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Area code:787 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Puerto Rico Telephone Co.
Current time:2:15pm
All Cities Served:Rio Piedras, PR
All Counties Served:San Juan County
All Zip Codes Served:00927, 00926, 00925
Map of Rio Piedras, PR

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
787-759-7008 Mar 2018 Illinois
787-759-6013 Mar 2018 Philippines
787-759-7982 Sep 2017 New York
787-759-9999 Sep 2017 India
787-759-8019 Feb 2017 Puerto Rico
787-759-6813 Dec 2017 California
787-759-1685 Oct 2016 Virginia
787-759-2133 Oct 2016 Virginia
787-759-1861 May 2016 Puerto Rico
787-759-6353 Jan 2016 Puerto Rico
787-759-3737 Aug 2016 South Dakota
787-759-8075 Aug 2016 India
787-759-4144 Aug 2016 Puerto Rico
787-759-8205 Aug 2016 India
787-759-8105 Apr 2016 India
787-759-1587 Sep 2015 India
787-759-8037 May 2015 Puerto Rico
787-759-6000 Dec 2015 Puerto Rico
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
787-759-2252 Dec 2015 North Carolina
787-759-1415 Dec 2015 North Carolina
787-759-9407 Aug 2015 Japan
787-759-1800 May 2014 Puerto Rico
787-759-1880 May 2014 Puerto Rico
787-759-0000 May 2014 Puerto Rico
787-759-7946 Jun 2014 Dominican Republic
787-759-7102 Oct 2013 Puerto Rico
787-759-0564 Jan 2013 Puerto Rico
787-759-1873 Dec 2013 Puerto Rico
787-759-9075 Apr 2013 Missouri
787-759-7822 May 2012 India
787-759-9055 Jan 2012 Texas
787-759-8433 Dec 2012 United States
787-759-5169 Sep 2011 Maryland
787-759-1860 Jul 2011 Puerto Rico
787-759-1864 Feb 2011 Puerto Rico
787-759-6852 Apr 2011 Puerto Rico

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Rio Piedras, PR

Río Piedras is a barrio of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Founded in 1714, it has been the home of the University of Puerto Rico's main campus since 1903, earning the town the popular name of Ciudad Universitaria (University City). Rio Piedras was recognized as a municipality until 1951 when it was incorporated into the municipality of San Juan.

Río Piedras' origins go back to 1714 when a settlement along the shores of the Piedras river was recognized by Governor Juan de Rivera. Originally known as El Roble, it eventually adopted the name of the river that crossed its territory (Río Piedras in Spanish).

Rio Piedras, PR description from Wikipedia