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Phone Numbers with the (940) 895- Prefix

Area code:940 area code
Usage:Landline Numbers
Carrier:Community Telephone Co.
Current time:2:13pm
All Cities Served:Henrietta, TX
All Counties Served:Clay County
All Zip Codes Served:76228, 76389, 76365
Map of Henrietta, TX

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
940-895-7377 Mar 2015 Ohio
940-895-6871 Nov 2013 Oklahoma
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
940-895-3386 Nov 2012 Florida

Business and Government (940) 895-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Number Name Address City
940-895-3311 Jac Electric Bluegrove, TX 76352
940-895-3314 J A C Electric Cooperative Inc Bluegrove, TX 76352
940-895-3317 Fant Artie 1870 Fields Rd Bluegrove, TX 76352
940-895-3339 Baldwin Argiland Company Bluegrove, TX 76352
940-895-3342 Ainsworth Joe Bluegrove, TX 76352
940-895-3374 Weatherford Plumbing 185 Fm 172 Bluegrove, TX 76352
940-895-3397 Post Office Bluegrove Bluegrove, TX 76352
940-895-3595 Express Welding Bluegrove, TX 76352
940-895-3596 Express Welding Bluegrove, TX 76352
940-895-3714 Eddie Dairy Veitenheimer Bluegrove, TX 76352
940-895-3725 Schreiber Construction Co Bluegrove, TX 76352
940-895-3727 Wyatt Courtney & Kyle 3237 Fm 1883 Bluegrove, TX 76352
940-895-3743 M & B Painting Contractors Bluegrove, TX 76352
940-895-3765 Primexx Operating Bluegrove, TX 76352

Residential (940) 895-XXXX Numbers

Telephone Name
940-895-2926 Bonnie Johnson
940-895-3308 James & Penny Estes
940-895-3309 Rebbell Halloway
940-895-3310 Eugene Charpia
940-895-3316 David Rohmer
940-895-3323 Curtis Gilmore
940-895-3324 M. J Morton
940-895-3325 Dewayne Aylor
940-895-3326 Bill & Janet Craddock
940-895-3327 Wayland Cowley
940-895-3328 Lawrence Crump
940-895-3329 Randy Brown
940-895-3335 J. H Baldwin, Jr
940-895-3336 Peggy Wines
940-895-3338 Donald Vieth
940-895-3340 R. F Phillips
940-895-3343 D. M Johnson
940-895-3346 Murry Childs
940-895-3350 Mitchell Brown
940-895-3351 Dennis Mass
940-895-3352 Dwight McNew
940-895-3355 G. W Butler
940-895-3356 Don K. Hill
940-895-3359 Rickie Bagwill
940-895-3361 Paul Berend
940-895-3362 James M. Cowley
940-895-3364 Billy Bob Browning
940-895-3365 Bobby G. Clark
940-895-3366 Gloria & Robert Bruhl
940-895-3367 Anthony J. Shepherd
940-895-3369 Vernie Hewett
940-895-3370 Brian Trent
940-895-3372 Tammy & Wes Cody
940-895-3376 Mark McClendon
940-895-3377 Don & Linda Plemons
940-895-3380 Wm B. Shepherd
940-895-3382 Donnie Carroll
Telephone Name
940-895-3383 Roy Dale Polvado
940-895-3384 J. L Byrd
940-895-3388 Steve & Stephanie Forester
940-895-3399 Stuart Berend
940-895-3505 Norman Dale Sanderson
940-895-3510 Paul Childs
940-895-3515 Andrea & Jay Hollis
940-895-3529 Robert A. Kappel
940-895-3530 Jeff Forester
940-895-3531 Jackie Horn
940-895-3532 Linda K. Looney
940-895-3535 Diane Wines
940-895-3536 B. Sylvester
940-895-3546 Kay Lindsay
940-895-3550 J. D Berend
940-895-3555 Jennifer & Paul Ward
940-895-3560 Cassie Vogel
940-895-3570 Charles Meador
940-895-3571 Charles Meador
940-895-3580 Trey Veitenheimer
940-895-3581 Deanna Waters
940-895-3583 Alisha & Jeremy Johnson
940-895-3589 Samantha Vicars
940-895-3597 Derek Leach
940-895-3701 William K. Keel
940-895-3703 James Adams
940-895-3712 Robert-Computer Line Howard
940-895-3715 Julie Strickland
940-895-3717 Robert Howard
940-895-3721 Shane Coker
940-895-3722 Walter J. Plemons
940-895-3723 J. Garner
940-895-3726 Dennis Fuller
940-895-3728 Eddie Veitenheimer
940-895-3729 Rachel Henry
940-895-3732 Megan Armstrong
940-895-3735 Randall Garner
Telephone Name
940-895-3736 Fred Stephens
940-895-3738 Donna Wines
940-895-3741 James E. Hager
940-895-3742 Iris Jackson
940-895-3744 J. T Lyles
940-895-3747 Liz Kesler
940-895-3751 Gene K. Lewis
940-895-3752 Melvin W. Long
940-895-3756 G. W Crump
940-895-3757 Deryl & Sherrie Spearman
940-895-3760 Stephanie & Steve Forester
940-895-3762 Nita Leek
940-895-3766 Mark Pettit
940-895-3767 Larry & Mildred Little
940-895-3769 E. C Crump
940-895-3770 Rusty Hewitt
940-895-3771 Kenneth D. Keel
940-895-3772 Ronald Crump
940-895-3773 Guinn White
940-895-3775 Carla Ranspot
940-895-3777 Loyd Rhoades
940-895-3779 L. M Swan
940-895-3782 Clifford Swenson
940-895-3784 Becky Achoa
940-895-3785 Kevin O'Connell
940-895-3786 S. Fox
940-895-3788 Clifford Swenson
940-895-3790 John E. Shepherd
940-895-3791 Bob Hise
940-895-3792 Robbie Seigler
940-895-3793 Leonard Phillips
940-895-3796 Thomas Flinn
940-895-3798 James E. (Jim) Crump
940-895-3799 D. A Coker
940-895-4494 Jim Wallis
940-895-5650 Painting Cbt

The numbers listed above are from Bluegrove, TX and Joy, TX.

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Other prefixes serving the same cities:

Henrietta, TX

Henrietta is a city in and the county seat of Clay County, Texas, United States. It is part of the Wichita Falls, Texas Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 3,264 at the 2000 census.

Henrietta is one of the oldest settled towns in north central Texas. It sits at the crossroads of U.S. Highway 287, U.S. Highway 82, State Highway 148, and Farm to Market Road 1197 in north central Clay County.

Clay County was separated from Cooke County (along with Montague County) in 1857 and Henrietta was named as the county seat. The naming of the town remains a mystery though several explanations have been offered. However, it was named, it became the center of gravity for the fledgling county. By 1860, it remained the only town in the county, having 109 residents, 10 houses, and a general store. It sat at the far western edge of Anglo expansion in north central Texas, but Native Americans remained a viable threat to current and future settlers. In 1862, Henrietta opened its post office. The Civil War saw American soldiers leave all of the south, and Henrietta again suffered from continuous attacks from local tribes. By late 1862, Henrietta was abandoned, as white settlers fled back east to Cooke and Montague counties. Remaining structures were burned. Anglos continued to attempt resettlement, and in 1865 after the Civil War, a group attempting resettlement was massacred. A Quaker group again attempted to reoccupy the former townsite but they were killed or fled. In 1870, 50 soldiers and Kiowa Indians fought a battle in the ruins of Henrietta.

Henrietta, TX description from Wikipedia