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Phone Numbers with the (940) 246- Prefix

Area code:940 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Grande Communications Networks, Inc. - TX
Current time:3:10am
All Cities Served:Argyle, TX
All Counties Served:Denton County
All Zip Codes Served:76226
Map of Argyle, TX

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
940-246-2235 Apr 2017 California
940-246-3014 Jan 2016 United States
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
940-246-6501 Oct 2014 United States
940-246-8024 Nov 2011 Missouri

Business and Government (940) 246-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
940-246-0011 Denton Florist Directory Denton, TX 76202
940-246-0013 Electra Florist Directory Electra, TX 76360
940-246-0014 Graford Florist Directory Graford, TX 76449
940-246-0019 Graham Florist Directory Graham, TX 76450
940-246-0020 Henrietta Florist Directory Henrietta, TX 76365
940-246-0021 Iowa Park Florist Directory Iowa Park, TX 76367
940-246-0022 Elbert Florist Concierge Elbert, TX 76372
940-246-0023 Lake Dallas Florist Directory Lake Dallas, TX 75065
940-246-0024 Mineral Wells Florist Directory Mineral Wells, TX 76067
940-246-0025 Bluegrove Florist Concierge Bluegrove, TX 76352
940-246-1001 Wildhorse Golf Club 9400 Ed Robson Blvd Denton, TX 76207
940-246-2000 Robson Ranch 10700 Robson Ranch Rd Argyle, TX 76226
940-246-2126 Independent School District Argyle Argyle, TX 76226

Residential (940) 246-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
940-246-0012 Richard Simunjak
940-246-0015 Clifford Trentman
940-246-0016 Clifford Trentman
940-246-0211 Milton Formhals
940-246-0212 James Budd
940-246-0214 James Price
940-246-0215 Kurt Kreiselmaier
940-246-0216 Jim Lewis
940-246-0219 Thomas Burke
940-246-0220 Myron & Linda Zisman
940-246-0221 Larry & Jodale Hull
940-246-0222 Anthony Riela
940-246-0223 Ron Wood
940-246-0224 Mark Musgrove
940-246-0225 Krystal Davis
940-246-0226 Randy Bollig
940-246-0227 Randy Bollig
940-246-0230 Bill McDaniel
940-246-0231 Maureen Fritz
940-246-0234 David Carpenter
940-246-0236 Ernest Ludwick
940-246-0239 Richard Dillon
940-246-0240 Kelly Ramsey
940-246-0242 Pam Luna
940-246-0244 Sandra K. Angus
940-246-0245 Dana Bolin
940-246-0250 Liz Leiper
940-246-0262 Liz Leiper
Telephone Name
940-246-0266 Frank Hulse
940-246-0277 Dr John A. Chapman
940-246-0303 Wayne K. Miller
940-246-0306 Craig & Lisa Liggett
940-246-0311 Larry Hull
940-246-0313 Dr Ronald Garvey
940-246-0320 Donald K. Wood
940-246-0330 Norm & Micki Leggett
940-246-0336 William & Bernadett Fideli
940-246-0670 Catherine Bass
940-246-0705 Ann K. & Curtis F. Anderson
940-246-0783 Brad & Shelley Graham
940-246-0950 Bob J. & Sharon M. Davis
940-246-1111 Elizabeth Peveto
940-246-1133 John Hamilton
940-246-1146 Dennis & Marcia Wolf
940-246-1148 Dennis & Marcia Wolf
940-246-1173 Pat Marsh
940-246-1200 Arthur & Elizabeth Shepherd
940-246-1201 Peter Ross
940-246-1230 Clay Thompson
940-246-1234 Lewie Sims
940-246-1245 David & Natalie Woods
940-246-1246 Curtis Wells
940-246-1414 Gary Raymond
940-246-1504 Charles Manchester
940-246-1515 Betty & Leslie Meeks
940-246-1575 Bette Wright
Telephone Name
940-246-1604 Mike Bower
940-246-1606 Joseph Franke
940-246-1607 D'Ann Wheeler
940-246-1777 Ed & Betty Vacula
940-246-1791 Anita & William Gumbert
940-246-1792 Anita Gumbert
940-246-1793 Anita Gumbert
940-246-2222 Joey Higgins
940-246-2266 Jack Callaway
940-246-2457 Carol & Dave De Long
940-246-2461 Karla Hecker
940-246-2462 Donald & Sally Paist
940-246-2463 Howard & Martha Harrell
940-246-2468 C. K Schroeder
940-246-2510 Steve Arden
940-246-2525 Cayleen Kolb
940-246-2600 Edward Roderick
940-246-2601 Christine Prose
940-246-2602 Catherine Simpson
940-246-2604 Richard Kurita
940-246-2607 Cristina Wright
940-246-2610 Donald & Ryoko Stevlingson
940-246-2611 Charles Dipasquale
940-246-2614 Robert Rumsey
940-246-2616 E. J Romigh
940-246-2626 Charlene Cottingham
940-246-3000 Richard Stream

The numbers listed above are from Denton, TX, Argyle, TX, Lake Dallas, TX, Bluegrove, TX, Elbert, TX, Mineral Wells, TX, Iowa Park, TX, Electra, TX, Graford, TX, Graham, TX and Henrietta, TX.

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Other prefixes serving the same cities:

Argyle, TX

Argyle is a city in Denton County, Texas, United States, with a population of 2,365 as of the 2000 census. The master-planned community of Lantana, Texas (estimated population 6,000 as of May 2008) shares the Argyle mailing address.

The first white settlement, consisting of a few families, occurred in the Argyle area in the 1850s. The place was then known as Pilot Knob or Waintown. The settlement gradually acquired a few amenities in the late 1800s: a post office in 1878, a school in 1875, and a Baptist church in 1876. The community was formally founded and renamed Argyle in 1881, after the Texas and Pacific railroad built a track through the area. Some believe a railroad surveyor named the town after a garden in France. However others believe the town to be named after Argyll Scotland. Also around this time was when Sam Bass an infamous outlaw who stole $60,000 in gold coins from the Union Pacific Railroad was rumored to have stashed the gold in cave. Sam Bass died when he was 27 and it was rumored he never lived to retrieve the gold so to this day it is believed to be somewhere in the hills surrounding the town.

Argyle, TX description from Wikipedia