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Phone Numbers with the (785) 385- Prefix

Area code:785 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Rural Tel. Service Co., Inc. DBA Nex-tech
Timezone:Central / Mountain
Current time:4:46am / 3:46am
All Cities Served:Russell, KS
All Counties Served:Russell County
All Zip Codes Served:67665
Map of Russell, KS

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
785-385-0875 Mar 2018 United States
785-385-2122 Jul 2017 South Carolina
785-385-9205 Apr 2017 California
785-385-2195 Aug 2016
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
785-385-7375 Apr 2014 Arizona
785-385-6136 Apr 2014 North Carolina
785-385-7045 Oct 2013 India
785-385-8000 Dec 2013 California

Business and Government (785) 385-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
785-385-2105 Harrington Joan 120 N Main St Wakeeney, KS 67672
785-385-2107 Dornan William 2707 Vine St Hays, KS 67601
785-385-2109 Dandridge Jennie 2707 Vine St Hays, KS 67601
785-385-2115 Hanlin Ronald 120 N Main St Wakeeney, KS 67672
785-385-2123 Lopez Melissa 120 N Main St Wakeeney, KS 67672
785-385-2187 Drake K. 2707 Vine St Hays, KS 67601
785-385-2280 Hurlbut Randy 120 N Main St Wakeeney, KS 67672
785-385-2996 Dunn David 2707 Vine St Hays, KS 67601
785-385-2999 Kimmel Tiffany 120 N Main St Wakeeney, KS 67672

Residential (785) 385-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
785-385-2102 Tiffany Lamb
785-385-2104 Joyce Bischoff
785-385-2106 Jerome Spiess
785-385-2108 Christopher Hickey
785-385-2110 James Colombo
785-385-2112 Trina Davidson
785-385-2113 Anthony Borders
785-385-2114 Julie King
785-385-2116 Keshia Whiteside
785-385-2117 Jacki Webster
785-385-2119 Cody Maple
785-385-2120 Derreck Brown
785-385-2121 Rodney Murphy
785-385-2124 William Smidt
785-385-2125 Arlene Medina
785-385-2126 Claudia Trent
785-385-2129 Virginia F. Galyardt
785-385-2131 Joseph Ramsey
785-385-2134 John Ballinger
785-385-2136 George Gibson
785-385-2140 Natasha Raney
785-385-2147 Sasha Kramer
Telephone Name
785-385-2148 Julie Moon
785-385-2149 Greg Stevens
785-385-2150 Kevin Karst
785-385-2156 John & Linda Miller
785-385-2160 Theresa Wise
785-385-2167 Anton Perfetti
785-385-2177 Cory Berens
785-385-2184 Vance Clampit
785-385-2185 Dusty Larson
785-385-2188 Scott Teppe
785-385-2197 Clark Leekley
785-385-2200 Cheryl & Virgil Hoffman
785-385-2202 Terri McCulloch
785-385-2203 Travis Meyer
785-385-2206 Mary Rose
785-385-2211 Rose Schlyer
785-385-2212 C. Helwer
785-385-2215 Zachary Alford
785-385-2220 Ronald Burbridge
785-385-2221 Mike Taves
785-385-2222 Trisha Dick
785-385-2225 Arthur Elliott, Jr
Telephone Name
785-385-2226 Albert Dreher
785-385-2227 Mark & Tia Blehm
785-385-2228 P. Meadows
785-385-2229 Cary Hilton
785-385-2244 Michael Coats
785-385-2245 Miki Sneath
785-385-2255 Nila Wharton
785-385-2274 Mike Rausch
785-385-2283 Allan Penka
785-385-2291 Nona Adams
785-385-2295 Robert & Sarah Rhodes
785-385-2298 Jerry Crites
785-385-2322 Betty Buck
785-385-2323 Linda Watson
785-385-2332 Terry Thurlow
785-385-2343 Roger King
785-385-2919 Randy Housen
785-385-2963 Suzanne Bieker
785-385-2968 Kelly Jackson
785-385-2992 Gail Gardner
785-385-2997 Sandra Thompson

The numbers listed above are from Russell, KS, Wakeeney, KS, Dexter, MO, Hays, KS, Jackson, MO and Hannibal, MO.

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Russell, KS

Russell is the most populous city in and county seat of Russell County, Kansas, United States. The population was 4,696 at the 2000 census.

In 1865, the Butterfield Overland Despatch established a short-lived station named Fossil Creek Station along its route from Atchison, Kansas to Denver near the site of modern Russell. In 1867, the Kansas Pacific Railway reached the area and built its own station, also named Fossil Creek, later just Fossil, north of the Butterfield station. That same year, the Kansas state legislature established the surrounding area as Russell County. In 1871, colonists from Ripon, Wisconsin established a permanent settlement at Fossil Station, renaming it Russell after the county. Russell was incorporated and named the provisional county seat in 1872, and, after a two-year dispute with neighboring Bunker Hill, it became the permanent county seat in 1874. In 1876, Volga Germans, mostly from the area around Saratov and Samara in Russia, began settling in and around Russell.

Russell, KS description from Wikipedia