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Phone Numbers with the (907) 353- Prefix

Area code:907 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Gci Communication Corp. DBA General Communication
Current time:6:42am
All Cities Served:Fort Wainwright, AK
All Counties Served:Fairbanks North Star County
All Zip Codes Served:99703
Map of Fort Wainwright, AK

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
907-353-1231 Mar 2018 Georgia
907-353-2203 May 2017 Rhode Island
907-353-1241 Feb 2017 Florida
907-353-6023 Jan 2016 Colorado
907-353-1233 Aug 2016 Alaska
907-353-0087 Aug 2016 Virginia
907-353-7658 Apr 2016 United States
907-353-6107 Nov 2015 India
907-353-6357 Jun 2015 India
907-353-5785 Jun 2015 India
907-353-7770 Jul 2015 India
907-353-6776 Jul 2015 India
907-353-4235 Jan 2015 Michigan
907-353-0492 Feb 2015 Ohio
907-353-0253 Dec 2015 South Carolina
907-353-0255 Dec 2015 South Carolina
907-353-1800 Apr 2015 Michigan
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
907-353-7411 Sep 2014 Ohio
907-353-2907 Oct 2014 Texas
907-353-1621 Nov 2014 Michigan
907-353-7808 Jul 2014 United States
907-353-3586 Jan 2014 Texas
907-353-7553 Dec 2014 United States
907-353-4221 Apr 2014 New York
907-353-2645 May 2013 India
907-353-7812 Feb 2013 India
907-353-8021 Aug 2013 Alaska
907-353-0136 Dec 2012 United States
907-353-9206 Aug 2012 Illinois
907-353-4227 Apr 2012 Alaska
907-353-7093 Apr 2012 India
907-353-7630 Dec 2011 Arizona
907-353-2921 Sep 2010

Business and Government (907) 353-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
907-353-1110 Wainwright Army Base Operator Fort Fort Wainwright, AK 99703
907-353-5172 Bassett Hospital Fort Wainwright, AK 99703
907-353-5242 States Government United Fort Wainwright, AK 99703
907-353-6370 States Government United Fort Wainwright, AK 99703

Residential (907) 353-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
907-353-5774 M. & S. Scharber Fort Wainwright, AK 99703
907-353-6526 Trina L. Sullivan Fort Wainwright, AK 99703

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Fort Wainwright, AK

Fort Wainwright is a United States Army post adjacent to Fairbanks in the U.S. state of Alaska. It is part of the Fairbanks, Alaska Metropolitan Statistical Area.

It was established in 1961 when the former United States Air Force base, Ladd Field, was transferred to the Army and redesignated in honor of World War II general Jonathan M. Wainwright. From 1963 to 1972 it was home to the 171st Infantry Brigade, mechanized until 1969, then light. During that time, the 172nd Infantry Brigade was at Fort Richardson, in Anchorage. From 1986 to 1994 Fort Wainwright was the home of the 6th Infantry Division (Light), including serving as the division's headquarters from 1990 to 1994 . From 1998 to 2006, it was home to the 172nd Infantry Brigade, which was reorganized in 2003 as the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT), part of the U.S. Army's transition program to include six SBCTs. In 2006, the 172nd was re-flagged as the 1st brigade of the 25th Infantry Division. Fort Wainwright is also the home of Task Force 49, an aviation brigade that provides logistical air support for U.S. Army Alaska. It also hosts the Bureau of Land Management's Alaska Fire Service. It is home to Bassett Army Community Hospital.

Fort Wainwright, AK description from Wikipedia