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Phone Numbers with the (801) 387- Prefix

Area code:801 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Qwest Corporation
Current time:9:40am
All Cities Served:Ogden, UT
All Counties Served:Weber County
All Zip Codes Served:84403, 84404, 84401
Map of Ogden, UT

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
801-387-3193 Jan 2018 Maryland
801-387-5322 Mar 2017 Philippines
801-387-5258 Feb 2017 Vermont
801-387-2800 Dec 2017 India
801-387-2035 Nov 2016 Philippines
801-387-5056 May 2016 California
801-387-2942 Feb 2016 Minnesota
801-387-7011 Apr 2016 India
801-387-7646 Jul 2015 Idaho
801-387-4956 Sep 2014
801-387-6670 Aug 2014 Utah
801-387-4312 Apr 2013 Utah
801-387-6086 Apr 2013 Wisconsin
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
801-387-5011 Oct 2012 India
801-387-3618 Nov 2012 United States
801-387-7173 Jun 2012 India
801-387-4045 Feb 2012 Utah
801-387-3297 Aug 2012 Philippines
801-387-3075 Dec 2011 Colorado
801-387-7701 Dec 2011 Colorado
801-387-4300 Dec 2011 Colorado
801-387-0000 Dec 2011 Colorado
801-387-2123 Dec 2011 Colorado
801-387-2153 Dec 2011 Colorado
801-387-2320 Dec 2011 Colorado
801-387-1868 Dec 2010 Texas

Business and Government (801) 387-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
801-387-2080 Intermountain Healthcare
801-387-2090 Corey D. Anden, MD
801-387-2300 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-2550 Digestive Health Specialties
801-387-2575 Jeffrey A. Abel, MD
801-387-2600 Donald W. Orthopedic Surg Bryan, MD
801-387-2650 Sergio Collado, MD
801-387-2700 McKay-Dee Sleep Disorders
801-387-2750 Neil Callister, MD
801-387-2775 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-2799 McKay-Dee Credit Union
801-387-2833 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-2880 Michael Scheuller, MD
801-387-3000 McKay-Dee Heart Institute
801-387-3040 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-3298 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-3300 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-3400 Michael Cody, MD
801-387-3475 Michael Buch, MD
801-387-3515 Larry E. Urry, MD
801-387-3525 Alan R. Abdulla, MD
801-387-3550 Alex Od Archibald
801-387-3600 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-3640 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
Telephone Name
801-387-3700 Intermountain Healthcare
801-387-3714 Intermountain Healthcare
801-387-3740 Intermountain Healthcare
801-387-3900 Alpine Plastic Surgery & Alpine Surgical Center
801-387-4400 Steve F. Obgyn Johnson, MD
801-387-4401 Ogden Women's Clinic
801-387-4402 Ogden Women's Clinic
801-387-4414 Youthful Image Medical Spa
801-387-4475 Joan V. Eggert, MD
801-387-4480 Evan F. Phys Surg Evans, MD
801-387-4485 Robert C. Newman, MD
801-387-4490 H. Darrell Woods, MD
801-387-4500 Donna Barhorst, MD
801-387-4550 Curtis M. Campbell, MD
801-387-4600 Robert Andres, MD
801-387-4800 Albert R. Hartman, MD
801-387-4850 Vicki J. Allergy Immunology Lyons, MD
801-387-5300 Richard C. Family Practice Arbogast, MD
801-387-5600 Dennis E. Ahern, PHD
801-387-5700 McKay-Dee Center For Counseling
801-387-5744 Brent Amil, MD
801-387-6150 Intermountain Healthcare
801-387-6200 Dustin Child, MD
801-387-6300 Intermountain Healthcare
Telephone Name
801-387-6405 Intermountain Healthcare
801-387-6645 Bradley R. Physical Medicine Melville, MD
801-387-7000 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-7125 Jeffrey E. Booth, MD
801-387-7150 Vincent L. Oncology Hansen, MD
801-387-7175 McKay-Dee Foundation
801-387-7200 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-7300 Intermountain Healthcare
801-387-7400 Intermountain Healthcare
801-387-7450 Richard Surgery Alder, MD
801-387-7539 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-7550 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-7600 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-7700 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-7750 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-7800 McKay-Dee Hospital Center
801-387-7900 Deborah Hackett, MD
801-387-7945 Jason Dpm Bruse
801-387-7950 Glen Biddulph, MD
801-387-8100 Zachary Campbell, MD
801-387-8215 Intermountain Healthcare
801-387-8300 Intermountain Clinic North Ogden

The numbers listed above are from Ogden, UT, North Ogden, UT, South Ogden, UT and Roy, UT.

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Ogden, UT

Ogden is a city in Weber County, Utah, United States. Ogden serves as the county seat of Weber County. The population was 83,292 according to 2009 Census Bureau estimates. The city served as a major railway hub through much of its history, and still handles a great deal of freight rail traffic which makes it a convenient location for manufacturing and commerce. Ogden is also known for its many historic buildings, proximity to the Wasatch Mountains, and as the home of Weber State University.

Ogden, UT description from Wikipedia