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Phone Numbers with the (806) 657- Prefix

Area code:806 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:South Plains Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Current time:1:32am
All Cities Served:Ralls, TX
All Counties Served:Crosby County
All Zip Codes Served:79343, 79322, 79357
Map of Ralls, TX

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
806-657-8648 Dec 2016 Oklahoma
806-657-7086 Mar 2014 United States
806-657-0734 Mar 2014 United States
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
806-657-4574 Jan 2013 United States
806-657-8168 Aug 2013 Texas

Business and Government (806) 657-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
806-657-2123 Moore O D Farm Cone, TX 79357
806-657-4403 Cone Antique Store 305 U S Hwy 62 St Hwy 207 Ralls, TX 79357
806-657-4455 Gilbreath Farm PO Box 903 Cone, TX 79357
806-657-4461 Cone Aerial Spraying RR 1 Cone, TX 79357
806-657-4476 Pleasant Hill Co-Op Gin Star Route Lorenzo Cone, TX 79357
806-657-4477 Pleasant Hill Coop Gin Star Route Lorenzo Cone, TX 79357
806-657-4480 Primative Baptist Foundation Cone, TX 79357
806-657-4504 Campbell & Amonett Farm Star Rte Cone, TX 79357
806-657-4539 Rock Christian School Liberty HC 2 Box 536 Cone, TX 79357
806-657-4555 Houchin Farms 181 County Road 119 Petersburg, TX 79250
806-657-4639 Princess Ortiz 1102 Fm 193 Cone, TX 79357
806-657-4641 Crawfish Draw Ranch Ralls, TX 79357
806-657-4642 Mike Abell HC 2 Box 62 Cone, TX 79357
806-657-4662 Wampler Farms D HC 2 Box LORENZO Cone, TX 79357
806-657-4673 Medlock Estacado Gin 13910 Ncr 3970 Cone, TX 79357

Residential (806) 657-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
806-657-2034 H. D Burns
806-657-2341 Farm Campbell
806-657-2475 B. L Jr Farm Anderson
806-657-2945 Wendell Case
806-657-2964 Valdemar Gomez
806-657-3364 Rod Davis
806-657-4401 Gabriel & Rosemary Gonzales
806-657-4402 A. J Cowley
806-657-4403 Jackie Ann Oyster
806-657-4405 Regan A. Ware
806-657-4414 Bob Kimbrough
806-657-4416 Scott Gilbreath
806-657-4417 Scott Gilbreath
806-657-4435 Karla Campbell
806-657-4439 Jose Gonzalez
806-657-4442 Johnny & Rebecca Monk
806-657-4445 Luis Castaneda, Jr
806-657-4446 Terry Bryant
806-657-4447 William Crone
806-657-4454 Mike T. Delano
806-657-4469 Scotty Wallace
806-657-4483 Ismael Moreno
806-657-4484 Barry & Sondra Zuber
806-657-4485 Candy & Craig Edwards
806-657-4486 Zane Reese
806-657-4487 E. M Martin
806-657-4491 Scott Barn Gilbreath
Telephone Name
806-657-4492 Alton Brown
806-657-4494 Henry Almarez
806-657-4497 Dwain E. Labombard
806-657-4511 Aunnie C. & Cheryl Sellers
806-657-4512 Joditt & R. Keil Williams
806-657-4515 Howard F. Smith
806-657-4521 Arvil L. Campbell
806-657-4523 Manuel A. Portillo
806-657-4527 Tony Cantu
806-657-4529 Espranza & Santa Cruz Reina
806-657-4535 Urbano Morin
806-657-4541 Clayton Sellers
806-657-4547 Ricky L. Trevino
806-657-4548 Tena W. Houchin
806-657-4554 Lori R. Faver
806-657-4556 Larry D. McCauley
806-657-4557 Charlie & Sandra Carter
806-657-4561 Billie W. McClaran, Jr
806-657-4563 Joann & Steve Haddock
806-657-4565 Jana & Kevin Conner
806-657-4566 Barron Roye
806-657-4569 Betty & Craig Edwards
806-657-4572 Cathy Davis
806-657-4575 Cacse Heinrich
806-657-4577 Steve Callahan
806-657-4578 Thornton Philip
806-657-4581 Odell Heathington
Telephone Name
806-657-4584 Oscar Meraz
806-657-4593 Sonny Watson
806-657-4596 Jennifer Davila
806-657-4602 R. B Martin, Jr
806-657-4618 Maria E. Martinez
806-657-4627 Ray Falcon
806-657-4628 Joshua Harper
806-657-4631 Ford Greenhaw
806-657-4643 Kim K. & Steve C. Moore
806-657-4649 Michael Gonzales
806-657-4650 Marvin Pair
806-657-4652 J. McClaran
806-657-4653 W. E Pickard
806-657-4657 Billie McClaran
806-657-4660 Bill & Kay Buckman
806-657-4667 Steve Davidson
806-657-4668 Arvil L. Campbell
806-657-4675 D. R Adams
806-657-4679 Marlon L. Suhr
806-657-4680 Adrian Reyna
806-657-4685 Matt Wilmeth
806-657-4689 Mary E. Gillon
806-657-4692 Lonnie Arthur
806-657-4693 Eugene Woodard
806-657-4698 Denise & Steven Graham

The numbers listed above are from Cone, TX, Ralls, TX, Lorenzo, TX, Petersburg, TX, Idalou, TX and East Saint Louis, IL.

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Ralls, TX

Ralls is an agricultural community in Crosby County, West Texas, United States, named after John Robinson Ralls, who, with the help of W.E. McLaughlin, laid out the townsite in July 1911. Ralls is surrounded by productive farm lands that primarily produce cotton and grains, with lesser amounts of soybean, sunflower, and vegetables.

Ralls is located on the level plains of the Llano Estacado between Lorenzo to the west and Crosbyton to the east. To the north of Ralls is the small community of Cone, Texas and further north is a narrow portion of Blanco Canyon, where the Spanish explorer Francisco Vázquez de Coronado and his army are believed to have camped in 1541. To the south of Ralls is the Caprock Escarpment which marks the break between the Llano Estacado and the rolling plains carved by the tributaries of the Brazos River.

Ralls, TX description from Wikipedia