5035 Pinson SMD Shop Admin Bldg Midas, NV 89414

Residential (775) 529-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
775-529-0031 Brian Elmore Main Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0094 Jim & Patricia Swisher Ford Rd Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0119 Richard & Brooke Matthews E 2nd St Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0123 Gloria Garaventa Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0131 Richard Elmore Main Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0150 Kenneth Klamm Main St Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0151 Doug Miller Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0153 Jack Jackson Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0154 G. & M. Fisher Squaw Valley Rnch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0160 Jesse & Ricarda Braatz Lower Clover Rnch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0203 Les Matson Main St Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0213 David Pincolini 4th and Main Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0214 C. E & N. Mortara 6th & Main Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0253 R. Bennett Main Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0262 Mitchell & Peggy Unger Unger Way Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0263 Ron Unger Spring Creek Rnch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0267 Steve Madron Miller Trailer Park Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0293 Jody & Cathy Squires Main Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0302 Dan & Joan Bennett Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0332 Debra & Jeff Mellen Main St Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0336 Mike Conley Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0348 Ranch Hammond Jakes Creek Rnch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0350 R. & L. Isaeff Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0373 Gene & Barbara Casci 1 West St Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0375 Mert Mickelson Main St Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0415 JD & Elizabeth Radakozich HC 66 Box 25 Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0422 Tony & Paula Scheuller 38 Main Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0444 Carmelita Cresswell Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0450 Brad Bodvin Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0485 Mark & Sheri Barlow 11 Gold Circle Dr Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0501 Jim-Julian Creek Ranch Christison Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0512 Gene Christison Pettit Rnch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0513 Jo Christison Pinson Rnch Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0528 Waylon Huber Midas Town Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0532 Ricardo Gonzales Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0542 Jerry Singleton W Main Midas, NV 89414
775-529-0554 W. V & Edna Timmons Midas, NV 89414

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Golconda, NV

Golconda is an unincorporated community in Humboldt County, Nevada, United States. Located along Interstate 80 in the northwestern part of the state, it is named for the ancient diamond mining center of Golkonda in India. The community lies east of the city of Winnemucca and the Golconda Summit, a nearby mountain pass. A post office is located in the community.

Golconda was built when discovery of copper, silver, gold, and lead brought entrepreneurs who opened mines and mills in the district. A diverse society of native-born Americans, French, Portuguese, Paiutes, Chinese, and other people came to Golconda to live and work. During 1898-1910, the town had a train depot, several hotels, a school, businesses, newspapers, and two brothels. Its population peaked at about six hundred in 1907-08. Although boosters predicted growth for Golconda, after 1910 the mines played out, leaving the region as an area of ranches and farms. Most of the town's buildings from its mining heyday are gone, and Golconda today is a minor stop on Interstate 80.

Golconda, NV description from Wikipedia