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Phone Numbers with the (907) 798- Prefix

Area code:907 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:United Utilities, Inc.
Current time:3:58pm
All Cities Served:Minto, AK
All Counties Served:Yukon Koyukuk County
All Zip Codes Served:99758
Map of Minto, AK

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
907-798-4829 Jan 2015 New Zealand
907-798-9192 Aug 2014 California
907-798-7097 Oct 2013 Washington
907-798-7401 Oct 2013 New York
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
907-798-7381 Jul 2013 India
907-798-3287 Jul 2012 Virginia
907-798-2791 Dec 2012 Texas
907-798-9723 May 2011 Mississippi

Business and Government (907) 798-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
907-798-7008 Tfys Fax Line Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7015 Village Council Water Plant Minto Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7055 Yksdminto School Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7112 Village Council Minto Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7117 Yukon Tanana Mental Health Faxline Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7212 Minto School Yksd Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7226 Post Office Usg Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7282 Minto School Faxline Yksd Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7311 Minto Senior Service Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7313 Minto Senior Service Faxline Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7323 Yukon Tanana Mental Health Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7331 Minto North Fork Store & Fuel Line 2 Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7412 Minto Clinic Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7413 Minto Clinic Faxline Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7427 Minto School Special Education Yksd Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7448 Minto Lake View Lodge Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7556 Minto North Fork Store & Fuel Fax Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7627 Village Council Faxline Minto Minto, AK 99758
907-798-7717 Village Council Minto Minto, AK 99758

Residential (907) 798-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
907-798-7009 Randi & James Shrider
907-798-7010 David Nickels
907-798-7016 Monica M. Garza
907-798-7018 Leslie & Jonathan David
907-798-7020 Paul C. Sherry
907-798-7069 S. E Charlie
907-798-7092 Lynn Culbertson
907-798-7104 Brenda M. Jimmie
907-798-7123 Katrina Frank
907-798-7126 Julie A. John
907-798-7127 Bergman & Sarah Silas
907-798-7128 Frank Parker
907-798-7132 John Alfred, Jr
907-798-7176 Geneway & Elecia Frank
907-798-7177 Josephine Riley
907-798-7181 De Ya Ah Corp Seth
907-798-7188 Jim D. Titus
907-798-7213 Bessie C. Titus
Telephone Name
907-798-7220 Justeena Silastitus
907-798-7221 Wilson J. Titus
907-798-7222 Melanie Titus
907-798-7229 Bob R. Charlie
907-798-7242 Lindberg Charlie
907-798-7272 Martha Alexander
907-798-7288 Charlie R. Clifford
907-798-7294 Peter C. Daley
907-798-7320 Ashley Dawn Alexander
907-798-7353 Vera Weiser
907-798-7355 Patrick & Carla Smith
907-798-7377 Agnes T. Silas
907-798-7388 Maria Wade
907-798-7390 Edward L. Titus
907-798-7414 Luke & Alice Titus
907-798-7418 Chickie Silas
907-798-7444 Kristina & Ethan Schutt
907-798-7449 Lake View Lodge Faxl Minto
Telephone Name
907-798-7512 North Fork Store & F. Minto
907-798-7527 Lloyd V. Charlie
907-798-7555 Rocky & Madeline Riley
907-798-7564 Heather & Nicholas Roberts
907-798-7573 Vicky & Byron Charlie
907-798-7602 Rachel Titus
907-798-7612 Neal & Geraldine Charlie
907-798-7615 Cheryl John
907-798-7707 Gabriel & Bertina Titus
907-798-7713 Franklin Robert Silas
907-798-7741 Patricia M. Alexander
907-798-7794 Florine Alexander
907-798-7808 Lige Charlie
907-798-7822 Alfred B. Frank
907-798-7826 Charles L. Jimmie
907-798-7903 Elsie Titus
907-798-7993 Richard F. & Pauline Simmonds

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Minto, AK

Minto is a census-designated place (CDP) in Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska, United States. As of the 2000 census, the population of the CDP is 258. The name is an anglicized version of the Lower Tanana Athabaskan name Menh Ti, meaning 'among the lakes'. After repeated flooding the village was relocated to its present location in 1969. The former village site is now known as Old Minto.

Minto is an Athabascan Indian village located at the end of the Minto Spur Road, which comes off the Elliot Highway. It is located at 65°9′28″N 149°22′12″W / 65.15778°N 149.37°W / 65.15778; -149.37 (65.157885, -149.369916). The village is located on a bluff above the Tolovana River flats, which contain several lakes formed by the flow of the river through low-lying areas.

Minto, AK description from Wikipedia