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Phone Numbers with the (802) 499- Prefix

Area code:802 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Telcove Of Vermont, Inc. - VT
Current time:6:00am
All Cities Served:Proctor, VT
All Counties Served:Rutland County
All Zip Codes Served:05765
Map of Proctor, VT

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
802-499-2575 Sep 2017 Philippines
802-499-4518 Oct 2017 Pennsylvania
802-499-9326 Mar 2017 Florida
802-499-8161 Jul 2017 India
802-499-8113 Apr 2017 Philippines
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
802-499-8097 Sep 2015 India
802-499-2386 Dec 2015 Vermont
802-499-8132 Mar 2014 India
802-499-8065 Apr 2013 North Carolina
802-499-9475 Aug 2011 Maine

Residential (802) 499-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
802-499-8003 Natalie Santamore
802-499-8006 Jeffrey Towers
802-499-8007 Robert Burgardt
802-499-8008 Louise Linteau
802-499-8010 Scott Graham
802-499-8011 Cheryl Reynolds
802-499-8012 Paul Brown
802-499-8013 Dan Chapman
802-499-8014 Sharon Whitney
802-499-8015 Sabrina Mcdonough
802-499-8016 Leroy Bellows
802-499-8017 Crystal Campbell
802-499-8018 Courtney Meighan
802-499-8019 Richard Rogers, Jr
802-499-8020 Aa Aa
802-499-8021 Sue Chamberlain
802-499-8022 Johnathan Elliot
802-499-8024 Joshua Jean-Babtiste
802-499-8026 Tom Grillo
802-499-8027 Jason J. Goodrich
802-499-8028 K. Boucher
802-499-8029 Lynn Sthulmuller
802-499-8030 Michael Skinner
802-499-8031 Howard Bougor
802-499-8033 Charles Hughes
802-499-8034 Jacqueline Gaines
802-499-8035 Joseph Emrick
802-499-8036 Jason Pew
802-499-8037 Linda Barton
Telephone Name
802-499-8038 E. & L. Hanson
802-499-8040 Joan Gorski
802-499-8041 George Elliott
802-499-8042 Kendra Mcmahon
802-499-8043 Justine Lowell
802-499-8044 Jim Cornell
802-499-8045 Jimmie Francis
802-499-8046 Willaim Cota
802-499-8048 Amy Taylor-Dougan
802-499-8050 Allen Rodgers
802-499-8051 Maribeth Valente
802-499-8052 Jeffrey Lamoth
802-499-8053 Twyman Nadene
802-499-8055 Mark & Beth Thibault
802-499-8057 Amy Walter
802-499-8058 Ashley Kehoe
802-499-8060 Kathleen Burke
802-499-8061 Joal Prior
802-499-8062 Deana Burnham
802-499-8064 Abigayle Deyoung
802-499-8066 Maria Ammatuna
802-499-8067 Desiree Moody
802-499-8068 Joseph Emrick
802-499-8069 Maria Ammatuna
802-499-8070 Ken Marceau
802-499-8072 Margaret Bezio
802-499-8073 Tony Taylor
802-499-8074 Rosemary Poczobut
802-499-8075 Frank Parker
Telephone Name
802-499-8076 Matthew Sullivan
802-499-8078 Erin Outslay
802-499-8079 Johnathan Mariel
802-499-8080 Chester Cook
802-499-8081 Jason Earle
802-499-8082 Michelle Miles
802-499-8083 Michael Abbott
802-499-8084 Brian Hobbs
802-499-8085 Kathleen Dunbar
802-499-8086 Donna Piper
802-499-8087 Trisha Ashelin
802-499-8088 Patti Wittneben
802-499-8089 Jason Brink
802-499-8091 Daniel Cota
802-499-8093 Jason Ellison
802-499-8094 Brandy Bloom
802-499-8095 Rose Locascio
802-499-8096 Timothy Gibbard
802-499-8099 Kimberly Denis
802-499-8499 Kevan Bradley
802-499-8787 Cara Ricci
802-499-8880 Lynn Parker
802-499-8888 Jessica Galarneau
802-499-8889 Patricia Guyette
802-499-8899 K. Card
802-499-8900 Adam Sancic
802-499-9001 Maureen Gintof

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Proctor, VT

Proctor is a town in Rutland County, Vermont, United States. The population was 1,877 at the 2000 census. Proctor is home to the Vermont Marble Museum and Wilson Castle.

In the early 19th century, small high-quality marble deposits were discovered in Rutland, and in the 1830s a large deposit of nearly solid marble of high quality was found in what is now West Rutland. By the 1840s small firms had begun operations, but marble quarries only became profitable when the railroad came to Rutland in 1851. At the same time, the famous quarries of Carrara in Tuscany, Italy, became largely unworkable because of their extreme depth, and Rutland quickly became one of the leading producers of marble in the world.

Proctor, VT description from Wikipedia