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Phone Numbers with the (806) 394- Prefix

Area code:806 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:W.t. Services, Inc.
Current time:7:17am
All Cities Served:Hereford, TX
All Counties Served:Deaf Smith County
All Zip Codes Served:79045
Map of Hereford, TX

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
806-394-8934 Jun 2017 New Mexico
806-394-1046 Jul 2015 Texas
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
806-394-1040 Jul 2015 Texas
806-394-3841 Jun 2013 Michigan

Business and Government (806) 394-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
806-394-0033 Service Office Veteran 809 W Park Ave Hereford, TX 79045
806-394-0105 Shamphan Sally 400 Jack Griffin Dr Hereford, TX 79045
806-394-0110 Law Office Of Trevor B Hall Hereford, TX 79045
806-394-2012 Church Rectory San Jose 735 Brevard St Hereford, TX 79045
806-394-7006 Agritexgas 1601 E 1st St Hereford, TX 79045
806-394-7007 Agritexgas Hereford, TX 79045
806-394-7427 Bbq Dun Rite 203 S 25 Mile Ave Hereford, TX 79045

Residential (806) 394-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
806-394-0001 Victor Vasquez
806-394-0002 Michael Rittner
806-394-0003 Maria A. Hernandez
806-394-0004 Jessie Ruiz
806-394-0005 Alfred & Syrena Shoffit
806-394-0009 Adriana & Joseph Bucksath
806-394-0010 Gloria Gutierrez
806-394-0012 Margarita Mejia
806-394-0014 Jimmy Martinez
806-394-0015 Johnny B. Flores, Jr
806-394-0017 Isaiah Soto
806-394-0018 Virginia Hernandez
806-394-0020 Maria S. Gonzalez
806-394-0023 Minnie Muniga
806-394-0025 Christina Torres
806-394-0030 Juanita Villalobos
806-394-0034 Salvador Salazar
806-394-0039 Lou McCathern
806-394-0050 Shelli Beerwinkle
806-394-0060 Arturo Ortiz
806-394-0062 Nathaniel Council
806-394-0066 Juan Camargo
806-394-0069 Leroy Coronado
806-394-0071 Diana Vallejo
806-394-0072 Brandie Morrison
Telephone Name
806-394-0084 Christi Rodriguez
806-394-0088 Pedro Martinez
806-394-0091 Maria L. Ramirez
806-394-0094 Efren Cardenas
806-394-0095 Dalia Lopez
806-394-0096 Etelvina Torres
806-394-0097 Bill Sanchez
806-394-0098 Carrasco Leticia
806-394-0104 Rafael Cardenas
806-394-0106 Irma Perez
806-394-0107 Raquel Nunez
806-394-0108 Ruiz Bulmaro
806-394-0120 Oscar Hernandez
806-394-0121 Mayra Perez
806-394-0127 Raquel Nunez
806-394-0128 Crystal McKay
806-394-0200 Mary E. Vigil
806-394-0954 Chris Andrew Tijerina
806-394-1075 Martin Olivo
806-394-2000 Jorge Alfredo Olivares
806-394-2005 Cecil Thaxton
806-394-2006 Matilde Ortega
806-394-2016 Juan Estrada
806-394-2017 Araceli Garcia
806-394-2019 Pat Lopez
Telephone Name
806-394-2031 Francisco Barron
806-394-2034 Donald Proctor
806-394-2035 Juan Luna
806-394-2036 Margaret Escamilla
806-394-2038 Jesus Vasquez
806-394-2043 Angela M. Munoz
806-394-2044 Hermila Fuentes
806-394-2047 Mike Roberts
806-394-2048 Maria Galvan
806-394-2050 Savannah Gonzales
806-394-2053 Ricardo Cervantez
806-394-2054 Elisa Zapata
806-394-2055 Fabiola Zapata
806-394-2056 Victor Martinez, Jr
806-394-2057 Liza Carrillo
806-394-2058 Sylvia Aguilera
806-394-2059 Josa M. Perez
806-394-2062 Alma Mendoza
806-394-2063 Tanva L. Martin
806-394-2065 Ventura Amaro
806-394-2299 Beth Frye
806-394-3944 Mike & Lori Page
806-394-7752 Jerry & Trish O'Connor
806-394-7795 Roy Manning
806-394-8955 Alfredo Hernandez, III

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Hereford, TX

Hereford is a city in Deaf Smith County, Texas, United States. The population was 14,597 at the 2000 census. It is the only incorporated Hereford in the country. It is the county seat of Deaf Smith County.

Hereford's local water supply contains an unusually high level of naturally-occurring fluorine. Because fluoride is used to protect against tooth decay, Hereford earned the title "The Town Without a Toothache". High levels of fluoride consumed by longtime or younger residents may result in staining.[citation needed]

Hereford, TX description from Wikipedia