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Area code:775 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Nevada Bell
Current time:11:23am
All Cities Served:Carson City, NV
All Counties Served:Carson City County
All Zip Codes Served:89701, 89706, 89703
Map of Carson City, NV

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
775-886-4234 Mar 2017 Nevada
775-886-6642 Jan 2017 Philippines
775-886-7704 Dec 2017 India
775-886-3736 Aug 2017 California
775-886-2400 Jun 2016 Nevada
775-886-5307 Feb 2016 United States
775-886-1500 Mar 2014 United States
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
775-886-1339 Oct 2013 Costa Rica
775-886-3459 Mar 2012 United States
775-886-5413 Jan 2012 United States
775-886-1305 Nov 2011 Nevada
775-886-1847 Feb 2011 United States
775-886-6200 Dec 2011 Nevada
775-886-5300 Aug 2011 United States

Business and Government (775) 886-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
775-886-0680 DevNexus Group
775-886-0701 Arcadian I
775-886-0702 Container Roll-Off Services Inc.
775-886-0703 American T Link
775-886-0706 Qwest Industries
775-886-0708 Admiral Holdings LTD
775-886-0709 Cleat Corp.
775-886-0710 Sundance Group LLC
775-886-0711 Capital And Media Partners Ltd.
775-886-0714 Spas2order Com
775-886-0716 Abiti Inc.
775-886-0717 Crown Fidelity Corporation
775-886-0719 Verrazzano Corp.
775-886-0720 Cambridge -Forbes Retained Search
775-886-0722 National Products
775-886-0725 Thorns Corporation The
775-886-0728 Dan -Hil Realty Inc.
775-886-0729 Ghost Technologies Inc.
775-886-0730 Devnexus Group
775-886-0731 Aztx Cattle Co.
775-886-0733 Hylton Aviation Services Inc.
775-886-0735 Magnetic Electrostatic Confinement Corp
775-886-0737 Applied Construction Technology
775-886-0741 Jwj Acquisitions
775-886-0743 Uranium King Corporation
775-886-0744 Martin Diamond M Land Corp.
775-886-0745 Commercial Acquisitions LLC
775-886-0748 Dahil Containers Inc.
775-886-0750 Red Shift LLC
775-886-0751 Ariki New Zealand
775-886-0752 Document Center Inc. The
775-886-0754 Azalea Cottage LLC
775-886-0755 Aerial Inc.
775-886-0756 Mankind Under Development Mud Inc.
775-886-0759 Daedalus Group Inc.
775-886-0760 Omega Network Inc.
775-886-0761 Capital J Investments
775-886-0763 Eagle Consulting Services Inc.
775-886-0766 Enchanted Wizard Enterprises
775-886-0767 Monex International Inc.
775-886-0768 4 Diamond Visions Inc.
775-886-0769 New Horizon Information Services LLC
775-886-0770 Phase 24 Productions Inc.
775-886-0772 Rcg Group Inc.
Telephone Name
775-886-0774 Seabreeze Coach LLC
775-886-0775 Aircapital Nevada Inc.
775-886-0777 Natural Selling Inc.
775-886-0778 Milestone Ventures Corporation
775-886-0779 Usa Business Management Inc.
775-886-0780 Rainman Productions Inc.
775-886-0783 Leasing Resources Inc.
775-886-0784 Tzm Inc.
775-886-0785 Aircraft Financial Group LLC
775-886-0786 Digital Inflection Corporation
775-886-0788 National Servicing Corp.
775-886-0791 American Steel Cargo Containers Inc.
775-886-0792 Harvey International Ltd.
775-886-0793 Pavcon Commercial LP
775-886-0796 Global Union Mining Corporation
775-886-0798 Delt Investments
775-886-0800 Capri Foundation The
775-886-0801 Pavecon LP Nevada Inc.
775-886-0802 Term Capitol Corp.
775-886-0804 Enterprise Patriot LLC
775-886-0805 Speedeclaim Com Inc.
775-886-0806 Real Funding Corporation
775-886-0810 Maximus Enterprises Inc.
775-886-0811 Airlease Nevada LLC
775-886-0814 Exceptional Productions
775-886-0815 Saric Corporation
775-886-0816 Rapid Liquidations
775-886-0819 Hamilton Research Group LLC
775-886-0820 Value Vacation Rentals Inc.
775-886-0825 Yocum And Associates LLC
775-886-0827 About Tyme Inc
775-886-0828 Amy Kris Photography Inc.
775-886-0829 Infinite Financial Solutions Inc.
775-886-0830 Deerfield Financial Inc.
775-886-0832 Globus Inc.
775-886-0833 Lydia Consultants Inc.
775-886-0834 Lohmann Enterprizes
775-886-0836 Acs Associated Inc.
775-886-0839 Phoenix Organization Inc.
775-886-0840 Nevada Exploration And Trading Company
775-886-0842 Red Horse Racing
775-886-0843 3c Logistics Inc.
775-886-0845 Eastern Slope Equipment Company
775-886-0847 Frazzy Frog Music Inc.
Telephone Name
775-886-0850 Milestone Ventures Corporation
775-886-0853 Turning Point Consolidated Inc.
775-886-0854 Cheetah Project Management LLC
775-886-0855 Silver Eagle Labs Inc.
775-886-0857 Cheetah Learning LLC
775-886-0858 Seton Manufacturing Inc.
775-886-0859 Cheetah Store Ltd.
775-886-0860 Belguim Blue Organics LLC
775-886-0862 Cheetah Workout LLC
775-886-0863 Michiana Financial LLC
775-886-0864 Ventana Investments Ltd.
775-886-0866 Superior Livestock Auction Inc.
775-886-0867 Consolidated International Resources Corp.
775-886-0868 Peterson Fox Corporation The
775-886-0869 Glogam Corp.
775-886-0870 Business By The Numbers LLC
775-886-0871 Inexco
775-886-0874 Mt. Tamalpais Investments Corp.
775-886-0875 Cadia Group Inc.
775-886-0876 Cw Investment Company Inc.
775-886-0880 Bradley Home Furnishings
775-886-0881 Try New Trend LLC
775-886-0886 Cook Cross Group
775-886-0887 Enterprise Depot Systems Inc.
775-886-0890 Gifts Of The Earth Enterprises
775-886-0892 R & R Investment Group
775-886-0894 Total New Technology Inc.
775-886-0898 Efs Inc.
775-886-0899 Harper Aviation LLC
775-886-3000 Eaglemark Savings Bank
775-886-3281 Harley -Davidson Insurance
775-886-4455 Home Depot The
775-886-5700 Ctx Mortgage Company
775-886-6099 FedEx Office
775-886-6300 Aloha Medicinals Inc
775-886-6355 Nevada Property Mortgage
775-886-6422 Blockbuster Video
775-886-6899 Lone Eagle Grille On The Lake
775-886-7000 Golden State Parts
775-886-7371 Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare Foundation
775-886-7412 Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center
775-886-7576 Veltec Sports
775-886-7650 State of Nevada

The numbers listed above are from Carson City, NV and Incline Village, NV.

User Submitted Phone Reports

Telephone Notes
775-886-6795 incline village fax

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Carson City, NV

The Consolidated Municipality of Carson City is the capital of the State of Nevada. The population was 52,457 at the 2000 census.

The first Europeans to arrive in what is known as Eagle Valley were John C. Fremont and his exploration party in January 1843. Fremont named the river flowing through the valley Carson River in honor of his famous mountain man scout, Christopher "Kit" Carson. Prior to Fremont's expedition, Washoe Indians inhabited the valley and surrounding areas.

By 1851 the Eagle Station ranch located along the Carson River served as a trading post and stopover for travelers on the California Trail's Carson Branch which ran through Eagle Valley. The trading post and valley received their name from a bald eagle, hunted and killed by one of the early settlers, featured on the wall of the post. In 1858 Abraham Curry bought Eagle Station and named the settlement there Carson City after the Carson River and indirectly after Kit Carson.

Carson City, NV description from Wikipedia