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Phone Numbers with the (937) 202- Prefix

Area code:937 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Level 3 Communications, LLC - OH
Current time:10:15am
All Cities Served:Hollansburg, OH
All Counties Served:Darke County
All Zip Codes Served:45332
Map of Hollansburg, OH

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
937-202-4288 Sep 2017 Singapore
937-202-0368 Sep 2017 Michigan
937-202-0171 Mar 2017 Wyoming
937-202-4091 Jun 2017 India
937-202-0144 Jan 2017 Florida
937-202-9842 Feb 2017 New York
937-202-1026 Aug 2017 India
937-202-4008 Apr 2017 Connecticut
937-202-0427 Dec 2016 Georgia
937-202-4362 Nov 2015 United States
937-202-4590 May 2015 Indiana
937-202-4575 Mar 2015
937-202-0039 Jun 2015 Utah
937-202-0020 Jan 2015 New York
937-202-4692 Jan 2015 Arkansas
937-202-0178 Nov 2014 Minnesota
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
937-202-1025 Mar 2014 United States
937-202-0177 Jul 2014 United States
937-202-0172 Aug 2014 West Virginia
937-202-0467 Apr 2014 Ohio
937-202-4045 Oct 2013 United States
937-202-9335 Mar 2013 Florida
937-202-9234 Jun 2013 United States
937-202-4065 Jan 2013 New York
937-202-0266 Jan 2013 Mississippi
937-202-4200 Dec 2013 Ohio
937-202-0967 Oct 2012 New Jersey
937-202-4669 Dec 2012 New York
937-202-4042 Jul 2011 United States
937-202-4044 Apr 2011 Ohio
937-202-4166 Apr 2011 Ohio
937-202-4043 Apr 2011 Ohio

Business and Government (937) 202-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
937-202-0173 Aberdeen Florist Directory Aberdeen, OH 45101
937-202-0174 Magnetic Springs Florist Concierge Magnetic Springs, OH 43036

Residential (937) 202-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
937-202-1000 Margie Taylor 163 Elm St Hollansburg, OH 45332
937-202-1002 Randy Warren 2623 Hollansburg Richmond Rd Hollansburg, OH 45332
937-202-1003 Shannen Devor 189 Elm St Hollansburg, OH 45332
937-202-1004 Kim Richards 151 Main St Hollansburg, OH 45332
937-202-1005 Erin Hayes 3536 Palestine Hollansburg Rd New Madison, OH 45346
937-202-1008 Bill Richards 3084 Hollansburg Tampico Rd Hollansburg, OH 45332
937-202-1009 Brad Mcdonald 202 Elm St Hollansburg, OH 45332
937-202-1011 Ashlee Kurtner 116 E Liberty St Hollansburg, OH 45332
937-202-1012 Al L. Hofacker 142 Garfield St Hollansburg, OH 45332
937-202-1013 Russell Wehr 116 Elm St Hollansburg, OH 45332
937-202-1014 Kim Richards 151 Main St Hollansburg, OH 45332
937-202-1015 Erik Anthony 3737 Palestine Hollansburg Rd New Madison, OH 45346
937-202-1122 Rusty Cutner 382 Chenoweth Rd Hollansburg, OH 45332

The numbers listed above are from Hollansburg, OH, New Madison, OH, Magnetic Springs, OH and Aberdeen, OH.

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Hollansburg, OH

Hollansburg is a village in Darke County, Ohio, United States. The population was 214 at the 2000 census.

On March 28, 1838, local landowner James Stewart platted a community in northwestern Harrison Township and named it "Union.":562 When William Hollaman, another landowner, attempted to purchase lots in the settlement, a dispute erupted between the two men; seven months later, Hollaman attempted to avenge himself by platting another community only 1 mile (1.6 km) to the northeast of Union, to which a third landowner, Valentine Harland, quickly made additions. The new community was given the name of "Hollansburg" as a portmanteau of the owners' names — Hollaman and Harland. Within a year, a countryside post office named "Republican" was moved to Hollansburg, and the village quickly began to outgrow Union; the two communities ultimately merged. The first church in the village, a Church of Christ, was founded in 1840, while the first school building was erected in 1848.:563

Hollansburg, OH description from Wikipedia