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Phone Numbers with the (775) 776- Prefix

Area code:775 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Citizens Telecomm Co Of Nv DBA Frontier Comm Of Nv
Current time:10:27am
All Cities Served:Wells, NV
All Counties Served:Elko County
All Zip Codes Served:89835
Map of Wells, NV

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
775-776-0667 May 2017 California
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
775-776-2598 Sep 2013 Illinois

Business and Government (775) 776-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
775-776-2428 Montello Gas & Grocery Montello, NV 89830
775-776-2456 County School District Elko Montello, NV 89830
775-776-2464 The Cowboy 854 Rural Montello, NV 89830
775-776-2466 Cowboy Bar & Cafe' Front Montello, NV 89830
775-776-2480 J & J Auto Sales Montello, NV 89830
775-776-2486 Union Pacific Railroad Company Montello, NV 89830
775-776-2493 Union Pacific Railroad Company Montello, NV 89830
775-776-2494 Union Pacific Railroad Company Montello, NV 89830
775-776-2527 Township Volunteer Fire Department - Montello Tecoma 878 Rural Montello, NV 89830
775-776-2529 States Government United Elko, NV 89801
775-776-2544 County Of Elko Montello, NV 89830
775-776-2564 Saddle Sore Bar 4th & Frnt Montello, NV 89830
775-776-2571 Cowling Joyce 325 A St Montello, NV 89830
775-776-2593 Winecup Gamble Ranch Montello, NV 89830
775-776-9900 Winecup Gamble Ranch Montello, NV 89830
775-776-9909 Winecup Gamble Ranch Montello, NV 89830
775-776-9991 The Saddle Up Bar & Grill 170 Rural Montello, NV 89830

Residential (775) 776-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
775-776-2201 Mary B. Marshall
775-776-2361 Jon & Jan Renee'
775-776-2401 John Bennett
775-776-2403 Emmett Davis
775-776-2407 Leslie Stewart
775-776-2411 Rhonda Anderson
775-776-2421 Janice C. Lee
775-776-2422 J. R Payne
775-776-2424 Bobbi Aviles
775-776-2427 Jack & Kim Greening
775-776-2431 Amber Duncan
775-776-2435 Bobby Palmer
775-776-2436 Tim J. Hayes
775-776-2443 John Gregory
775-776-2444 Savannah Bastock
775-776-2450 James D. Schwandt
775-776-2454 Wade Shupe
775-776-2457 David Pearson
775-776-2458 Bryce Kimber
775-776-2461 Ron Watson
775-776-2468 Mark W. Lee
775-776-2471 Richard Weighall
775-776-2478 Ed Walton
775-776-2479 Roger Nyhart
Telephone Name
775-776-2482 Ed Walton
775-776-2484 G. Jerry Egnew
775-776-2485 Jerry Smart
775-776-2488 Russ Wells
775-776-2492 Richard Pearson
775-776-2496 Joe & Chris Murphy
775-776-2498 T. Hayes
775-776-2500 Neil & Faye Peterson
775-776-2503 Janet Hovey
775-776-2504 K. Compton
775-776-2510 Thomas & Lynnda Chamberlain
775-776-2511 Allen D. Wilson
775-776-2513 Dorothy Lois Hansen
775-776-2515 Jay Y. Nance
775-776-2524 Kay Kimber
775-776-2525 Brenda Landry
775-776-2526 Richard Weighall
775-776-2532 Charles N. Greening
775-776-2535 R. B Stone
775-776-2548 Dr Paul M. Adams
775-776-2549 Peter Veltman
775-776-2551 Richard Self
775-776-2552 Linda Defazio
775-776-2555 K. Kimber
Telephone Name
775-776-2561 Larry & Betty Robinson
775-776-2562 Blair & Caree Cutler
775-776-2563 T. Pettry
775-776-2573 Sharon Greening
775-776-2585 Luisa Rhoades
775-776-2595 Pat & Ernie Clark
775-776-2701 Mark Sorenson
775-776-2771 Ralph Williams
775-776-9903 Errol Sloan
775-776-9907 Ellen & Don Berg
775-776-9908 S. McCafferty
775-776-9921 Pattie Toschak
775-776-9923 Lon Larsen
775-776-9925 Geoffry Goldsborough
775-776-9927 Mary Shelton-Temoke
775-776-9928 Blair Cutler
775-776-9934 Don Sinor
775-776-9940 Kim Davis
775-776-9944 David Martin
775-776-9966 Charles Dvorak
775-776-9985 Luisa & Dale Demorest
775-776-9998 Ernie Clark

The numbers listed above are from Montello, NV and Elko, NV.

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Other prefixes serving the same cities:

Wells, NV

Wells is a city in Elko County, in northeast Nevada in the western United States. The population was 1,346 at the 2000 census. Wells is located at the junction of U.S. Route 93 and Interstate 80, approximately 50 miles (83 km) east of Elko and is part of the Elko Micropolitan Statistical Area.

The site of Wells began as a place called Humboldt Wells along the trail to California. It was subsequently founded as a railroad town along the original Transcontinental Railroad, and was once a stopover for passenger trains. The Humboldt River has its source in springs and a swampy area just west of the city that today is called Humboldt Wells. In the late 19th century, Humboldt Wells was burning down, and in a frantic plea for help, a telegraph was sent that said, "Wells is burning". After this the town was rebuilt and simply referred to as 'Wells'.

Wells, NV description from Wikipedia