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Phone Numbers with the (937) 720- Prefix

Area code:937 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Time Warner Cable Information Svcs (ohio) - OH
Current time:8:16pm
All Cities Served:New Paris, OH
All Counties Served:Preble County
All Zip Codes Served:45347
Map of New Paris, OH

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Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
937-720-0009 Mar 2018 India
937-720-0002 Feb 2018 Philippines
937-720-0030 Sep 2016 India
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
937-720-2016 May 2015 Wisconsin
937-720-4016 Oct 2011 Ohio

Residential (937) 720-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
937-720-4004 Dorothy Johnson
937-720-4005 Douglas Price
937-720-4006 Sarah Wallace
937-720-4009 Amanda Bolner
937-720-4010 Peggy Smith
937-720-4011 Vince Shockney
937-720-4012 Colley Bradley
937-720-4013 Leeann Billups
937-720-4014 William Franks
937-720-4015 Brenda Moore
937-720-4017 Doug Dixon
937-720-4018 Kelly Wayne
937-720-4019 Robert Smith
937-720-4020 J. Clark
937-720-4021 Jeremy Laird
937-720-4022 Samuel Clayman
937-720-4023 Scott Hunter
937-720-4026 Dale Gibbs
937-720-4027 Delores Bowers
937-720-4028 Megan Marker
937-720-4029 Judith Simpson
937-720-4030 Angela Fugate
937-720-4031 Nick Kieffer
937-720-4032 Norman Alvey
937-720-4033 Patricia Hall
937-720-4034 Tara Devinney
937-720-4035 Gloria Sampson
937-720-4036 William Shirley
937-720-4040 Miranda Studebaker
Telephone Name
937-720-4042 Veron Heiny
937-720-4043 Brian Nelson
937-720-4044 Frank Clingenpeel
937-720-4046 Garland Rivers
937-720-4047 Robert Barth
937-720-4048 William Aker
937-720-4050 Richard Marhsall
937-720-4051 Reida Turner
937-720-4054 Tracy King
937-720-4055 Charles Stemple
937-720-4056 Gene Cones
937-720-4058 Jeremiah Conway
937-720-4059 Travis Rusk
937-720-4060 Josh Koontz
937-720-4061 Vickie Dalbey
937-720-4062 Maria Ryder
937-720-4065 Cassidy Foust
937-720-4066 Kathy Davis
937-720-4068 Robert Hager
937-720-4069 Mary A. King
937-720-4071 Kent Conn
937-720-4072 Dean Ross
937-720-4073 Jason Brubaker
937-720-4074 Jason Smith
937-720-4075 Amanda Lanman
937-720-4076 Andy Johnson
937-720-4078 Oscar Thompson
937-720-4079 Lorilei Davis
937-720-4081 Doug Stan
Telephone Name
937-720-4082 Robert Turner
937-720-4083 Kimberly Shelley
937-720-4084 Willie Mullins
937-720-4085 E. Commons
937-720-4087 Mark Boggs
937-720-4089 Vonda Hosier
937-720-4090 Elizabeth Larkin
937-720-4093 Thelma Snelling
937-720-4094 Barbara Zimkus
937-720-4096 Lloyd Fox
937-720-4097 Ian Brunk
937-720-4098 Angellia Calico
937-720-4099 John Drook
937-720-4101 Jeremy Collins
937-720-4104 Deseray Jackson
937-720-4105 Marvin Miller
937-720-4106 Heather Weatherly
937-720-4108 Richard Allison
937-720-4109 Ron Delk
937-720-4135 Lewis Short
937-720-4142 Chris Haws
937-720-4144 George Engleman
937-720-4146 Dawnmarie Holloway
937-720-4200 Teresa Thomas
937-720-4202 Gina Waddle
937-720-4212 Michael Wood
937-720-4222 Todd Zurwell
937-720-4240 L. Woosley

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New Paris, OH

New Paris is a village in Preble County, Ohio, United States. The population was 1,623 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Dayton Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The area was in the tribal grounds of the Pottawatomi, Miami and Wyandot Indians.

The area south of the village called Cedar Springs was an early health spa.

New Paris became an incorporated village in 1832.

On April 30, 1865, a nine-car funeral train carrying Abraham Lincoln's body and about 300 mourners, stopped for memorial ceremonies at New Paris, one of many stops of the president's "national funeral" procession from Washington to Springfield, Illinois. New Paris as well as nearby Greenville, Ohio and Richmond, Indiana were selected for this honor because of strong Union support during the Civil War, and to avoid a route passing through the "Copperhead" (pro-South) hotbeds of Dayton and Cincinnati.

New Paris, OH description from Wikipedia